Romantic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend with Love Quotes

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

He is the one who has swept you off your feet and make your heart float in the air!! He is the one whose entry in your life has shut the doors for all the others out there!!

He is the one who can never get enough of and has become the apple of your eye!! Yes, he is the person you have fallen in love with, your boyfriend!! And what better occasion than his birthday, to let him know that he is the one who’s worth is immeasurable in your life.

Some beautiful words of expression of your feelings, some anecdotes and some honest outpourings of love make up for the best gift you can give your man. Here is a collection of 50 incredible birthday messages for your boyfriend which will make him happy. Though men are perceived not to be big fans of sending and receiving lovely messages, some festive attention on their birthdays is always welcome!

Love and attention from somebody you care about are always appreciated. Some warm affection filled wishes on his birthday will undoubtedly be received with much happiness. Pick the right one and let the celebrations begin!!

#1) To the wonderful person, who shares my heart and fills it with happiness, who brightens my world and cares so much for me!! Wishing you the best of everything on your birthday!! Happy birthday, sweetheart.

#2) You are the guy I’d like not just to spend the rest of the days of my life! I feel so grateful that you are the best part of my life. Wish you many happy returns of the day my soul mate.

#3) We belong in each other’s’ hearts. And that makes me feel so sure; we are never going to be torn apart. I’m so glad that we met. Happy birthday, love.

#4) The place you hold in my heart in indescribable by any measure of words. So that you know, my heart would cease beating without you. Happy birthday to the person who holds to key to my heartbeats!!

#5) On this extraordinary day, I want you to know that I feel blessed to be gifted with your love. You make me feel so proud and happy. Happy birthday honey and thank you for making me the luckiest woman ever.

#6) Nothing others than your reassuring hug give me comfort in this whole wide world. I wish you all the love and happiness that has ever existed. Happy birthday my man.

#7) When the sun rises today, say hello to him. I’ve asked him to shine brighter today and give you all its warmth and shimmer! Happy birthday to the sun of my life!

#8) There is nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do to bring that pleasant smile on your face. Let’s begin with sending a whole lot of my love with this wish. Happy birthday to my handsome man.

#9) My life is a big jigsaw puzzle. Some parts of it always seemed missing. And then I met you!! Happy birthday to the man who’s filled the missing pieces of my life.

#10) It’s such an ecstatic feeling to meet the person who makes your existence feel complete. I found that feeling when I saw you for the first time. I’m grateful to God that we came together. And on your birthday today, I wish we stay together forever. Happy birthday, love.

#11) This sudden surge of happiness in the air, this new chirping of birds, this feeling of immense joy is all to embark a new milestone for you turning a year older and wiser. Wishing you tons of success and goodwill on your birthday dear.

#12) There’s no doubt that the most beautiful heart on this earth belongs to the person who holds the keys to my heart! And today that beloved person crosses another year mark! Wish you a happy birthday my darling boyfriend.

#13) Happy birthday to my sweetheart! Every single day I wonder what an incredible person you are! And how lucky I am to have you in my life! I’m forever thankful to God to have created a perfect person like you.

#14) Every single second since we have been together, my love and respect for you keeps growing. This is how we grow together and seek refuge in each other’s’ arms. Happy birthday my love!

#15) Guess who is my favorite person in the world??? Yes, you already know it’s YOU!! So you can surely guess which day of the year is my favorite??? Of course, it’s your birthday!! Happy birthday to the most selfless, chivalrous, brave and amazing person I have ever met!

#16) This day calls for a big celebration for the unique person, on his most particular day of the year! Let’s break all rules and leave no stone unturned to have the most fun ever on your birthday.

#17) A kind, caring, loving, respectful, charming and smart person like you deserves the best of everything in the world. On your birthday I pray to God to keep you healthy and happy forever.

#18) It’s such a privilege to know that I have all the rights to call a great person like you as my boyfriend. I don’t care about the jealous stares all around, and today on your birthday I want everyone to know you are mine and I am yours!! Happy birthday my prince.

#19) Time flies, things go in a different mode, circumstances change. But trust me; come what may, one thing that will always remain constant is my undying and unwavering love for you. On your birthday, I want you to know; you mean the world to me!! Happy birthday!!

#20) I can’t stop doing things that would make you smile, because your smile is the reason I smile. Even if it’s painful at times, every single effort I put in, it is really worth your priceless smile. I adore you much more than you know. Happy birthday to you honey.

#21) Make way for balloons, flowers, confetti, glitter, chocolates, cake and this love-filled wish for the birthday boy! These wishes are going to be with you always. Have the most rocking birthday ever!

#22) Not sending you just wishes for your birthday today. These wishes carry all my love, kisses, hugs, laughter and prayers for your health, safety, and happiness. I hope your special day is filled with all of it.

#23) On your birthday the essential wish I make for you is that you stay in the best of your health and on the pinnacle of success in everything that you do. So that I will be able to celebrate many more wonderful birthdays with you.

#24) You may look terrible to everyone, but I am lucky to have the privilege of knowing such a tender and caring person like you. Wishing you the best of everything my dear loving coconut!

#25) My heart beats harder when I see you; my dreams are always filled with you, my face smiles and glow when I am with you. No better day than today than to let you know how much you mean to me. Happy birthday to the man of my dreams.

#26) When I was at my lowest phase, it was you who lifted me up and brought a smile back to my face. On your birthday I want to fill every single moment with smiles and joy for you. Happy birthday to you.

#27) Your presence exudes such an aura; everything else fades away in your presence. I am so lucky to have the brightest shining star in the universe as my boyfriend. Happy birthday charming guy.

#28) Thank you for accepting me in your life with all my flaws and imperfections. Your presence in my life has made everything perfect. I am going to do all I can to make this birthday a perfect one for you. Happy birthday to you my love.

#29) Looking at my reflection in your eyes takes me to the paradise! I wish and pray always to have a fabulous life with you. As you turn a year older today, I ask God to bless you with more charm than you already have!

#30) If I had to choose between you and life, then I’d always go for you. Without you, there is no life for me. I wish you a ton of happiness and good health so that we spend a blessed life together ahead. Happy birthday to you my sweetu.

#31) You are such a committed, hardworking person. Today just give it all up and let yourself free. I’ll make sure you enjoy every bit of this special day. Happy birthday, love.

#32) This message is sent from my right atrium to reach your left atrium, and its acceptance should conclude from your right ventricle to my left ventricle. That’s coz we are connected from heart to heart. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

#33) Many congratulations on becoming a year older, smarter and wiser. This year make sure you seize every moment and conquer all the challenges that come your way. Happy birthday my king.

#34) The sky is not the limit when you gear up to achieve something. Your birthday is the perfect chance for me to make you realize what all you can do and reach the heights of success and glory. Many happy returns of the day Mr. Perfect.

#35) On your birthday, sweetheart, I thank your parents for giving birth and raising such a beautiful person. They have given a gem to the world. And I am so lucky to be a part of your life. Sending all my best wishes to you on your birthday.

#36) Forget the past and look ahead for what lies for you in the future. I know you are working to be the best version of yourself. But trust me, you already are such a fine and perfect person.

#37) Nothing can make you any more better than you are already now. Have a very colorful and sparkling birthday. You deserve all the beautiful things in the world, may God bless you with all of it.

#38) Your insane humor gets to me so many times, but then without it, my life seems so empty and meaningless. I would give everything in the world just to keep you smiling always. Stay funny and have a wonderful birthday.

#39) The value of a truly loved one is immeasurable. The acceptance and companionship I have got from you are absolutely priceless. Happy birthday my love and my dearest friend.

#40) It’s the day you were born, which brings an extraordinary chance to leave aside all worry and celebrate your birth! Today is the day to be carefree and have fun. Wish you the happiest birthday ever.

#41) I feel so blessed to have spent one more fantastic year of my life with you. And I know there is a lifetime of fun and love filled years to go. I wish you a magnificent and magical birthday my love.

#42) The true essence of a relationship lies in all the fights that we have; they make us better acquainted with each other’s point of view. And I know this thing for sure, you are a much better person than I am. Celebrating the birth of a righteous and loyal man today makes me feel so proud to be with you.

#43) Right from the beginning, I knew for sure; your smarts are the best match for the craziness in me! Behold and wait for the crazy ways I’m going to surprise you with on your special day. Happiest birthday to you m love.

#44) Distance doesn’t matter when hearts are together they say. How true is that! I so wished to be with you on your birthday. Even though I couldn’t make it, I feel you with me all the time. And this wish is meant to let you know I am always with you. Have loads of fun today and enjoy your special day.

#45) You and I are like apple and pie, bread and butter, socks and shoes! Do you get it, honey? We are totally inseparable!! And today that we share our birthdays, let’s take this heaven-made union of ours to crazy levels of a memorable celebration. Happy birthday to our love!

#46) I wish you receive all the gifts life has to offer, wrapped in the bundles of my love and care. May your life be filled be peace and contentment now and forever. Happy birthday to you my love.

#47) Congratulations to you on another year of your life. You are turning much more handsome every passing year; I just can’t keep my eyes off you. May you stay in the prime of your youth forever! We are going to have a blast today at your birthday party, wait for it. Happy birthday my dashing man.

#48) Wherever you go and whatever you do, may the year ahead bring lots of success and happiness for you! You are the reason for my smiles, and our love is going to last for miles!! Looking forward to celebrating many more of your birthdays!! Happy birthday my partner in crime.

#49) On the chilly winter nights, your warm embrace soothes me. On a blazing summer afternoon, you are my cool breeze. Being with you is a God sent blessing to me!! Happy birthday dear!

#50) Just like the stars brighten the night sky; you are the star which brightens my life. I pray and hope you live more than the stars and shine brighter than ever! Happy birthday to the most precious star of my life!