8 Things about Deep Fakes you Should Know

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool. And just like any other tool, this can also be used for both good and bad. Deep Fakes is one big example of artificial intelligence. It is a technique where human image synthesis is carried out using Artificial Intelligence.

Though this can also be used in an illegal way as well, where politicians’ speech is altered or their face is altered, most of the times, it finds its use in the entertainment industry. The privacy concerns regarding the usage of Deep Fakes should be resolved by the authorities to enable the people to take advantage of such systems. Here are few things about Deep Fakes, that everyone should be aware of.

1. The term DeepFakes was first used towards the end of 2017 by a Reddit user. The user was named “Deepfakes” on reddit. He, along with many others, shared deep fake videos that they created on the Reddit platform. The word and technology to create deep fake videos has now become heavily widespread.

2.DeepFakes predominantly find their usage in 2 applications – Pornography and Politics.

3. Using Deep Fakes, you can generate porn movies with almost ANY specification you want. For example, you can choose a different place, orientation, person, etc. for generating a very customized movie.

4. This can be used as a face finder for movies, where you can find a particular movie having a lookalike of person you want. Here, you upload a particular image to the face finder app or homepage. And it would then show results of movies having a lookalike of person you initially uploaded.

5. The sexual health of people is an important factor in the goodness of the whole society. And Deep Fakes help improve the Porn Industry to help society become healthier.

6. The technology has now become extensively widespread and easy to use that anyone can now create a deep fake video without even having much knowledge about machine learning.

7. Though they are common, there is no commercially available tool to detect deep fakes. As a repercussion, you can also become a target of this artificial intelligence.

8. A software similar to Deep Fakes has been used in the 1992 techno-thriller “A Philosophical Investigation”, where the main protagonist use this software.