Best Board Games for Kids Review

There was a time when families used to sit together and enjoy their gala time on a board game. And so was the case with kids. These games were once extremely popular among children, before it was taken over by the digital platform. But guess what? That time is back!

Even though the world is moving fastly towards internet based games, the board games have still not left their charm. Most of the children still love to spend their time on these board games, having some actual enjoyment outside the digital platform. And there are numerous benefits to it – playing the board games.

  • Children spend less time on laptops and mobiles
  • They get some actual real company other than virtual people
  • Eyes get some rest and brain functions better

And so on. Here we will talk about the best board games that are very popular for kids in today’s time.

Ludo & Snakes n Ladders

Most of the study tables meant for kids have a combination of these 2 games. And take it from a personal experience, children as well as their parents, love playing these games together and winning against each other. The whole competitive spirit gives a child amazing mental boost. And according to top reviews site, this is one of the most well reviewed board games for kids.


Meant for all age groups, monopoly is one of the leading board games. Here you need to have the presence of mind, and right strategy while you move ahead on the blocks. Many children and grown ups also start fighting because of competition. But this also helps build the spirit of healthy competition among the children.

This game lets you manage your money efficiently, while you are out buying cities and other major trades. Overall, it is a very fun, intuitive and competitive board games for kids.

The Game of Life

Well, you have got a whole life planned out for you with this amazing board game. Moving spaces as the dice rolls, you take on the journey of your life with lots of ups and downs. If only, the real life was as simple as this! Here, you get to choose your profession, get married, have kids, get pay days, and so much more. Having a battle against each other on who sues whom, who gets more money from profession, etc. feels wonderful.


Time for some word empowerment! Scrabble sharpens the mind of kids while at the same time giving them a fun atmosphere. This is a very classic board game where you have to think and form words with the tiles given to you. Earlier, the whole family used to sit together and play this classic game. But with time, it has now mostly got limited to kids alone. But nevertheless, even they have fun playing it with each other.


How can we forget chess if we are talking about board games. This is one of the games that has even found place in high level competitions. One needs to have a sharp mind and focus to win this game. And the reverse is also true, while playing this, kids learn a lot of new strategies and sharpen their minds.