Birthday Wishes for Him

A Birthday is one of the most treasured days in human life. What makes it more unique is that one gets to celebrate it with family, friends and beloved ones. It is therefore appealing when someone you love or treasure wishes you a happy birthday. It raises a feeling that one is valued creating sweet memories which make life worth a while.

In the case of a Boy who has a girlfriend; it is of most significant for a girl to wish the boyfriend happy birthday wishes. They not only create joy but also raise hopes and chances for more love to grow in their relationship. Below are some of the birth wishes for a boyfriend.

#1) You gave me a shoulder to lean on when the world was all cold. You held my hands and dried my tears. I see a world with no limits with you. Wish you a happy birthday my caring boyfriend.

#2) I’m blowing you with a hurricane of love for your birthday. May all the troubles in the past be blown away and give us a new beginning. Happy birthday; sweetheart.

#3) I am ever star gazing but have not found a star shine as bright as you do in my life. You make me feel one in a zillion. Happy birthday to you my star and shining armor.

#4) Like the sun rays travel through the universe and still shine brightly. Your love is bright, strong and unlimited. Happy birthday to you my sunshine love.

#5) I wrap myself as a gift for your birthday. Unwrap with zeal and may your morning glow like the morning star. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

#6) It gives me a feeling that I am the most beautiful girl in the universe. Celebrating your birthday reminds me that our love is so precious. A happy birthday my beloved boyfriend.

#7) A birthday to life by life itself. You make life worth a while being around each other. A very happy birthday honey.

#8) Another beloved happy birthday hubby. Let’s busk in this love that cold and loneliness get no space between us.

#9) In your Arms I find my shelter from the cold; I get more peaceful and strength to move along. Happy Birthday to you my loving boyfriend. May you live long to cherish my love for you.

#10) Amongst all days in the calendar, today is an exceptional day in memory. More special than any other day for it is your Birthday.

#11) Although every day is special for me; it is all because you fill me with joy and happiness. Happy Birthday to you my boyfriend.

#12) It feels like an eternity, being a hostage of nonmeasurable love. All I want for your birthday is one wish. Blow many candles so as we can always share such moments my beloved boyfriend.

#13) It is a blessing to see you blow more candles and sing another birthday hymn to the love of my life. I feel lucky like a morning star to have all these love shining on me. Happy Birthday my darling.

#14) Cheers my love to another year. All we lost was time, but all we gained was more love for each other. It is a treasure that I have you by my side. Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

#15) Like a shooting star, you glow more in sexiness the more you grow older. I, therefore, pardon the smarter and wish you a beloved happy birthday.

#16) I never dreamt of a boy hot than you. For your eyes only my charming angel. Wishing you a very happy birthday dear.

#17) On this particular day, let’s rewrite history and create a legendary Romeo and Juliet story that our grandchildren would love to pass. Happy birthday to you my love.

#18) Like a river plunges down a fall with new energy, may this come to you as unique birthday wishes and a reminder that life is young if you celebrate its course. Happy birthday, darling.

#19) You are a treasure worth than silver and rubies to me. It is a feeling worth an eternity having you by my side. Happy birthday to you sweetheart.

#20) Today being your birthday, I want to show the world that I see no horizons having you as my boyfriend. It’s limitless and endless; regards to my appreciation for having your love unconditionally. Wish you a wonderful birthday.

#21) Happy birthday to the most handsome boy in the world. Or rather my Mr. Universe finalist. I am head over my heels for you.

#21) This day marks a remarkable achievement in your life. Count your blessings, credits, friends yet you are still the cutest boy I know. I love you my beautiful angel and happy birthday.

#23) I happen to be so lucky to have such a rare gift. A boyfriend like you: you are one of a kind. Happy birthday!

#24) Happy birthday love. Thank you for making my life so comfortable at such a youthful age. You are a fantastic boyfriend.

#25) Numbers do not lie; let’s celebrate the time we have known each other and treasure the memories we made. Happy birthday to my charming boyfriend.

#26) Your love for me is selfless and kind. With all the gentleness that you treat me with, it’s more than words to imagine.  You will forever be mine. A thrilled birthday hubby.

#27) I have one last confession to make you the happiest person. I love you and wish you Happy Birthday hubby.

#28) A life without you would be like a sea without water. You fill the voidness within my heart and drown my soul with tender love and care. Happy Birthday, Darling. You are an angel sent to love.

#29) I take this opportunity to thank your Mom and Dad who gave birth to you. You are a beautiful soul and heart. Each second spent next to you reminds me that you are the boy with whom I want to spend my whole life next to. Happy birthday my charming boyfriend.

#30) No words can express my feeling for you. For your forever in my mind; how much you mean to me and how much I love you. Happy birthday, baby.

#31) You blow these candles as time has passed and now we live to celebrate another birthday. As each second ticks, my love for you increases. Let’s blow these candles and blow more next year my lovely boyfriend. Happy birthday to you.

#32) If all the boys in the world could take your lead on how to be cautious of love. For your tender love and care earns you credit for being the best boyfriend. I love you, sugary friend, happy birthday to you.

#33) Another beloved happy birthday to you hubby. Let’s busk in this love that cold and loneliness get no space between us.

#34) In your Arms I find my shelter from the cold; I get more peaceful and strength to move along. Happy Birthday to you my loving boyfriend. May you live long to cherish my love for you.

#35) It gives me a feeling that I am the most beautiful girl in the universe. Celebrating your birthday reminds me that our love is so precious to me. Happy birthday my dear boyfriend.

#36) Just like the rainbow shining by the sun, I was born to cherish your love. A very beloved birthday hubby.

#37) It was all blind, but we can count the candles we’ve blown since we met. It has been too lovely knowing you more than a friend. Happy birthday my sweetheart.

#38) As we mark another memory, I was just a small town girl when we met, but I could not resist falling for a young hot country boy like you. Say cheers to another day of your birthday, my love.

#39) If things come in pairs, then I am so lucky to be celebrating this happy birthday with you. Happy Birthday, hung.

#40) I want you to blow each candle with a sparkling heart in the realization that life has been progressive. More important is that we yet light up more candles together meaning our future is bright. Very happy birthday to you Darling. You are an angel sent from above to love.

#41) Darling, I am a hostage of your true love. Not even will let a minute pass without you ticking in my mind. Times like these don’t pass. Happy birthday to you and remember I love you so much.

#42) Forever in my eyes, you will remain a charming prince armor. I just want to be by your side at your youth all the way to your 80’s. Happy birthday, prince charming.

#43) Times we can never trust thoughts, at first I thought you were a hot date. But all along I never felt like this before. Truly love is blind. Pleased birthday my love.

#44) It feels like I boarded the first-class plane. For all along it has been appealing and comfy having my heart all for you. Love you and happy birthday!

#45) It does not count how many birthdays will pass together or how old we shall become. It is a fact that this is classic and nothing will ever take this away from us. We are forever together, and we will always be. Happy birthday to you my love.

#46) If you would try to count it, you have it. But if you would try to value this; it’s priceless. Wishing you a happy birthday in a deep sea of love.

#47) I know you cannot imagine you, for life has to be.  Having you by my side and being deep in your ocean I will forever cherish us. Happy birthday to you.