10 Fitness Quotes to Motivate you in 2019

10 Fitness Quotes to Motivate you in 2019

When it is the question of becoming fit, or staying fit, you surely need a lot of motivation for that. Keeping yourself fit is such a difficult task. And unless you have the right motivation for you, you really cannot work effectively in maintaining your health.

For some, this motivation comes due to upcoming marriages, getting fit in your dream dress, reading some quotes, talking to trainers, doing interesting exercises such as using kettlebell, stretching bands, balls, and so on. More than anything else, having a conversation with specialists in this field really helps.

I also met one such personal trainer in Toronto, whose talks provided a great boost to my fitness motivation. But other than that, some quotes also helped me work towards my goal. Here I will share with you some of those quotes which has inspired many people to become fit now.

Fitness Quotes

  1. A person grows old when he stops exercising his body, and not the other way round.
  2. The things which seem to be an impossible task for you today, will definitely become your warm up in the coming future.
  3. You either train yourself crazily, or you stay the same all throughout your life.
  4. Gym is not a social place or club for fit people. Rather, it is a training ground for both fit and unfit people.
  5. While exercises build strong muscles, excuses build zero muscles.
  6. What is sweat? It is simply the fat that is crying.
  7. Fitness is not the ultimate goal of life. It is rather a way of living.
  8. One of the best moments of life is when you realize that you did something today which was impossible 2 weeks ago.
  9. When nothing seems to be going right, then just go lift.
  10. When you ultimately feel like quitting the fitness routine, just go through the moments and purpose when you decided to start the routine.

I hope these quotes provide you with that needed push in your life, and you start focusing on your health from this very instant.