Good Morning Quotes and Sayings

Wishing someone Good Morning is a sweet and straightforward gesture saying that you remember them. Who knows maybe they are waiting for your just one single text to brighten up their day? And sometimes, your texts might also bring a boost of motivation for the other person. So, share some sweet Good Morning Quotes with your loved ones and make their day.

Whom should you send?

Most of the people today wish to stay isolated. They don’t like when someone wishes them Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, etc. And in that case, if you continuously send them such messages, they might even react negatively. So, how should you identify them and what should you do?

Firstly, do not send such greetings daily. Even if the person likes such messages, it is good to do that occasionally only. Also if you wish to send them daily, share them only with your closed ones who get a bright smile seeing your message.

Secondly, you need to be careful of the people who don’t like such messages. It nowhere means that the person does not value you or love you. It merely says he gives more importance to other gestures than this. If a person does not ever reply to any of your Good Morning greetings, then it is better to give him space from such messages. For them, you can share some funny jokes or messages to lighten them up.

Good Morning Quotes

Now coming to the main point of this article. When you have someone who loves reading your texts first thing in the morning, this article will come in handy. Check out some fantastic and beautiful Good Morning Quotes and Sayings, and share some with your loved ones.

Inspirational Good Morning Quotes

  • Before you sleep, set a goal for yourself that makes you jump out of bed next day automatically.
  • When you start your day with a beautiful smile, the light will shine from within.
  • If you are thankful to God for yet another beautiful morning, you will find happiness in everything.
  • If you have something to wake up for, you will wake up fresh and smiling.
  • Many a time, people find happiness in others. Stop looking around; you will see that within yourself.
  • You will never get to live this same day again. So make every moment count.
  • Don’t keep dwelling in the past. It will never come back. Live your present and make it count.
  • Rise from your bed, and see the incredible opportunity today has given you.
  • See the sun is shining bright. God is writing another excellent day for you.
  • Feel good about yourself; people will love you. Do good to others; they will return you.
  • Did you wake up on the wrong side? Feel your heartbeat; you will get the reason to enjoy.
  • If your heartbeat is working fine, you still have a reason to live. Enjoy the day.
  • Having a sleepy morning? Think good things when you go to sleep. You will feel fresh.
  • Each day in your life might not bring you all good. But every day, there is at least a bit good happening with you.
  • Stop looking back in your life. You are never going to return there.
  • Every good morning, you are given a re-birth. Make the most out of this life.
  • Each day is your chance to correct your mistakes. Each day is a new beginning to life.
  • This morning, let your souls expand horizons, and make your hearts reach out to millions.
  • Make your every day as an opportunity to help and serve others. Who knows you might receive more than what you give.
  • Whenever you think of giving up in life, think of the reasons you help it for so long. Have a great day ahead.
  • This morning, chose to outshine others.
  • Some days in life, you just need to create your beautiful sunshine.

Some days in life

  • This world is full of beautiful things. And one of them is you. Never give up.
  • Stop thinking of shortcuts to achieve success. Wake up and work hard for it.
  • Whenever you feel down in life, change your thought process. You will feel the change in you.
  • If you believe in something, your body will make sure you achieve it.
  • While you are having a new day today, someone out there might be having their last. So be thankful to God for everything you get.
  • One day you will surely die. But till then, be thankful and work for the betterment of everyone around you.
  • Go to sleep full of satisfaction. And wake up next day full of determination.
  • Stop thinking about what can go wrong here, start thinking about what can be right.
  • When you do something incredible, and people don’t notice, don’t be sad. Just like you, even Sun makes a morning beautiful, but most of the people are asleep.
  • Never give up on the hope. Because every day, some miracle is undoubtedly happening.
  • You don’t need to be great to start. You need to start to be great.
  • Past is gone. Future is unknown. Today is a blessing. So live in today.
  • Don’t stop yourself from making mistakes. They increase your experience. And with experience, the errors will themselves decrease.
  • Start loving the life that you get to live. And live the life that you like the most.
  • When you are unhappy, life may laugh at you. When you are happy, it may smile. But when you make others happy, it SALUTES you!
  • Life always offers you second chances. They are called Tomorrow.
  • Treat every new morning as the brand new day of your life. Your life begins here.
  • Thank your past for teaching valuable lessons. Now you are prepared to face your future.
  • When you feel grumpy in the morning, go to the mirror and smile. Your smile will brighten up your day.
  • The shine of the sun is the best medicine for you. Happy Sunshine.
  • With every new morning, you get new hopes. So hope for the best.
  • When God is by your side, everything is possible. Have a great day today.
  • Even if your life is going downhill, be thankful that you still have one to improve.
  • Each morning adds a new page to your story. So write it with beautiful things.
  • A little step this morning may take you through beautiful adventures in the future.
  • Everything in this world is waiting for your beautiful smile. Open your eyes so that the flowers can bloom and sun can shine.
  • Life is just like a mirror to us. If we smile at it, it will smile back.
  • Let go of the desires that stop you from reaching success.
  • Your today decides your future, not your tomorrow.
  • If you haven’t risked anything yet, then you have endangered the most. Take a risk of being successful.
  • To enjoy life, you need to be in love. Love your life every minute to enjoy it.
  • If you are having a bad day, think positive. It will turn every bad into good.
  • Each morning is like a blank canvas. Paint it with whatever you wish to.
  • Funny Good Morning Quotes

  • My plan for today is the same. Drink a cup of tea and be sexy. What’s yours?
  • Me, EVERY morning – I definitely need some new clothes.
  • Hello. Good morning. I hope you had wonderful horror dreams last night.
  • Do you have some pleasant ideas to make them true? The first thing you need to do is Wake Up.
  • Did you have a laugh this morning? If not, you completely wasted it.
  • I so wish to smash this alarm clock that wakes me up every morning. But I can’t because it is my phone.
  • The first thing I have on my to-do list is “Wake Up.” This way I ensure that I at least complete one item every day.
  • A cup of coffee or a tea is a perfect thing to convert “Leave me alone!” to “Good Morning.”
  • Be just like a squirrel. They bury nuts and then forget where they hid them. But those nuts eventually grow up into millions of trees. So, even you do good and forget it.
  • Good Morning. The person you are trying to reach is out of the body. Please try again later.
  • You know the most fun thing you can do each morning? Don’t talk to me!
  • Never think of working before having your breakfast. If you have to do it before breakfast, then have your breakfast first.
  • Do you need a cup of coffee? A lousy morning definitely deserves a second chance.
  • If you want to be successful, you need first to learn to battle with the snooze button.
  • It is a shame on you that birds wake up much before you. So wake up your lazy head.
  • Good Morning lazyhead. May God brings a lot of productivity this day. for someone else. You can’t even get up to do something productive.
  • Get up and part your ways from your best friend. Don’t worry much. You will surely return to your bed soon.
  • As a new day starts, just remember, I am still your best friend. Oh! No need for a thank you.

As a new day starts

  • Wishing you a good morning. But I know you will read it in the afternoon. So Good Afternoon.
  • Hello Friend. Maybe someday you might become a morning person. But that day is just not here yet. Go back to sleep.
  • Good morning to you, who outshines everybody…. when it comes to sleeping. You are totally brilliant.
  • Today is the day to relax and sleep. Oh, whom am I telling? You already do that every day.
  • You are the only friend of mine who likes getting up in the morning. So have a happy morning with my friend.
  • Why is the morning here again? It feels like the moon is out only till the time I blink.
  • I wonder why I woke up early today. This is so much torture. But why to do this alone when I have you. So good morning to you too.
  • Wake up and open your mouth wide. I will just pour this cup of coffee directly into your mouth to freshen you up.
  • What is a perfect morning? Opening your eyes, roll around and go to bed again. Wishing you the same bright morning.
  • Good Morning dear friend. I know we just hung up and it is just 6 A.M right now. But still, good morning.
  • Hello. I wanted to wish my sweetest friend good morning. But he is already with me. So instead of wishing you a Good Morning.

These were the collection of some fantastic Good Morning Quotes that you can share with anybody you like. Always remember, morning is a blessing from God. So live it happily and share your joy with others. Wish you a Good Morning and a happy day ahead!