4 Reasons to Hire a Top Mobile App Developer

Remember when you used to go to Google Chrome just to get to the program you need or want? Good thing technology is so far advanced that it has taken a layer off the process of getting to your chosen program. When you want food delivered right at your doorstep, you don’t need to type the website of the delivery company onto your web browser; you only need to tap the application on your phone. It’s just one step, one click and you are good to go. If you think that is beneficial to you, why shouldn’t you do it with your business?

In this day and age, a web and mobile app is not just a business advantage, it is a necessity. With technology, people become more dependent on mobile app development services. Good thing the world does not lack top mobile development companies.

Here are the top reasons why your business needs to tap one of those top app developers.

You can’t be competitive without a mobile app

Mobile or web apps are not exactly the be-all and end-all of a business. However, if you want to be competitive, you really need one. A lot of people may not need a mobile application in order to acquire products or services from your business, however, you cannot neglect the people that do.

According to business guide website The Manifest, half of the global internet traffic was rendered by mobile apps in early 2017. It was believed that the statistic will only grow over the years. Here is one of the findings reported by The Manifest: “The largest percentage of respondents (32%) say they open any kind of app on their phone only one to 10 times per day total, but they are likely underreporting their behavior. However, one-fifth of millennials (21%) say they open any app more than 50 times a day.”

The most frequently opened apps are the social media ones (39%), followed by gaming apps (10%). Completing the list are communication / messaging apps (10%) and retail apps (7%).

Let’s say you are in the retail business. Based on the statistics above, which is not really the total business picture that would relate to your business, but for the sake of argument, let’s say that seven percent of people open and use retail apps—the percentage seems low compared to the other percentages. But are you going to neglect that seven percent of users? In business, you try to get every customer you can get. Plus, people in that seven percent will not just use the app one time. If they are contented with the application and the product or service, they will use it again and again.

Top mobile app developer can help you create business awareness

Application developers can help you create a business app that will not only provide convenience for your customers, but will also allow your business to make product / service announcements as well as promote sales and special events. People who use mobile apps are usually always on their phones, so you know they will read those brief business messages. By having top mobile app development companies create a functional app for your business, there will be a buzz about your business. Of course, the main use for the app is to allow customers to buy your product or service conveniently. But since they don’t necessarily need your product or service every day, it would be great if your business could remind them of your existence once in a while. So you make sure to specify to software engineers from top mobile development companies that you don’t just want a mobile app that would allow customers to acquire your business’s products or services, you also want app users to get an update on what’s going on in your company.

Here is something you should know: 85% of consumers favor apps over mobile websites, reported software company Compuware.

Apps give you a direct line with the consumers

When you make things more convenient for the buyers, it means that you care for them. Perhaps some entrepreneurs only care about the money they make and a mobile app is a guarantee to make more profit, but for the customers, a mobile app is almost a direct line to the business. A web layer has been removed and that spells accessibility.

This direct line between consumers and the business is attractive to millennials, who are the top mobile app users. This modern clientele love a customized experience and a mobile app development company can provide just that. It would also help if you get software development companies to craft software solutions to reward customers. Those who use the mobile app more will get rewards. This way, you will encourage more people to download the app. Not only that, the more customers use the app, the more points they also gather. These points can then be converted to cash and will be redeemable in the next purchase. This direct line to the customers has just become a marketing tool because satisfied app users are surely going to share their positive experiences to their family members and friends.

There are so many more creative ways to make your customers’ mobile app experience delightful. This is why it helps that you work with creative people or a creative crew that develops web and mobile solutions that are customer-centered.

Image is everything and mobile solutions aid your brand

How many times have you read people ranting about their negative customer experience on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit? Too many times to count, for sure. You have to prevent that. One rant, no matter how untrue it is, could already spread to hundreds or even thousands of people—depending on the person’s friends or followers list. You have to take control of the situation and a mobile application is just the thing to do that. How? As mentioned, your mobile app is your direct link to your clients. If they have a complaint about your product or service, it will be more productive for them to just inform you via app than publicly shame your business on any of the social media platforms. This is why it is important that you don’t just have a product developed for the sake of being competitive. You need to be more perceptive about what your clients’ needs.

Employing user experience or UX designs in your application will greatly improve mobile solutions. You have to make sure that customers will be satisfied with the mobile application as well as your product or service. And that is how you protect your brand. Every complaint should be addressed right away so that your business image will not be tarnished. Do not give people a chance to bash your brand on social media. Use your software solutions to protect your brand. Make sure you have someone that could reply to all reviews about your app. Also, you have to do something about the complaints—allow mobile app development companies to continually work and improve your app. The work doesn’t stop when the app is launched. Also, you have to take note of the reviews—good and bad—on your product and service. Reply to your customer and assure them that your company is doing everything it can to improve every product and service.

An opportunity to make profit, better a brand

No business will succeed when the entrepreneur doesn’t believe in his brand. Part of believing in that brand is to continually seek for ways to make it better. Adapting in this digital world is part of becoming better. And by doing that, you are also improving your product or service. Because as mentioned, when you have a mobile app, it is easier for clients to give you feedback. As a result, you will always have a gauge of what is wrong with your product or service and how you can improve it. In a way, a mobile app allows you to work with your customers to make sure you have a good brand and an excellent product or service.

It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or a multi-million dollar business, a mobile app will help every company. In fact, it is a necessity for every company. It makes a start-up more competitive, despite its infancy. And it makes an established company look like a company that is not afraid to reinvent itself. A user-friendly mobile app will only be good for business, it doesn’t carry a single disadvantage with it—unless of course you have a terrible software with a hideous design.

Make sure you tie up with effective freelance app developers that are not just experts in making utilitarian web or mobile apps but are also inclined to make software programs more attractive. When it comes to software solutions, especially in this digital age, practical function is just one thing. You have to complement the work with beautiful presentation. Good thing that in this competitive digital world, you don’t have to choose one or the other.