Good Night Messages for Her

The best way to impress a woman who means the whole world to you is by sending her a goodnight wish. This makes her feel special and loved. To your woman, your goodnight message says more to her than any present you may have given her during the day. Ladies love to hear from their men how special they are to them. Learn to send that goodnight text to her and spice up her night with sweet dreams. Below are some of the best goodnight night messages to send to your special lady and make her night.

#1. To my divine angel who is always my every night star, May your servant angels sing lullaby songs to you as you sleep. May they make your night to be a beautiful one.

to my divine angel who is always my every night star

#2. Every time I see moon sitting above the clouds, I gaze up in amazement, but when I think of your beauty, I believe you should be the one taking that space up there so that your beauty can shine to the entire world. Good night my love.

#3. You are like a heavenly body, a star that shines brightest in my life, as you retire to your bed tonight, remember that I care and am always thinking about you my most shining star.

#4. Though we may be apart in sleep, we are always together in the dreamland, may your night be full of beautiful dreams of us together. Till we meet tomorrow, may you have a lovely night?

#5. All I have in my mind is you beautifully dancing in front of me. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow to be with you, my queen. Good night.

#6. Without you, my bed turns out to be a lonely desert; my blankets never keep me warm anymore. Luckily, our memories together turn my bed into a beautiful place, and your dreams keep me warm. I can’t wait to be with you again my love.

#7. During the day, you inspire me, at night, you make my night less threatening. Goodnight, my queen.

#8. I know you are about to sleep but before you sleep, Just know there is a king somewhere thinking about his queen who he loves so much.

#9. Every night I always pray that I stay forever in your heart as you are in my heart. Goodnight my love.

#10. My day can’t be over without doing this one more important task of wishing my queen a lovely night.

#11. If tonight I get another chance of choosing my queen, I will accept you over and over again. You are the best gift God ever gave to me. Goodnight my love.

#12. Every night as I look up in the sky, I always see a multitude of stars shining, but none of them is brighter than you. You have always lightened my nights. Good night, my queen.

#13. Ending my day by saying I love and have a good night my queen makes me feel a complete man. May my message sooth you as you dream of me.


#14. I believe bright nights were made for you, the stars reflect your beauty, as the wind blows out any nightmare in your sleep. Sleep well princess.

#15. I have requested angels to watch over you tonight and let sweet dreams fill your night. Your king wishes you a beautiful night.

#16. My hope tonight is that we meet in dreamland so that I can kiss you and sing you a lullaby as I watch you sleep.

my hope tonight is that we meet in dreamland

#17. May guardian angels watch over you tonight; I hope that your snoring will not in any way annoy them. Goodnight babe.

#18. I spent my day with you today, and tonight you are still in my mind. I know we were meant to be together but tonight let me sleep, please.

#19. Even the long distance that separates me from my queen can’t keep me from wishing my beautiful queen a goodnight.

#20. I hope that you had a fruitful day. I’ve just checked in to wish my babe a lovely night ahead.

#21. Every night, I dream of you in my arms watching you as you sleep. I wish I could be able to step in your dreams just like the way you step into mine.

#22. No matter how hard I try to make my words sound sweet to you, they are not enough to let you know how I miss you tonight. Waiting for tomorrow will be the hardest thing I have ever done.

#23. You came into my life, and you changed me. Today am a better person because of you. The same way you came into my life, you didn’t spare my night either. That is why tonight I can’t stop thinking about my princess.

#24. Tonight I can’t imagine my life without you. You came and made my wishes come true. You turned my nightmares into heavenly dreams dominated by you. Sweet dreams princess.

#25. I kissed many frogs before I finally met you, my princess. I’ll fight and protect our love with my life. Sleep well princess.

#25. I anticipate for our first night together. The night you will stop reading my goodnight messages and start reading me. With your beauty, our nights together can only be bright.

#26. This is the time of the day when I wish you could be in my arms. May your night be filled with reflections of our bright future.

#27. Among the decisions I have ever made, loving you was the best. You loved me the way I was, and you still do. Tonight may help you sleep knowing you have a man who will forever make you happy.

#28. Am sending you a goodnight message this early because I want to go to sleep fast, so I meet you in the dreamland. Goodnight beautiful.

#29. Before you rest those beautiful eyes, those eyes that makes my heart melt every time I see you, let me wish you a good night my dear.

#30. If I was to make a wish tonight, I could wish to sleep beside my princess and tomorrow morning her kiss wakes me up.

#31. The sweetest dreams are preserved for me and you, that’s why I have been waiting for this moment so I can dream of you.

#32. Settling to have you in my dreams is not an easy thing, but the thought of one day is living with you forever makes my dreams sweets.

#33. Did you notice something about the stars tonight? Imagine they were trying to shine brightly just like you.

did you notice something about the stars tonight

#34. The scientist believes we take oxygen to survive, but I believe I take you to survive. You are my oxygen in my life. Goodnight sweetheart.

#35. The rains may come and go, the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening, but my love for my princess will never go.

#36. It took me years to find my missing rib, but when I found it, I got addicted to it. Tonight pictures of you can’t get out of my mind. Good night my night nurse.

#37. I would have loved to be your first, but maybe I didn’t manage, but tonight, I know being your last. Good night, my dear queen.

#38. Along with these messages come so many attachments. A goodnight kiss, a hug and a love note for you to brighten your night.

#39. I look lost tonight wishing you are here with me babe, but when I peep out of my window and see the stars, they remind me of you, my love.

#40. Between yesterday and tomorrow, there is tonight which I can’t let it go without wishing my sweetheart a goodnight.

#41. Our journey together has just begun, but our nights apart are about to be over. Before then, allow me to wish you a good night sleep tonight.

#42. Before I get on my bed, I walk out for night air to blow my hair. It feels like your kisses trying to wish me goodnight. Tonight I really miss you, my love.

#43. Many people measure their success by wealth in their possession; You are my wealth and my everything. Goodnight beautiful.

#44. Billions of people are preparing to sleep tonight; it’s amazing none of them flashes in my mind. You dominate my nights my queen.

#45. Without the nights, we would have never enjoyed the beauty of the stars, without you I would have never enjoyed the beauty of true love. Goodnight princess.

#46. Every time I see darkness and think of you, am filled with the hope of a bright future with you.

#47. If I am a poet, I could have written you a poem to express my feelings for you. Luckily, streams of sweet words spring in my heart every time I think of you. Goodnight my dear

#48. I just took a hot shower like a minute ago then thoughts of you filled my mind thinking how hot my dreams of you will be.

#49. Tonight I have tried to sleep, but a voice kept telling me something was not right. Sending you a goodnight message completes my day.