10 Quotes that Represent the Digital Age

With the advancement in technology, the entire lifestyle has undergone a significant change. Today, we are living in the digital age and the comfort level of living had never been so high in the past. Just click on a few buttons and you can enjoy any type of service at your doors. Not only has the digital age brought some new positive changes in the way of living but also it has given many challenges to us. Whether it is the challenge of preventing ourselves from cyber attacks or simply finding time to spend with nature.

Many experts have quotes some lines to explain the digital age in words. All these lines revolve around the impact of technology on our lives. Digital age quotes explain how the world has become a small village in today’s time. Every day, we can notice the advancements in various technological equipment such as DDC Controls, router, network switch, etc. The other elements such as ease of communication with the loved ones, the growing number of opportunitiesĀ in careers, and the old memories of spending time in the physical world have also changed a lot. Here are the 10 quotes based on digital age which will give you a perspective to understand the digital world.

  • What turns me on about the digital age, what excited me personally, is that you have closed the gap between dreaming and doing. You see, it used to be that if you wanted to make a record of a song, you need a studio and a producer. Now, you need a laptop. – BONO
  • In this digital age, it doesn’t really matter if you are in Canary Wharf or the Caribbean; there are opportunities waiting to be grasped by entrepreneurs. – Richard Branson.
  • In our digital age, the Golden rule is not enforced online. – Whitney Wolfe Herd
  • The invisibility of work and workers in the digital age is as consequential as the rise of the assembly line and later, the service economy. – Tom Green
  • It used to cost money to disclose and distribute information. In the digital age, it costs money not to. – Heather Brooke.
  • Fortunately, our digital age has created some wonderful tools for finding employers and showing your strengths. But when it comes to discovering or keeping a job, nothing beats good old-fashioned face time and up-to-date skills. – Chris Gardner
  • We may think we live in a digital age. But there are some things technology will never replace. – Katie Hopins
  • Growing up in the digital age of filmmaking, I’m as guilty as anyone of overshooting. – Matthew Heineman
  • Especially in the digital age, people want everything now, now, now. – Mark Waid
  • There’s a lot of things lost in the digital age. – Ira Sachs