10 Ideas for your Travel Company’s Name

“What is there in a name?” This famous quote from Shakespeare simply lessens the importance of any person’s name. Yeah, it is true that the value of a company is determined by the quality of its products or services but the name also plays an important role in the branding of a company. Similar is the case with a travel company as people get an idea about the type of services it provides simply by reading the name of a travel company. However, it requires a lot of efforts to think of a creative name for any travel company. In this post, we have mentioned the list of top 10 ideas for any travel company’s name.

  • Weekend Getaways – It is a suitable name for a travel company whose motive is simply the organize trips for 2-3 days. People who have holidays over the weekend would definitely get attracted to it. These days, it is only possible for most of the people to take small vacations from their work and the weekends suits most of the people. So, “weekend getaways” would definitely suit your travel company for its branding.
  • The Travel Group – This name simply hints the customers to travel in a group and would appeal to a family on a large scale. And office employees who love to travel together would like to consult this travel company name.
  • Oceanic Travel – If your travel company is related to ocean-based trips then it is good to mention it in the company’s name. Ocean travel simply covers the mention of an ocean in it.
  • Serene Journeys – For those looking to travel at serene places, the perfect name should be “serene journeys”. As it clearly mentions the word “serene” so travelers won’t take much time to decide that your company organizes trips for serene places.
  • Wild Travels – People looking for wildlife trips and travels would most likely attract to the name “wild travels”. So, if your company organizes wild and adventurous trips then this name is the best.
  • Summer Vacations – For all the trips of summer, this name suits your travel company the best.
  • Kids Outing – If your travel company is known for kids trips then kids outing would explain your travel company’s services to the prospective customers well. Parents looking for a travel company for their kids would contact you because of your company’s name.
  • Cultural Journey – Those people who love to travel with guides to gain knowledge about new cultures of a different place would find a cultural journey catchy to attract customers. Whether you are offering Limo services, like Yorkville Limo to the travelers, or if you are offering a culture trip to the families to have fun, this name would be great.
  • World Travels – For world trip in one go, many people look excited and search for different travel companies which offer such best world travel services.
  • Mountain Travels – For all those travel companies who would love to travel to mountains for fun search for companies. So, something like mountain travels would be suitable for such companies.