10 Best Quotes on Socks You Can Use to Express Your Love for a Pair of Socks

We all wear a pair of socks and it is an important part of our daily routine clothes. However, not many people know about the importance of choosing the right pair of socks for daily or occasional use. A pair of socks also helps to keep feet healthy and improves the overall health of a person to a great extent.

Various sock manufacturers have been receiving a demand for producing different types of sock to meet the need of every person. People have been purchasing different brands of socks to wear on their feet. Following are the quotes that can make you realize the value of a pair of socks in everyday life:

  • If you are ready enough to pull my knitting to pieces, but provide none of your own, the only sock is a sock in the jaw! – J. R. Ackerley
  • True love is like a pair of socks: you gotta have two and they’ve gotta match. – Erich Fromm
  • Isn’t it awful that cold feet make for a cold imagination and that a pair of woolen socks induce good thoughts! – Franz Grillparzer
  • If you ain’t got socks, you ain’t got much. But if you got ’em, you might as well pull ’em up. It’s a statement of self-sufficiency. We should all be more self-governed. – Bruce Campbell
  • A pair of socks is no less suitable to make a painting with than wood, nails, turpentine, oil, and fabric – Robert Rauschenberg
  • Whether we’re talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down. – Warren Buffet
  • The ground has on its clothes. The trees poke out of sheets and each branch wears the sock of God. – Anne Sexton
  • We’re like socks. You can put us through a rough wash once, but you’ll never use us again – Hannibal
  • I don’t have a photograph, but you can have my footprints. They’re upstairs in my socks – Groucho Marx
  • The Axiom of Choice is necessary to select a set from an infinite number of socks, but not an infinite number of shoes – Bertrand Russell

So, these are some of the popular quotes on socks to help people know about the importance of wearing the right pair of socks. We hope you liked reading all the quotes and get an idea about the value of a pair of socks.