Funny Happy Birthday Wishes & Memes

Birthday Wishes & Memes for Brother

Birthdays are the best events in everyone’s life to create memorable moments and to cherish each one of them. A time of gatherings, meeting at a place to have a blast is a part to be appreciated to remember forever in life. Drafting some of the best such loving and adorable wishes for every brother out there to make their day feel special.

you look cute brother

To have a big brother like you is a blessing to appreciate and be protected all the time.

  • To have a big brother like you is a blessing to appreciate and be protected all the time. It’s your day of celebration. Happy birthday,
  • Our bonding is meant to crack jokes, pranks, lots of laughter and Cherish every moment spent together. Happy birthday big brother.
  • I’m happy to say a proud sister of a proud brother, seeing you achieve all the success you thought for life is the thing I always prayed for you. Happy birthday, bro.

you are the funniest person of my life, but still cute bro

  • You are the funniest person of my life, but you are so cute bro. Happy Birthday! enjoy.
  • This is your special day to celebrate and make it a memorable one. Enjoy it to the fullest and have a blast. God bless and may all your wishes come true. Happy birthday brother
  • Don’t get sad that you are growing old every year instead keep your head high and plan for something much better in coming years. Happy birthday, bro! God bless you always!

laugh your lungs out to my creepiest jokes

  • I hope you laugh your lungs out to my creepiest jokes that I crack always to make you happy. May your dream come true. Happy birthday dear brother.
  • Birthdays are the time to party hard to get sloshed in your world. Have a blasting day. Party hard. Happy birthday, bro!
  • Wishing you all the luck and happiness of life and may you work hard to fulfill your dreams to make them come true. Happy birthday.

special birthday to my brother

is it really your birthday brother

you look great brother birthday dog meme

  • Happy birthday to my superhero. No matter how much do we insult each other or we fight but one thing is what I know that you are always by my side in every situation. Happy birthday dude!.
  • I just can’t express my priceless feeling for a loving big brother like you. Even after having so much of misunderstandings you always stood by my side. Thankyou for everything and a very happy birthday to you.

age gets better with wine birthday meme

  • My brother is one in a billion, the coolest handsome guy I always feel motivated and grab strength from him to face the world very boldly. Happy birthday to my handsome
  • I consider myself to be blessed to have a brother like you who is my real inspiration for solving my problems. May God shower his blessings on you. Happy birthday!

brother birthday image

happy birthday wwe meme

  • The person whom I can trust blindly and have faith unconditionally can be my brother. You are the story behind my success. May you be the most successful man. Happy birthday.
  • You are my most reliable support system and a pillar of the wall to all the uneven actions in my life. I feel safe to be in your hand’s Happy birthday. May your dreams come true.
  • May your life gets filled with all the joyful moments and colorful Your presence in my life is the most precious gift I received from God. Happy birthday to my special bro.

Birthday Wishes & Memes for Sisters

A woman for life who is the most attractive person and a caring human after your mother comes sisters. Sisters are the one with whom we have lots of secret sharing in each and every situation. She’s the one with whom you can be yourself and at the time of being protective she’s there to save you from all the crisis. From the childhood pillow fights till the grownups hair pulling stuff, sharing each other’s clothes, makeups are some of the small stuff that we appreciate of our sisters. Being annoying still so kind-hearted and soft can be the only one, and that is my sister.

happy birthday elder sister

happy birthday dear sister funny

happy birthday little sister

happy birthday sister meme

  • Sisters are the one with whom we share our whole life with and irritate each other in every good and bad time to make one another laugh. Thanks for being in my life sister. Happy birthday to you.
  • Yes, again a year elder! You are growing so fast sister; it’s like you are becoming an old lady to whom I can rely upon. Have a blast, my sis.

That’s all for you I can say on your birthday, that you are the most fabulous monkey of a zoo.

  • That’s all for you I can say on your birthday, that you are the most fabulous monkey of a zoo. Oops! A big monkey in our family and we adore you a lot. Happy birthday, Sister.
  • You are an apple to my pie, sunshine to my bright day and a cherry on my cake. So here’s a lot of blessings to the funniest sister I ever found to be with. Happy birthday, God bless!
  • You are the most precious gift to me from childhood since then I have been sharing every secret with you, and you are the only one to understand me in this entire world. Thank you for being there is and wish you a very happy birthday sis.
  • Even though thousands time I say that you are not from our family, but the fact can’t change that you are the only close one I have with me. Thank you for understanding me. Happy birthday.

oh guurl happy birthday to you

a gift for you on your birthday sister

happy birthday and where is my cake sister

  • I don’t know much to say or express my feelings I have for you but the only thing I’ll say it on your birthday is that you are an excellent companion I had in my life at the worst times. Happy birthday, God bless.
  • Even after so much of arguments, fights, differences you will be the most critical person in my life I always adore. Wish you all the happiness in life. Happy birthday.
  • To one of the craziest crackpot, I have in life, are you? My most demented sister, it’s your day today so enjoy it to the fullest. Wish you a happy
  • The madness we shared and the craziest and stupidest moments we always shared are the happy feelings of my life I ever gained from someone like you. God bless! Happy birthday!
  • We are the one to make our relationship that strong in all the cherishable moments that are the best and most authentic of our lives. I just can’t imagine my life without you. May God bless you and wish you a very blasting birthday.

Happy Birthday Sister Meme

Cheers to all the insane stuff and madness moments we shared together.

  • Cheers to all the insane stuff and madness moments we shared together. Happy birthday my crazy God bless!
  • For every candle, you blow on your cake is the wishes from my side of happiness and healthy life ahead. Happy birthday little sister.
  • Happy birthday to my lifetime companion and wishing you all the blessings showered upon you for happiness and wealth in life.
  • It’s always been fun teasing you with funny names and irritating you at all times. And today’s your day to celebrate in a way you always wanted. Happy birthday my Doll.

Funny Birthday Wishes & Memes for Friends

Friends are those part of life which are always cherished. An unbreakable bond of friendship with another person is exceptional and truly treasured. I’m fortunate enough to have a friend like you that many people have always dreamt of. A pure human is altogether a connection of friendship with the same person like you, with the same mental disorder or the same craziest stupidity you carry. God has made us friends because he knew one mother couldn’t handle two crazy people like us, so they created apart by making us best of the friends from another mother. Expressing my heart out by penning down my thoughts on your this birthday.

wish you happy birthday bestie

sexy beast birthday friend

good day friend

  • Wishing you a colorful life ahead with the bright colors to reflect brightness and happiness. Always stay happy and keep smiling. Happy birthday my dear friend.
  • Happiness begins with the most adorable friend, when everything goes wrong I come to you, and you be my support system. Have a loving Happy birthday dear friend.
  • Your smile is the reason behind my happiness; it changes the whole side of the story of being sad. Same way I wish the best future for your life is coming ahead. Happy birthday my dear friend.
  • All the time spent with you make an unforgettable memory of my life and hope you also think the same. May this day brings the best of your life. Happy birthday. Stay blessed.
  • I know whom to go to when I have nobody, but I have your back always to my support. Hope this friendship stays strong and grows forever. May all your wishes come true. Happy birthday, bestie!

smoochies from sunny on your birthday

happy birthday friend bride for you

mursi woman happy birthday friend meme

  • A remarkable story of our life is to get a friend like you who make me correct whenever I’m wrong and still stand by my side as a best one. Happy birthday to the best friend.
  • I promise you to be there on your every birthday to do all the crazy stupid stuff together on your birthday. God bless you always with love and happiness. Happy birthday my girl.
  • On your birthday I make a wish that this day comes in your life repeatedly to embrace your happy smiling face and to see you happy like this always and forever. Happy birthday my angel. God bless!
  • I want you to see yourself through my vision, and that’s how you will come to know how beautiful human you are and a God’s greatest gift to me. Have a cherishable day. Happy birthday my dear.
  • I’m privileged to have a friend like you to care for and to guide on every difficulty I go through. Today on your birthday I wish all your dreams to come true and a pleased birthday to you.

happy birthday dear friend you are so cute like me

hey its your birthday today, have a blast

  • And the exciting day arrived for my beautiful diva, my bestest So here comes your day my princess, go for it and enjoy it to the fullest. Make wishes and let it come true. Happy birthday. God bless you!
  • You are the person who always gloomed my darkness and today’s my turn to come with candles for your birthday night to have a blasting day. Wishing you a memorable birthday moment.
  • A day of celebration has finally come to make your day the most remarkable day of the year. Your Birthday is a day of my celebration too so let’s celebrate it together. Happy birthday!
  • I wish you to come out with flying colors of success in life. May God bless his showers of blessings, bright light, and happiness towards your future. I’m always there as a guiding step towards your success. Happy birthday. Have a successful life ahead.
  • It’s your day to do every crazy stuff you always dreamt off to do on your birthday, so nobody’s here to stop you. I’m accompanying you to do all this stuff together. Happy birthday.
  • We have crossed along miles of the journey this life to get a friend like you and now it’s time I can’t afford to lose Be with me always. Happy birthday.

happy birthday dear meme0

happy birthday wishes for best friend dog

happy birthday cake is inside

  • So it’s a perfect day to set up a new year resolution to make it come true for the coming year, and it’s your birthday. Happy birthday my darling.
  • Don’t ever change for the sake of any person, be the person as you are. You are the most outstanding and extraordinary friend which I always thought of. Happy birthday my lovely friend.
  • Years are passing, days are passing, but our friendship is just growing stronger day by day and hopes we continue with the same bond in every coming year. Time to celebrate your birthday with some bright Happy birthday, dear. Stay strong! Stay blessed!
  • You are the best soul on this earth I came across though. Enjoying every moment with you is adding a day to my life getting new experiences with you my friend. Happy birthday!