10 Quotes/Greetings for a Friend who Moved in with you

Living together with your friend is a thing of great pleasure as it makes you enjoy his company and share all your experiences. There occur some situations in which our friend comes to live with us and share the common space in our house. At that time, we feel pleased as we get a partner to share our thoughts, feelings and other important things. On welcoming the new member in our house, it becomes important for us to greet him with some sort of gift or cards. Here are the 10 quotes or greetings which you could use for a friend who has just moved in with you.

Shifting to a new house with your stuff simply requires moving services and there are many such services available around the world such as Phoenix moving companies and Chandler moving companies. Such moving services have made it possible for everyone to shift things in an easy manner. After moving in with your friend and living together can simply help you to enjoy your time in a better way. Also, it removes the loneliness out of your life which increases your age to a great extent. In the quotes listed below, we have put the feelings of togetherness, strong bond, and other important things related to friendship which simply adds value to our lives.

  • Amazing people like you deserve amazing houses. Congratulations on this stunning new home
  • Your presence in this house has given a new meaning to this place. Without you, it was like an old cage but now, it is a positive feeling to experience.
  • You have come into this home when I was alone and your arrival completely changed the way I look at my life. This house has become a happier place now and the reason is you. Welcome to this house, my friend.
  • Thanks for being a part of this home. It means a lot to me to share my feelings with someone who really enjoys my company. With your presence, I have started enjoying living in this house. Thank You!!
  • I was praying for a crazy partner to be a part of this home and then you come. Welcome!!
  • Where there are positive feelings for each other, there is a home. And I have realized this thing on your entry into this house.
  • Some people come as a surprise and change your life for good. Welcome to the house, my friend.
  • I was looking for a friend who could prepare a tasty toast for my breakfast. And since you have come to this house, my dream would be fulfilled. Welcome!!
  • I welcome you from the bottom of my heart and may our hearts be filled with respect as well as love for each other.
  • You don’t need a lot of friends to enjoy your life well. All it takes is just one person who could understand you fully. I hope your arrival into this house would end my search for a true companion. Welcome to the house!!