3 Things to Do When your Girlfriend is feeling Unwell

People fall sick. That is a normal human tendency. But it is always better to make your loved ones’ sick days easier.

Girlfriends need the most pampering. And when they are down with fever, running nose, periods or anything else, they need to be pampered and taken care of the most. Many of you might look out for help from here and there on how to help out your girlfriend. If you are also one of those boyfriends, then here are some perfect nice tips for you.

Bag of essential goodies

When your girlfriend is down with her periods or having vaginal watery discharge, there are few things she would need from time to time. While tampons and sanitary napkins are the most essential items in periods, there are other things as well that will reduce her irritation and make her days happier.

Here is a list of some of those essentials when it comes to periods.

  • Chocolates
  • Warm water bag
  • Massage
  • Hot drink
  • Light breathable clothes
  • Encourage for light exercises
  • Warm bath

This was the case of periods. In general, when she is sick, offer her all her favorite items that she might crave for. Along with that, fix her a nice hot drink (for example ginger tea), warm bath, give her a light massage, pamper her, and anything else that would keep her happy.

Do her dishes and laundry

This is not applicable for places like India. But when you are staying at a place where every minor task you have to do yourself, this help is a lot. When your girlfriend is sick, offer your help to do her dishes and laundry, which would ease out her extra tension.

Now all she can do is lie down, rest, and recover quickly.

Help prepare meals

Instead of ordering from outside, cook her a healthy meal that is helpful in her sick days. Your girlfriend needs healthy nutrients inside her body right now. So make her something light and edible, which would ease out her body from inside and help her recover really quickly.

And yes, there is no need to go for a 4-course meal. You can just prepare a simple curd rice as well if you are not very good in cooking. Just 1 good dish would do the deal.