Cousin Tag Questions

It is often said that no one can know about you as much as your brothers and sisters. And cousin tag questions help you judge just that. This is a list of questions which you and your cousin has to answer about each other. This way, you not only will have a great source of entertainment, you might also live your good moments again.

Cousins are someone from our childhood who can never be lost. Friends might lose hands after certain time. But cousins can never leave you just like your own siblings. And by playing this list of questions, you can relive your childhood time with those cousins of yours.

Some old memories are refreshed, some new are made! Such questions give a great feeling of belongingness and family.

Why ask cousin tag questions?

You might be wondering what fun you will get by asking such questions from each other. So if we look at this from broader perspective, you have 2 ways here.

  • One, you will get to know how much your cousin know each other. And more you know about each other, stronger the bonding becomes. And then, even you will have a lifelong companionship and friend in that cousin of yours.
  • Two, you can make a game out of this. Whenever a family function is planned, all the cousins can sit together forming a circle, and play this game. You can ask each of your cousins a question about you. The other person has to write the answer on the paper. At the end, you can score the result based on who knows you better.

Although there is no reward associated with this game, but it feels wonderful to know that there is someone out there who knows you so much. Cousin Tag Questions are a great entertainment and make a person feel good about himself.

List of Questions

Now when you know how amazing it feels to play this game, let’s get started. Ask these questions directly to your cousin, or get a third person to ask this question from you two and see how much you know about each other. Here, the cousin tag questions are asked from a third person’s perspective.


when did you two meet

  1. When did you two meet?
  2. In what situation did you meet?
  3. How often do you meet each other?
  4. From how long you know each other?
  5. How are you both related to each other?
  6. Who is the youngest of you two?
  7. When was the last time you did something mischievous together?
  8. Did you both ever land into trouble together? What was the situation?
  9. What was the funniest prank you did on each other?
  10. When was the last time you played prank on someone together?
  11. When was the last time you met?
  12. What was the last thing that you both did together?
  13. Describe your first photograph together?
  14. What is the best memory you have with each other?
  15. What was the last vacation you went together?
  16. What has been the nicest thing which your cousin did with you?
  17. What do you do when you both meet each other?
  18. What was the last text you sent to your cousin?
  19. When was the last time you both argued with each other?
  20. Which was the last movie you had seen together?
  21. What was the last gift you gave each other?
  22. What was both of yours favorite activity when you were kids?
  23. Which is the first memory you have of each other?
  24. Have you ever made your cousin cry?
  25. How do you cheer up your cousin if he/she is sad?
  26. What would you do if you are unable to contact your cousin?
  27. If your cousin is held captive and you are asked to give 1 of your favorite things in exchange, what all can you give?
  28. Which was the last horror movie you watched together?
  29. When was the last time you scared someone out of his wits?
  30. When was the last time you both sneaked out of the house?
  31. What all adventures you had in childhood together, which seem funny and silly now?


which one game you love to play together

  1. Which one game you love to play together?
  2. Who loves beaches more?
  3. Who loves hills more?
  4. Which one of you is a bigger foodie?
  5. What are the nicknames you have given each other?
  6. What things you like about your cousin?
  7. What 3 things you hate about your cousin?
  8. How would you describe each other in 1 sentence?
  9. If you both are together and your parents are going out, which one of you would be more likely to be in charge?
  10. If your cousin decides to stay alone, where would they like to be?
  11. If your cousin is alone, what 3 things will he have with himself?
  12. Where would you like to go on a holiday together?
  13. If you are to go on your favorite vacation destination, would you take the other one with you?
  14. What is your cousin’s favorite destination?
  15. What is your cousin’s favorite color?
  16. What kind of dresses does your cousin likes to wear more often?
  17. Who amongst you have more number of friends?
  18. What one thing you like to do the most, together?
  19. Who amongst you argues more?
  20. What is the favorite brand of makeup of your cousin?
  21. What is the dream job of your cousin?
  22. Which is the common favorite movie of you two?
  23. Who amongst you is a better singer?
  24. Who likes to sing is the shower?
  25. What is the favorite phone brand of your cousin?
  26. Which is the favorite laptop brand of your cousin?
  27. Who loves animals more?
  28. Have you ever fallen in love with any of your cousin’s friends?
  29. What is your favorite hang out place with your cousin?
  30. Who is your cousin’s latest crush?
  31. What possession of your cousin’s are you jealous of?
  32. What 1 thing does your cousin has, which you like the most?
  33. Which is the favorite actor of your cousin?
  34. Who is your cousin’s favorite singer?
  35. Which clothing you exchange the most with your cousin?
  36. Who loves to go on long drives?
  37. What is the favorite kind of food of your cousin?
  38. What is that 1 kind of drink your cousin likes to have more often?
  39. Does your cousin prefers hot drinks more or cold drinks?
  40. Who is more eager to get married?
  41. Who likes to plan parties more?


who amongst you two is the naughtiest

  1. Who amongst you is the naughtiest?
  2. Do you fight more or stay in love a lot?
  3. Who is the most extrovert person out of you two?
  4. Which one of you 2 is the most outgoing person?
  5. Who likes to stay quiet most of the times?
  6. Who gets angry often?
  7. Which one of you is more punctual?
  8. Who takes more time to get ready?
  9. Who can cook well?
  10. Tell 3 things you find similar in you both.
  11. What 3 things are completely different in you both?
  12. What is that thing which you can do and not your cousin?
  13. What 1 thing your cousin can do, and not you?
  14. What is the grossest habit of your cousin?
  15. What sentence or word does your cousin speaks more often?
  16. What is the shoe size of your cousin?
  17. Where does your cousin works now/ or studies now?
  18. What is the biggest dream of your cousin?
  19. Who wakes up early?
  20. What thing is your cousin most afraid of?
  21. What thing can make your cousin easily angry?
  22. Who amongst you is more active on the social media?
  23. Whose parents do not allow for late night parties or hang outs?
  24. Who amongst you is the biggest spoil sport?
  25. Who likes to give spoilers for tv shows or movies more?
  26. Which one of you gets in trouble quickly?
  27. Who is the fastest driver of you two?
  28. Which one of you two is the biggest lier?
  29. How does your cousin greet his/her elders?
  30. How do you greet each other?
  31. Who is more likely to cancel the party plans that you make together?
  32. Who gives the best ideas for a party?
  33. Who is a better photographer?