10 Pickup Lines that Will get you a Date with a girl

Dating is extremely fun. But that is when you really have a date. For those who are looking for a girl or boy to date, it can be really hectic and disheartening. One, you might not find any good partner whom you can date. And two, the peer pressure also makes it a bit difficult to find a great date.

But why do you have to worry?

Here we have a great collection of pickup lines that are going to secure you a wonderful date with a girl instantly. All you have to do is use them properly, without sounding too needy.

Pickup Lines

  1. Do you believe in God or divine power? Because girl, you are the perfect answer to all my prayers so far.
  2. Hey, is your name Arizona by any chance? Because you are extremely hot, hotter than the hell.
  3. Hey, hi. Last night, I was just reading a book of Mathematics, that was on numbers. And then I realized I don’t have yours at all. Do you mind helping?
  4. Do you carry band-aid with you? I am in dire need. I scraped my knee by falling for you.
  5. Hi. My name is Mr. Right. I heard someone telling you were looking for me.
  6. Do you carry a map with you by any chance? Your eyes are so deep, I always get lost in them.
  7. Oh My God. Am I dead already? Why am I in heaven with an angel like you?
  8. Have you been arrested before? You are doing a lot of illegal activities girl. It is totally not allowed to look so hot and tempting.
  9. I hope you are good in giving CPR. Because you just took my breath away.
  10. Is your father a thief? If not, then someone else must have stolen the stars from the sky, and put them all in your eyes.

Try your wonders on the girl you like, with some of these pickup lines. You can also click here to join the dating network. I am sure she is going to love them and may offer you a beautiful date.