10 Funeral Quotes to pay Tribute to a Loved One

When someone dies, their loved ones often give them eulogy, or a tribute of few words, at their funeral. But when the heart is beating erratically and your mind is not in the right state after losing your loved one, you often can’t think the right kind of words to offer to them.

Add to that the worry of managing funeral expenses. Although families today opt for burial insurance for seniors, there are many such families too where no such insurance is taken thereby making expenses difficult for them. But keeping aside the funeral costs, which can be met if you go with the burial insurance, giving a eulogy is also an important part of the funeral.

When composing this eulogy, forming the right words is the most difficult task. So to make things easy, we have brought to you some of the funeral quotes which you can use to pay tribute to your loved one.

Funeral Quotes

  1. You should not cry if this journey is over. Smile, since this journey happened.
  2. In the end of all, it does not matter how old are you or how many years you lived, what matters is how much you lived you life in those years.
  3. Those who die, now live in the memory of those who are alive.
  4. May be the stars in the sky are not actually stars. May be they are the heaven openings where our loved ones now reside and shine to let us know they are happy.
  5. A grave is simply a bridge that is covered, and which leads a person through a dark tunnel from one light to another.
  6. We say life is universal. But death is more universal. Everyone who is here, has to die. But not everyone who has life gets to really live and enjoy it.
  7. We know you would have been with us today at this time, if only heaven was not too far like it is right now.
  8. When words fall short or are empty, let the tears do the talking.
  9. Though the song has ended now, but the memory of this song is forever there to stay and linger on as long as you are alive.
  10. When you are born, everyone is happy while you cry. But when you die, everyone cries while you are happy.

These were some of the quotes which one can use while offering a tribute at the funeral of their loved ones. Less words matter the most.