Best Friend Tag Questions

Spending time with friends is one of the best hobbies for any person. And when you have your best friend by your side, then what can be better? You get to do lots of fun, play around, joke around, watch movies together, go to events together, and so much more. So when you have such incredible chemistry with your best friend, why not take a quiz based on best friend tag questions.

In this article, we have listed down various questions based on different categories. The whole purpose of this article is not to make you nervous about how much you know, instead, make you more enlightened about the nature of your friend. Take it as a fun test and get going. If you score well, it’s excellent. If not, take out more time and get to know each other better.

Why Play this Game?

Everyone has at least one best friend in life. Now that can be one of your parents, life partner, siblings, or any other friend. More than 90% of your life is an open book for them. It’s like no one can know you better than how they do. You share your opinions, your thoughts and even your likings with them. So it becomes even more interesting to ask them some questions about you and see how well do they know you.

Or vice versa, you can take the quiz and see how much do you know your best friend. These questions will either make you feel proud of knowing your friend like none other or will make you aware more about his/her nature and liking. Any which ways, they will be entertaining and can quickly make your life more fun.

How to Play this Game?

Best Friend Tag Questions is a top-rated game among friends, where you can play with just one friend or a group of friends. You can either ask the questions directly, or you can take up a joint quiz where a third person asks the friends the same question, and you have to write down the answers for your friend. While direct questions let only YOU know the truth, quiz enables PUBLIC to tell about your chemistry with your best friend.

When you and your friend decide to do a small get together or just go out and spend time with each other, you can dive into this game. Form some questions based on some facts from your life, and ask your friend. If you are playing with more number of friends, you can form a question and direct it to anyone you want to answer. You can also play this game online, by tagging each other on Facebook or any other social media. You can also make Whatsapp groups and tag each other to play this quiz.

Best Friend Tag Questions List

Here we have divided the questions into various sections. If you are game on taking this test, go ahead and pick any section of your liking. Do not feel disheartened if the other one does not know you as well as you do. Take it as a golden opportunity to be more aware of your BEST FRIEND.


What is my favorite color

#1. What is my favorite color?

#2. What is my favorite movie?

#3. What is my favorite international holiday destination?

#4. Who is my favorite actor?

#5. Who is my favorite actress?

#6. Who is my favorite singer?

#7. What is my favorite domestic holiday destination?

#8. What kind of dress do I love the most?

#9. What is my favorite flower?

#10. Which is my favorite song?

#11. Which is my favorite fruit?

#12. Which is my favorite vegetable?

#13. What is my favorite food?

#14. What is my favorite cartoon character?

#15. Which is my favorite sport?

#16. Which is my favorite car?

#17. What is my favorite makeup brand?

#18. Which is my favorite Television series?

#19. What kind of movie genre is my favorite?

#20. What is my favorite animal?

#21. Which is my favorite bird?

#22. What is my favorite nickname for myself?

#23. Which is my favorite social media platform?

#24. Which is my favorite season?

#25. What kind of sandwich do I love the most?

#26. What is my favorite shoe brand?

#27. What is my favorite dresses brand?

#28. What is my favorite and most comfortable ornament?

#29. What is my favorite hobby?

#30. Who is my favorite teacher in life?

#31. Which is my favorite browser?

#32. What is my favorite ice-cream flavor?

#33. Which is my favorite cold drink?

#34. Who is my favorite superhero?

Professional / Career

Which was my first job

#1. Which was my first job?

#2. Do I like my current boss?

#3. Who is my office crush?

#4. Where do I currently work?

#5. How far is my office from my home?

#6. Am I happy staying in that city or not?

#7. What was my 1st salary?

#8. What is my current salary?

#9. Which is my dream job?

#10. Do I steal pens or copies from office?

#11. Do I misuse anything when I am at the office?

#12. Am I sincere about my job?

#13. What gives me the most stress in the job?

#14. Who is my go-to person in my current job?

#15. Whom do I hate the most from my team?

#16. Am I a leader or a follower in my workplace?

#17. How many people work in my office?

#18. Do I prefer eating snacks from office canteen?

#19. Is my direct manager friendly or strict?

#20. What is the biggest gossip about my office place?

#21. Am I planning to switch job soon?

#22. What are my working hours?

#23. How much do I have to travel to reach office?

#24. Which colleague do I hate the most?

#25. Which colleague do I like the most?

#26. What is the one thing I complain most about my job?

#27. Whom do I fear meeting at my workplace?

#28. Am I good at delivering presentations?

#29. What one thing I need to improve to excel in my work?

#30. What benefits am I getting from my job?

#31. What wishes do I have from this job?

#32. If given a wish, what would I like to change here?

#33. What additional benefit would I like this job to give?

#34. Are other people happy to work with me?

#35. Is my job a sitting or traveling one?

#36. Do I like a sitting job or a traveling job?

#37. Do I like the structure and interiors of my office?

#38. What is the 1st thing I do when I step in the office?

#39. Do I have to follow instructions for my work or I have a freedom to do things on my own?

#40. Have I done something wrong and hidden it from my boss?

Family and childhood

Which is my favorite family vacation

#1. Which is my favorite family vacation till date?

#2. Do I live in a joint family or nuclear?

#3. Who is closest to me in my family?

#4. How many total real and cousin siblings do I have?

#5. Which cousin sister am I closest to?

#6. Who is my favorite cousin brother?

#7. Am I like my father or mother?

#8. Where do I love to go with my family often?

#9. When was I born?

#10. Where was I born?

#11. What are all the cities I have lived in?

#12. How many friends did I have in childhood?

#13. Was I an extrovert or introvert in childhood?

#14. Who was the 1st best friend?

#15. Which was my first school?

#16. Who was my 1st crush in childhood?

#17. Did I had any accident when I was a kid?

#18. What was my biggest tragedy?

#19. What was my biggest wish when I was a kid?

#20. What kind of childhood cribbings now seem funny to me?

#21. When I was a kid, what did I want to be in my life?

#22. Who named me?

#23. Does my name have any special meaning for my family?

#24. Who is dominating in my family – mother or father?

#25. Am I the eldest in my complete family? Or do I have elder siblings?

#26. Do I share everything with my brother/sister?

#27. Which were my favorite cartoons I used to watch in childhood?

#28. Which was my favorite subject in school?

#29. What was my biggest fear in childhood which I find funny now?

#30. Was I a topper in school or an average student?

#31. Did my parents get angry on me very often or not?

332. What kind of activities did I like to do other than studying?

#33. If I want something, whom did I go to first – mother or father?

#34. What was one nickname that I hated the most as a kid?

#35. Did I keep my room messy or clean?

#36. Did I like keeping birthday parties in childhood?

#37. What all kind of things do I hide from my family?


Which car do I own?

#1. Which car do I own?

#2. Which side of the bed do I like to sleep?

#3. What time do I usually wake up?

#4. Who is my current crush?

#5. What all I am allergic to?

#6. What is my strength?

#7. What is my weakness?

#8. What is the aim of my life?

#9. What are my biggest dreams?

#10. Which phone do I possess?

#11. What is the color of my phone?

#12. Which laptop do I have?

#13. Do I like spending more or less?

#14. Do I love shopping?

#15. With whom do I love to go on vacations?

#16. What is my dream wedding destination?

#17. What time do I go to sleep?

#18. What kind of cosmetics do I like to use?

#19. Do I prefer heels or flats?

#20. Do I prefer jeans or shorts?

#21. If my house is burning and I can save one thing, what would that be?

#22. Do I like iPhone or Android?

#23. Do I like Windows or Mac?

#24. Who is my crush on all the celebrities?

#25. Do I prefer shirts or t-shirts?

#26. What all nicknames do I have?

#27. Which social media website I use the most?

#28. Do I like blogging?

#29. Do I prefer exercises or Yoga?

#30. Which expression do I say more often?

#31. What would I like to be when I am older?

#32. How many kids would I love to have in future?

#33. What do I prefer eating for breakfast? Lunch? And dinner?

#34. What thing makes me the happiest?

#35. What makes me very gloomy?

#36. Do I take toiletries with me from hotels, when I am checking out?

#37. Which insect do I hate the most?

#38. What kind of phobias do I have?

#39. Do I like making silly faces in front of the camera or not?

#40. Do I usually pose or gracefully for pictures?

#41. Do I believe in ghosts?

#42. Do I like wearing watches?

#43. Do I like wearing ornaments?

#44. Am I conscious of my hairstyle?

#45. Do I my chew pencils and pens?

#46. What do I do when I am nervous?

#47. What do I do when I am delighted?

#48. Do I like to collect anything?

#49. Did traffic police ever stop me from breaking any law?

#50. Did I ever steal anything in my life?

#51. What kind of books do I love to read?

#52. Did I ever go across any surgery?

#53. Did I only had crushes or was I also in Love ever?

#54. What kind of girl/boy would I love to marry?

#55. Do I want to stay with my family after marriage or not?

#56. In a relation, what matters to me the most?

#57. Do I believe in trusting someone first or loving first?

#58. How quickly do I fall in and out of love?

#59. If given a chance of granting one wish, what would I wish for?

#60. Do I like to lead things or follow?

#61. Do I prefer spending more, or saving more?

#62. Do I still watch cartoons?

#63. Do I like cooking?

#64. Am I a foody or not?

#65. Am I talkative or silent types?

#66. Do I like winters more, or summers?

#67. What is one thing that I carry everywhere with me, except phone and keys?

#68. What celebrity do I resemble like?

#69. What is my biggest obsession?

#70. What is my worst habit?

#71. What one wish would I want a genie to grant?

#72. How do I like spending my birthday?

#73. What do I do when I have a free day?

About Two of Us

What is our favorite holiday spot

#1. What is our favorite holiday spot?

#2. When did we meet?

#3. How did we meet?

#4. What did you think of me when you first saw me?

#5. How often do we see each other?

#6. What is our favorite memory together?

#7. What one thing we love to do together?

#8. What one thing we fight about the most?

#9. What one thing we love about each other?

#10. What one thing we hate about each other?

#11. What is our common swear word?

#12. Have we ever hurt someone unintentionally?

#13. How would we describe each other in 1 word?

#14. What thing about each other annoys both of us?

#15. If given a chance to roam the world, where would we go together?

#16. What is our favorite inside joke?

#17. Who amongst us takes the longer to get ready?

#18. What likings do we have in common?

#19. What things do we both hate?

#20. What is one thing that we both possess?

#21. When together, what kind of videos we watch more often?

#22. What is the biggest fight we had till date?

#23. What thing makes us go against each other always?

#24. What is the craziest thing we have done together?

#25. What nicknames given by each other do we like the most?

#26. If given a reason, would we die for each other?

#27. What is one thing about each other that only we know?

#28. If you are sad, what do I do to make you happy?

#29. Why do you consider me your best friend?

#30. What is the last thing you would say to me if I am dying now?

#31. Do you think I keep secrets from you?

#32. Have we ever hurt someone intentionally?

#33. Who is a better dancer amongst us?

#34. Who is a better singer amongst us?