5 Android Games Designed for Couples to Enjoy their Relationship more

5 Android Games Designed for Couples to Enjoy their Relationship

Every couple loves to invest most of their time with their partners. This is extremely important for every lovebird to know about each other’s various emotions completely.

In the age of digital medium, it has become quite easy for love partners to indulge in each other through android games. In this post, we have listed the proper android games which couples can enjoy to make their love relationship more intact.

Check out the names of popular Android games for couples which would fill an elixir of love in the romantic relationship of couples.

Word With Friends

Word with Friends is a wonderful game in which players form words using alphabets. This is an excellent means to spend time with loved ones. Not only it is a very good game for friends but also love birds can learn a lot about each other through it. Forming words in this game is simply a fun and it would increase the attachment of love partners towards each other.

Draw Something Classic

In this game, two persons draw a figure for their partner to guess the word related to it. Three random words are provided to a person, ranked by the difficulty which allows their partner guesses correctly. This is one of the best Android apps, that is available for free on the play store and one can have fun with their partner by playing it effectively. Draw Something Classic is very helpful for two partners to know about each other on a great scale. All this results in deepening the love relationship between two persons.

What if….

What if is also a fun game to play for a couple and this game involves asking of questions related to personal life, casual or challenging ones. It is an excellent medium for romantic partners to know about each other completely. The questions in the game can be answerable with “yes” or “no”. One can play this android game with his partner to make the bond of love strong between them.


Quizup is another interesting android game which a person can play with his partner. In this game, a person is supposed to select a topic from various categories available. A person can compete with his partner and they both can play the game for seven rounds. Also, it enables a person to meet new people and develop a healthy relationship with them.

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is an adventurous cross-country train game in which players collect various types of train cars. Through this collection, they move to various cities in the countries all over the world. It is also an excellent game for a couple to enjoy adventures and make some memories.

So, these are the popular games which are available on the Android platform for people to play with their partners to make their love relationship strong.