Birthday Quotes for Son

Kids are always a blessing in our lives. Nothing matters more to a parent than seeing a smile of joy and satisfaction on their sons. Sons give you an opportunity of seeing yourself through their eyes. No matter how much we scold them and how much we get on their way as we try to shape their future, their love for us never fades.

In return, every son expects their children to show them, unconditional love. Sometimes it is not easy to love them with all their faults and shortcomings, but there is something deep within us that keeps the flame of love for our sons glowing. The truth is, sons, can quickly bring out the worst in you due to their naughty nature but on the other hand, they give you a sense of security every time you have them around.

Your son’s birthday is an important day for them as your daughter’s. Although sons tend to hide the urge of receiving some special attention, they secretly desire it’d come along. Sending them a special message will go a long way in expressing your love to him. Below is a list of special birthday wishes for him on his special day.

#1) Such a unique day comes as a reminder of how lucky I am to have a son like you. Many have sons, but none is as privileged as I am. I love you more every day.

#2) It doesn’t matter how much grown you are, for us, you will remain our little, loving and sweet boy that we always love and care about. May all your dreams come real son and always know no matter what happens, you will always have a special place in our life.

#3) The first day you came into our lives, we knew without any doubt that we had received a gift that can never be compared with any other.

#4) Every time we think of you, we thank God for an opportunity of becoming the best parents we can ever be. May this year bring with it many more blessings.

#5) We always count ourselves lucky and privileged of having you as a son. You are not only a great and fantastic son to us, but you are our closest friend who always has a particular way of bringing out the best in us. Much love champ!

#6) Undivided attention, endless care, eternal pampering, unending love and everlasting affection is the least we can promise to our little boy (through a grown up now) who gave us a new meaning to life. Every time we see you happy, it makes us feel like we have conquered the world.

#7) They say miracles happen to very few people in the universe. We never knew we would be among the chosen few until the day you came into our lives.

#8) We wish you all the best in all your endeavors because you deserve to be happy. Happy birthday our darling son.

#9) Although we believed parenting would be the best gift God will give us; we never knew it would be to an unusual and sweet son like you.

#10) God gave us a hundred times of what we asked of him, and all we promise is to love and nature you to become the best in your generation. You are not only unique to us, but you are all we have.

#11) Although they count your years and say how old you are, to us, you remain the little boy that needs our love, support, and protection.

#12) We may not have so much to give, but all we can promise is to always be by your side anytime you need us.

#13) Dear son, let this day always bring with it showers of blessings and when we are long gone, may you have a deposit of love, success and joy to draw from that will remind you of our great love for you.

#14) As you blow your birthday candles, the warmth of our love for you burns brightly in our hearts. We may not be there to celebrate with you, but that doesn’t mean we have forgotten to celebrate it in our way. Much love our hero.

#15) When we talk about you, we can’t help to smile with the satisfaction of knowing that we made use of every opportunity we had if instilling discipline in you.

#16) When we hear people celebrate your achievements, tears of joy roll down our tears and whisper a word of gratitude to our maker for giving us the privilege of being your guardian angels.

#17) Once in a while, we make mistakes and tend to go astray, but that doesn’t really dictate who you are. The mistakes you made in the past didn’t make us love you any less, but it only gave us more committed to bringing out the best in you. No matter what you do always know, we are your fun number one!

#18) Our dear son, as you celebrate your birthday, may you have everlasting peace and joy in your heart just as you brought to us the first day you came to our lives.

#19) The whole world might not embrace you, but our love for you will be enough to conquer the world. Happy birthday our hero!

#20) Our sweet son, when things fall apart, and life gives you a bitter pill to swallow. Just run to us, and we will provide you with a big and warm hug that will drown all your sorrows.

#21) Regardless of how old you become, you will always be our vulnerable little son, and we will always be here to protect you. Have the best in life.

#22) Having a sweet and handsome son like you is undoubtedly the best gift we would have ever wished for as a family.

#23) You will always remain our pride and joy to the last of our breath. Have the best and receive a warm hug from mummy and daddy!

#24) Many people will have different reasons for loving you. Some will love you for being a charming person, others for being a smart kid while others will love you for what you do best. However, our love for you will always be unconditional. We will love you for being you for we know you are a God’s blessing to us.

#25) As your guardian angels, we wish you the best life hold for you. May you receive all the blessings God has in store for you and may you never lack anything right now and all the days you live on earth.

#26) My dear son, as you grow to be a mature man, may you be a solution for many questions in the world. May you be a source of help for many needy people, and may those with ailing hearts find refuge in you.

#27) People are remembered for the impact they made in people’s lives, may you leave a mark on every person you have an encounter with.

#28) Many have sons, but we are the only privileged to receive a “sun” in this generation. You are the “sun” that shines brightly in our darkest moments.

#29) Love is a dream for many but, you made it a reality to us. Happy birthday, son!

#30) No matter how dark life is, the thought of you always gives us a reason to celebrate and look forward to a better and brighter day.

#31) Your love always brings a smile in our hearts. Happy birthday, sunshine!

#32) Nothing brings peace and satisfaction than seeing you happy and at peace. May all your dreams come true and may you always soar towards success in every step you take in life.

#33) Children are a blessing to their parents, but God gave us a double share when he gave you for a son. He not only gave us a son but a guardian angel who is always there for us. Much love son!

#34) Our love for you grows with the day so every single year you add demands for more from daddy and mummy. Live long to give us every new opportunity of showering you with love every day.

#35) No matter how far you are or how fast you run, we will never forget to celebrate this special day with you. All the best our precious gift.

#36) No matter how old you grow, our love for you will never cease, and no matter how flourishing you become, we will still embrace you as we did on the day you were born. Happy birthday my champ!

#37) When God thought of the best gift to give us, he settled on you. Every time I think of you, I see how lucky I was to be counted among the loved of the Loved. He gave me more than I ever dreamed of.

#38) My dream was always being the best for my son. I promised to set a good role model to be emulated by my children, but instead, I was given a son who has been my role model and my pride in life. You are one in a million dear.

#39) Being happy is a precious gift that is not given to all. When I was given an excellent son like you, I knew without any doubt I had entered in God’s book of the favored. May you find joy in life as you celebrate your birthday.

#40) A son is a source of security for the family. When I received you, I would hear whispers from my enemies, and I knew I was finally safe. In you, they see a young man, but I see a hero and a champion. Happy birthday dear son!

#41) Although you are growing taller by day, it doesn’t mean that I have stopped caring about you. I might not promise much, but I promise to always be there for you till my last breath.

#42) You are finally 18! This may mean much freedom to you, many adventures and much fun, but to me, it means much more responsibility. A responsibility of guiding you on the right path as well as learning for days without you. All the best son. Wishing you all the best life has to offer!

#43) My dear son, you fill my life with much joy and always give me a reason to live every I think of you. I wish you long life so that I can always have a reason to looking forward to the new year.

#44) No matter how much love I get from the world, none would replace the warmth of your love. You are not only my little champ but my motivation towards success. Much love my little angel!

#45) Your, heartbeat sounds like amazing and beautiful music from the angels. It serves as a reminder that God is real and he cared enough about me and gave you to me as the best gift. Happy birthday, son!

#46) I never knew a little boy like you would bring so much joy to the world. The day you stepped into this world, something beautiful was born in me, and my whole world took a new turn. Happy birthday my son. I love you more than words can explain!

#47) A son is an investment that has better returns than gold and silver. He pays back with love and warm hugs that remain as a mark in our hearts. Happy birthday my big boy.

#48) Although you are twelve years old today, you have filled my life with great joy and fulfillment than I have ever experienced since I was born. Enjoy yourself on this precious day son!

#49) Being a mom is a blessing but being a mum to such a handsome boy is an honor. Happy birthday my prince!

#50) Happy birthday to my love and my champion. The source of pure joy and pride!

#51) Every time we look at you, we are assured a better tomorrow. You are a dream come true and an answered prayer not only to daddy and me but to the world as a whole. Happy birthday, son!

#52) Your birthday means a day to celebrate, a day to dance and sing praise to our maker for giving us a pure and precious gift like. Happy birthday my faithful friend!