10 Quotes to Motivate your for a Positive 2019

New Year has arrived, and it is important you spend this year with a positive note.

But with all the stress the life and job gives us, it becomes really difficult to keep ourselves motivated. And this happens with almost everybody. In such situations, when we listen about something good or positive done by somebody else, we feel motivated. Don’t you too?

Whether you have a job or not, there are ample ways to keep yourself stress free. For example, online surveys. They help you earn some extra money at hand when you are still studying. This way, you will be able to keep yourself happy and make your parents less worried. This itself is a great motivation.

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But other than these too, some quotes also hold that power to motivate you. Just follow them or remember them if you want to have a positive 2019.

Motivating Quotes

  1. Don’t listen to those who demotivate you and say that it can’t be done. Think big! Life is way too short to listen others and think small.
  2. Everything that you wanted in your life is achievable, only if you take that one leap of faith. Everything is there on the other side of fear.
  3. What is success? When you get everything you want, you are successful. What is happiness? When you want everything that you get, you are happy.
  4. Optimism is that quality that is associated with the happiness and success, and not associated with anything else.
  5. Success does not mean that you are not making any mistakes. Rather, it means you are not making the same mistake twice.
  6. If you want to get success before work, then the only place you can get that is in the dictionary. Everywhere else, you have to work to get success.
  7. Be thankful of people who said NO to you. It is because of them you are doing the work yourself and becoming successful.
  8. If you have the courage in you, then you can even make your dreams come true by pursuing them.
  9. Till the time you are at your comfort zone, you won’t grow. That can only happen when you are willing to experience discomfort and awkward while trying something new.
  10. Pessimist is the one who sees difficulty in every opportunity available to him. And optimist is the one who finds opportunity in every difficulty.

These were some quotes which will keep you motivated throughout this year, on the condition you take them to your heart.