7 Uses of Fiber Optic Cables in Different Industries

Fiber optic cables have brought a revolutionary change as they have contributed to providing a robust connection between two different points. A fiber optic cable consists of many thousands of thin optical fibers in an insulated jacket. They enjoy many uses in different industries and help any organization to function in a robust fashion.

Uses of Fiber Optic Cables

Here is a list of ways in which fiber optic cables are used in different industries to ensure the proper functioning of different industries:

Internet Connectivity

Fiber optic cables are very helpful in transferring data at a fast speed. They are very flexible and light so they are used as internet cables to carry data easily. Organizations make use of fiber optic cables in transferring data between two buildings or within a building. The use of fiber optic cables is being made by different industries on a large scale

Medicine and Research

Fiber optic cables are used in medical and research to run various operations in a streamlined fashion. For instance, endoscopy involves the use of non-intrusive surgical procedures and it is where optical communication comes in handy with the help of fiber optic cables. They are also used in microscopy and carrying out research on different medical subjects.

Automobile Sector

Fiber optic cables are used in the exterior and interior lighting features of automobiles. They help to transmit signals between different parts of vehicles at a fast speed and they also don’t take much space. Owing to this, fiber optic cables are used in safety applications in vehicles.


Since fiber optic cables help in ensuring a fast transmission of signals, they are heavily used in telephones to carry out fast & smooth communication in an easy manner.

Mechanical Industry

Fiber optic cables are used in the mechanical industry for the inspection of pipes and difficult to reach areas. Engineers easily manage to use fiber optic cables for mechanical inspections.

Fast Transmission of Cable Signals

Fiber optic cables are very useful in the fast transmission of cable signals. This is because they have high bandwidth and speed which help to transmit cable signals at a fast speed. Moreover, they are cheaper than other cables available for this purpose.

Military and Space Applications

Fiber optic cables are used for the secure transmission of data in the military and aerospace industries. The reason for it is the high data security offered by fiber optic cables.


Since fiber optic cables are used in many industries, everyone must take robust measures to manage these cables for their proper working. The use of a rack mount enclosure is an excellent idea for effective management of cables and for ensuring their robust working.