10 Quotes you Can use on a First Date

First Dates are often very scary for maximum people. But then again, they are also very exciting.

Every country has its own set of norms and beliefs when it comes to dating. Some allow blind dates, while some frown upon their concept. But still, dating is one of the highly encouraged activities among youth. You can read more about dating in Norway here.

Nevertheless, if you are on a first date, what are you going to do? The nervousness usually haunts people and they end up wondering how to initiate a conversation. While we have some set of questions for you to ask on first date, it is also good if you share some quotes with the opposite person.

Quotes are usually taken as romantic gestures when said out aloud. They also help you get comfortable around each other. So here we have created a set of 10 quotes for you, which you can use on your own convenience.

Quotes for First Date

  1. You should be beware of the man who doesn’t ask you questions about yourself, on the very first date.
  2. I believe that the perfect date is the one where anything can go wrong, even everything can also go wrong. But at the end, all you want is to see the other person once again.
  3. I chose this place because for me, first date should be elegant and comfortable, in surroundings where you can feel and be yourself, a place where you can get excellent food, and where you can easily talk to each other and know more about each other.
  4. You can take my hand, and even my life too. Because I think I am falling hard for you.
  5. The best thing in this world is when you hold onto each other, never letting them go again.
  6. This reality of meeting you here, is much better than my dreams. And I think I have started falling in love with you now.
  7. I believe this date and our relationship was meant to happen. This was written in our destiny, forever engraved.
  8. After spending this time with you, I believe I just want to be with you for only 2 times. And that is NOW, and FOREVER.
  9. When you are with me, I believe I can do anything. Without you, I won’t be able to breathe even.
  10. Everything around me feels way too beautiful, because I have fallen in love with your personality now.

These were some of the quotes you can use depending upon how good you feel with the guy or lady around you. Make sure to make them feel comfortable.