10 Best Locksmith Quotes for Fun

Everyone of you might have experienced dealing with the locksmiths at some point of time. How do you choose one for your work?

Do you simply visit any locksmith you see? Or you check out some local locksmith reviews and then decide on a trustworthy locksmith? Whatever may be the case, locksmiths are really booming in today’s time. Here are some of the amazing quotes that relate to this professions.

Locksmith Quotes

  1. I am a locksmith. I don’t stop when I get tired. I stop when I am finished with my work.
  2. What is the Murphy’s Law for Locksmithing? When in front of locksmith, a broken lock will always work perfectly.
  3. Locksmiths are the one that carry out precision guess work, which is based on the unreliable data, which in turn is given by those with questionable knowledge.
  4. If you need a toolbar to carry your keys, then you are a locksmith.
  5. Rather than accusing your neighbor, get the locks of your house done properly.
  6. Life is also like a lock, a combination one. You have to find out the right numbers in the right manner, or insert the right key, to get it open and have what you want.
  7. Rather than suspecting, it is better to lock.
  8. Smile is that key that fits the lock of almost every heart. So smile often.
  9. Locksmiths are the most hard working people. They finish the things to the end, never hang them in the middle.
  10. According to the locksmith, the 3 most amazing words he can tell to any girl are: “I’m a locksmith”.

These were some of the amazing quotes that relate to locks and locksmiths. If you are a locksmith yourself, I am sure you would like them a lot. And if you are any other person, do share some of these quotes with your locksmith when you are happy with his work.

Every profession needs to be respected. It is you who needs them to get your locks done, so always respect your locksmiths instead of belittling them or considering them of low profession.