Good Night Messages for Him

That good night quote or text message that you send to your Mr. Right can sometimes make or break your relationship. Mostly, the messages you send to him are as a result of what you have been thinking about him. The message shows you care and you are thinking about him. Sometimes a quote can cheer him up before he goes to sleep if he had a terrible day. Sometimes your message to him prepares his mind on what to expect from you, the day the two of you will meet.

Relationship experts list poor communication skills as the most significant cause of breakups in relationships today. Sometimes, your message to him can do more good than harm. Let your text be simple and on point to minimize the risk of miscommunication. Imagine having a rough day then before you rest your head on that pillow you receiving a text. Opening it, it’s from your fiance wishing she could be near you to hold you tight and watch you sleep. The message will make your night knowing someone somewhere is thinking about you.

Let him feel important, loved and someone misses him. Below are some messages and quotes you can send to him and make his day.

#1. Hey handsome, each and every day, you have loved me unconditionally, I will do my best to show you that I really deserve your love.

#2. Sometimes I contemplate on going to see a psychiatrist for a quick checkup because the only thing in my head is you.

#3. Not one single night passes without me wishing to fall asleep in your arms, sleep just next to you and wake up beside you.

#4. If dreams really come true, I believe mine is about to become true because all that I dream is you, my love.

#5. I know in your life you have met many girls, but I don’t want to be like them. I want to be that girl that you can’t live without, that girl that will always dominate in your dreams.

#6. Every night before I go to sleep, am always thinking about you. In the morning I wake up with your picture in my mind.

#7. For me to get a good night sleep, I hug a pillow pretending it’s you am hugging. Nights without you are always not easy for me.

#8. The night seems to be too long for me but the thought of spending my day with you tomorrow makes my night less traumatizing.

#9. In my life, I’ve come across many men but not handsome as you.

#10. I always thought a prince could only be found in story books, but when I met you, I found my prince. Am always at your service my prince.

I always thought a prince could only be found in story books.

#11. Without the light, the sun won’t shine, without you, I can’t fall asleep. Where are you, my king?

#12. Tonight am happy and sad at the same time. Sad because I will have to spend my night without you, but happy knowing that you are my prince and am your princess.

#13. If I have a dream tonight, it will be about you. Dreaming of you makes me miss my bed.

#14. Armed men won’t make feel secure as when am with you. You are my all in all.

#15. Though far away, the feeling of you through the night gives my heart a rest.

#16. If today am a bird, I could have flown all the way to your bed and whisper to you, “good night my king.”

#17. The night and its silence are breaking me, the thought of you my prince keeps me strong. Sleep well, my boy.

#18. Many people advised me to stay away from you. Is that the reason you stole my heart?

#19. Dreams of you are always so sweet; they always brighten my nights.

#20. Last night, I dreamed of you holding me tightly close to you before you could kiss me I woke up. How I wish tonight the dream continues. I love you Mr. Cupid.

Last night, I dreamed of you holding me tightly close to you before you could kiss me I woke up.

#21. I only read of the gods of love in books, but one came into my life when I met you.

#22. Losing you to me is like losing part of my body, it’s like telling me to live without a heart. A lovely night for you my prince.

#23. Every night when the thought of you flashes in my mind, I end up sleeping with a smile. I wish you a happy night my king.

#24. If I am asked what a perfect night is, I would say it’s when you are the last person I see each day before I go to sleep.

#25. When you are not around, my nights turn to nightmares, but when you are around, they are always brighter than my mornings.

#26. Telling you good night doesn’t come easy for. But knowing in the morning, I’ll wake up in your arms makes it bearable.

#27. You are my brightest star in the night. The star that keeps my nights shinning with tomorrow’s hopes.

#28. Every night when the thought of you flashes in my mind, my heart ends up skipping a beat. My desire is to be with you always. Good night love.

#29. Every night when am alone, I feel like being in this world alone. Thinking of our tomorrow together makes me fight through the loneliness.

#30. Some are sleeping, some are still working through the night, but two people in the whole world can only see this message. Good night prince.

Some are sleeping, some are still working through the night

#31. Tonight, our last nights together are what is making me wait for tomorrow with a lot of enthusiasm.

#32. I miss you holding me tightly in your arms with your hands playing me my hair. Lovely night dear.

#33. To my prince charming, may you have a beautiful night and a brighter morning tomorrow. I love you.

#34. During the daytime, you are my sunshine, in the evening you are my confidant, and now during the night, you are my confession both. Let now confess my love to you my priest.

#35. One day I will not be sending you these good night messages. Instead, I will be telling you all these by myself. Before then, goodnight my prince charming.

#36. If only I can be your pillow for you to rest your head on me. If only I can be your pajamas and give you a chance to fold yourself in me.

#37. I wish I can get a chance to be your tonight’s mattress so that I can have a chance of feeling your soft body resting on me as you dream about us. Good Night my love.

#38. To my handsome love god, a lovely night is what I wish you.

#39. Before you rest your head on that pillow, may I let you know that I cherish each and every moment we share together. With love, our tomorrow can only be brighter. May that blanket gives you the warmth that I could have given you. I love you Mr. Cupid.

#40. For candles to burn, they will need light, for bulbs to light, power is necessary, but for me to have the sweet dreams, I have to hold my prince charming in arms. Sweet dreams love.

For candles to burn, they will need light, for bulbs to light

#41. Every night I go to sleep without wishing you a good night, I always have nightmares. You are my guardian angel when am in deep slumber. Good night prince charming.

#42. When the night falls, even birds know their way home, but where is my prince? I can’t wait for your homecoming day, my love. Till then, may you enjoy your night love.

#43. Every time the night falls and I can’t see you around me my heart faints, but sweet dreams keep me going. Good night my love doctor.