5 Greatest Hollywood Movie Quotes to Show Attitude

Showing attitude has become a very cool trend among people these days. And that is not at all bad. Being in Attitude means you have taken control of your life, rather than submitting to the pressure life throws at you. It shows how you choose to handle the storms in your life.

This is the never give up attitude.

And people really admire those who show such attitude in their life. Unfortunately, people have taken this term in a negative way, presenting themselves as non caring and egoistic under the pretense of attitude.

But nevertheless, there are many who still follow a great path and lead a positive life with attitude. ChandigarhOfficial.com has also written an article about Punjabi Ghaint Status which show the similar attitude that one can show with positivity around him.

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Along with the statuses and social media pictures, there are some Hollywood movies as well, which give you excellent dialogues and quotes to follow in your life. Here are few of those quotes for you.

Attitude Quotes from Hollywood

May The Force Be With You

Who can ever forget this wonderful attitude full line from the movie series, Star Wars. Over multiple parts, this line has been repeated so many times, that it became the famous quote worldwide. And now many people use this line to show their coolness and attitude.

I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse

This line is repeated in different forms in all the movie series of Godfather. You can hear the confidence ringing in this line, which made it popular with the people.

The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club

Taken from the movie Fight Club, people really hooted when this dialogue appeared on the screen. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt gave their best performances for the movie, preparing seriously for each and every scene.

Why so serious?

The Dark Knight became one of the popular Batman movies of all time. This dialogue was delivered by Heath Ledger. But the way he spoke, made this line extremely popular among people. It was also voted as the best line among people of age group 20 to 29.

Bond. James Bond.

Well, can you really dare to forget this dialogue? Originally from the movie Dr. No, this dialogue saw repetition in every James Bond movie, making it a cult dialogue of all time. People now use it modified to their own names, showing off their attitude.

These were few of the dialogues which are popular even today. And even you can show off your attitude with these dialogues on your Whatsapp or Social Media statuses.