13 Most Amazing And Pricey Bongs In The World

Bongs are a great way to get really high in a short period of time, and they can be easily made without spending too much, but some pay a premium for them.

Most cannabis users will choose a bong for cannabis consumption if they want to get very high, very fast. You can make your own bong with a bunch of materials, but there are some weed consumers that have a very pricey taste in top-quality bongs and will not fret over spending a couple of thousand dollars to get blazed. Bongs come in all shapes and sizes, from gold-engraved skulls to 6-ft tall pieces. Here is a list of the 13 most expensive bongs located throughout the world. It takes an extremely dedicated cannabis consumer to purchase any of these bongs and the amount of work and artistic talent that goes into every piece on this list is very high. Bongs such as these are complex pieces of art that one might not even want to use for fear of breaking them or getting them dirty. If you have ever gotten a chance to hold one of these pieces, you should consider yourself lucky. They are a rarity to see, let alone smoke out of. Even though bongs are typically more expensive to smoke out of in comparison to other methods of cannabis consumption, these prices are just out of this world.

1. Scott Deppe’s Gold-Encrusted Skull Bong

Sitting in at $100,000, the hefty price tag is awarded to Scott Deppe’s skull bong. The bong is covered in gold-encrusted marijuana leaves and it sits above the rest.

2. RooR Skull Gun

This is a massive bong that will run you only $90,000. It might just be one of the most expensive pieces of glass that will ever grace your hands unless you have held the gold-encrusted skull bong.

3. Pirate Ship Builder

The Pirate Ship Builder somewhat resembles Jack Sparrow. It contains such an intricate amount of detail that it will puzzle you how you can even smoke out of it. It’s best not to think about that too long. This bong costs $30,000 and you probably won’t be packing it full of bud anytime soon.

4. Adam Whobrey X Steve Hops Hot Rod Bubbler

If you can recall what playing with Hot Wheels was like as a kid, this bong will remind you of that. It will run you $20,000 and is probably the most expensive Hot Rod that you will ever play with if you get the chance.

5. Scott Deppe’s Take Me 2 The Mothership

This bong features weed leaves, aliens, mushrooms, and a wide assortment of different colours. It sits at $20,000 and is a very beautiful piece of glass.

6. ROOR Excalibur

This bong is a whopping 6 feet tall and you have to stand up just to smoke out of it. The name is derived from King Arthur’s sword and it costs a staggering $15,000.

7. Scott Deppe’s Grateful 4 Mushrooms

This bong retails at $14,251 and is known to be quite a trippy bong to use. It yells mushrooms and rainbows all the way down to the bowl. 

8. ME Glass X Blitzriega Balloon Giraffe 

This bong will remind you of the animal-shaped balloons that you would see at a carnival as a little kid. But the biggest difference is that it costs $7,000. 

9. Burtoni & Euphoria “Squid Chopper” Hybrid

This bong is unique in that it has a squid and a helicopter contained in the same product. That is a combination that you probably won’t see anywhere else anytime soon. It costs $7,000. 

10. Killadelph Custom Triple Coil Beaker w/ Collin’s Pyramid Perc and Matching Showerhead Ash Catcher

This bong costs $6,800.95 and is made of black glass instead of clear glass. It also contains triple coils in it.

11. Hitman Glass Sandblasted Sundae Stack Torch Tube

This $6,000 bong comes packed with a sealed-off chamber just for butane. In addition, it also comes with its own dedicated torch inside of the glass and has five different chambers.

12. Dosa – Reticello Dab Rig w/ Quav

This is another $6,000 bong and while it looks basic, the in-depth design is what causes it to be unique. It has beautiful colours that lend to its vividness. 

13. Robin Hood Glass Triceratops Bubbler

Sitting at 13 is this $4,600 bong and features dinosaurs, which is just plain cool.