get well soon wishes

Get Well Soon Wishes

Health is wealth. Falling sick is not uncommon. We fell sick many times a year and throughout the life. While those times never last long, the healing or recovery days are crucial. Illness arrests you and puts you in prison. It can be viral fever or a significant accident.

If you see someone sick and in the phase of recovery from infection, surgery, accident, or whatever, the kind words, positive messages, get well soon wishes, and your care makes them feel better. The sick person can be your friend, your spouse, your relative, your colleague or anyone. How your words can soothe them matters the most.

Proper treatment, medical care, and medicines are essential to recover from any illness. As so, the patients must feel good about them and the environment. The atmosphere in the hospital is not very inviting. The same applies to any individual fell sick and bedridden at home. It is only the healing power and the wishes that can make them feel better.

It won’t cost a fortune to send good thoughts, healing prayers and get well soon wishes to encourage someone. Words have the healing power. Here is the compilation of some get well soon wishes that could inspire, encourage and help a person in speedy recovery.

#1) How badly I wish that hugs and kisses can heal the injuries! Well, you could turn immortal too. I wish you a speedy recovery.

#2) I am not sending you any “get well soon” card. I picked a couple of funny cards that I am dying of laughter. Since I am aware that you have a lot of stitches, I don’t want you to rip the stitches by laughing. I am saving the cards to show you soon!

#3) It’s high time you are taking rest, but certainly not so good time for me. I am kind of missing you. Get well soon. Let’s catch up and make up all these empty days with lots of fun. Awaiting your arrival!

#4) Never lose the hope. My prayers are always with you. Here is a small note with a ‘hi’ message to make you remember that I am here for you, always. Get well soon darling.

#5) I am sending loads of love and prayers for quick recovery from the injury. Hope your health gets better very soon.

#6) Some moments will happen in life that shows the people who care for us. I am happy to show you that I am one among those to look after you. Thanks to your fracture.

#7) Remember, it is just a passing phase. You are just a few days away to regain your health completely. The countdown to good health begins. Catch you soon with that beautiful smile.

#8) Hey crybaby, I cannot believe what I saw! For once in your life, you cried for real. However, it is assured that you are an attention seeker. Yea, your illness just confirmed it. Get well soon crybaby.

#9) I can feel how much you are suffering. I curse myself I am unable to take away or reduce your pain. Wish you recover very soon.

#10) All my training in boxing is just useless. I am unable to kick away your illness. What else can I do for the immediate recovery? I’m struggling more than you. Quickly heal yourself and get back on feet.

#11) I always knew you are such a strong person. I wish you keep up your strength and courage to battle the illness and come out stronger. I wish you a quick recovery.

#12) Cancer turned weak before our prayers for you. You are soon out of bed to join us in the parties. We can’t wait to have you back in our gang.

#13) I heard that you didn’t smile for quite a few days since you broke your legs. So I am sending a lot of smileys for you. You don’t look good with a grinning face. Wear the smiley every day, and you will recover soon.

#14) Recovery from the significant accident is too hard. Don’t worry. We are with you. None of my days went without prayers and wished for you.

#15) Cheer up, girl! We all want to see you active, bubbly and energetic. We are missing that one chatterbox, Join us soon with good health and fitness.

#16) It’s too boring to see you sick in bed. Why did you fall ill and when are you gonna get recovered? Please get well soon and get me out of this boredom sweetheart.

#17) Thinking lots of you; thinking only of you; I’ve put all my work into pending. You cannot do this to me. Get well soon and let me get off, of your thoughts buddy.

#18) I am feeling blue seeing you in a hospital bed. My wishes for you to a speedy recovery.

#19) With every sunrise, your health gets better. With every sunset, your pain and injuries subside. Bounce back and come soon.

#20) I fell sick when I heard you are unwell for a few days. This message is for you to know that I wish you a speedy recovery. And also, I wish to tell you that you made me sick of your sickness.

#21) I am hunting for some magic board or Aladin lamp to get you out of this sick bed. God, please help me find one to let my partner in crime get good health and heal completely.

#22) Just like the tampered ozone layer, like an unexplainable black hole, your absence created a mysterious vacuum in me. I am missing you so much. Please recover soon and join me to fill the space.

#23) I am praying in every possible way for your faster recovery. I am doing all your work, my lazy brother. Come soon to take your chores and let me breathe a little. I miss you, bro.

#24) It causes a little pain initially until you exercise your bones. You will soon recover from the injuries. I wish you can manage the pain. Come home soon. My prayers are with you every moment.

#25) I still cannot figure out why lovely and kindest people on the earth are falling sick. Please recover soon, I am arguing with the god every day. Come soon and fill those empty spaces that need your kindness.

#26) You always hold a special place in my thoughts. Now you are in my prayers too. My heartfelt prayers for your speedy recovery.

#27) Do not dwell on the bed, thinking of your illness. Open the windows and see the bright sunshine. Keep up your hopes and recover soon. Take care. My wishes and heartfelt prayers.

#28) Since I am unable, you kiss and hug you, send the flowers filled with the infinity of kisses and warmest hugs for super-fast recovery.

#29) Every day we feel good and better the next day. But you are better and better. Keep looking on the positive side. I wish your injuries heal quickly and you bounce back in a few days.

#30) Aunt, you are an essential part of our family. You are like a foundation, my mentor, and god-father. I am unable to digest your absence. My life looks bland without you. I am missing you so much. Love you, aunty, get well soon and back home. Awaiting your arrival.

#31) Equivalent to treatments and medicines, care, love, and prayers help healing and recovery. Don’t worry my child. We are happy to see you regain consciousness. Hope you see you soon in good health.

#32) Take enough rest. Rest your eyes; rest your mind; relax your body; most importantly give rest to your phone. It is so sick of you that your viral fever provides freedom. Let your mobile enjoy the freedom without you. Love you, babe. Take rest and get well soon.

#33) I guess the hospital doesn’t need you around for an extended period. So, we need you here at home. Come home soon. Wishing you a super-fast recovery.

#34) The sunrise is dull; half of the plants in our garden are not flowering correctly; birds are silently looking at your empty room; Feel better soon and come back home more quickly. Let the sunrise brightens our day; flowers bloom happily, and chirping bird lullaby makes our day sweet and colorful.

#35) I too fell sick hearing that you are sick. Yet, the world is biased. Your medical leave is sanctioned, and you got an exceptional stay in the hospital. I tried but in vain. Please reserve the bed next to you. I am coming soon. Why mosquito? Why did you infect only my friend, not me? Get fell sick together and get well together.

#36) Seeing you brightens my day. You are one of the best things happened to me in the existence of the whole life. I am unable to see you in poor health. For god sake recover soon. Sweetheart, feed my days with your warmth.

#37) I know, the viruses and bacteria’s have fallen for your charms and antics. Don’t act too smart. Get well soon.

#38) Happy to hear that your health is improving day by day. Don’t worry; it is going to be only a few more days in the hospital. Sending you the cheerfulness and warm wishes to feel better.

#39) Prayers, hope, strong will, determination and a lot of love keeps me pass these days survive where you battled with life. Happy to see you getting better! Get out of the hospital bed. Can’t wait to see you chase the adventures again. Your love.

#40) Get well soon buddy. You have so much experience and relish all those fun with me. I am waiting!

#41) The next seat in my office is empty for past week. Does it look peaceful? Oh yeah, but definitely doesn’t sound good at all. Hey my partner, come back from the hospital. Fill my next seat, and the missing tantrums too!

#42) How awesome or awful it is! I am paying the doctors to put you to sleep. Recover soon, ain’t you will make this a habit.

#43) I know you ignored me when you had those giant ice creams in the new outlet. If you have accompanied me, you would have never got a fever. Don’t forget to share your ice cream with me, for the rest of your life. Get well soon and let’s catch up at the ice-cream outlet.