Good Night Messages for Wife

A beautiful way to express your affections to your wife is by sending her a sweet goodnight message. This also shows her that you do take your marriage seriously. Let those bouquets of flowers and kisses be followed by a romantic message that will make her night. Sometimes due to work commitments, you might find yourself away for a few days. Let her feel your presence through those beautiful messages, let her know though you are a distance apart, she’s still the love of your life.

Some people underestimate the impact of communication and end up ruining their marriages. A simple goodnight message to your wife might keep your wedding. Let your words make her feel young and beautiful just like your dating days. Sometimes your messages and wishes to your wife are more than the beautiful presents you buy her. Below are some of the sweet goodnight messages you can send to your wife and make her feel your presence even when far.

#1. When I was young, I used to dream of having you in my life. Now that you are mine, the dreams have intensified as I can’t have enough of you. Good night, my lovely sweetheart.

#2. Sometimes, my days at work are the worst days of my life, despite that, my nights are always the most beautiful. Your beauty and tender care make me forget my miseries. Goodnight love.

#3. Before I close my eyes at night, I always want you to be the last person I see, in the morning, I want you to be the beautiful creature I will see. The lovely night my queen.

#4. No matter the years, months and days that have passed, I can never have enough of you. You are my best friend.

#5. You came to my life and made me a dad to these beautiful angels, as you go to bed, may our guardian angels watch over you, my

#6. I always dreamt of one day being married to a beautiful, sexy woman who will always love me. Little did I know God was going to make my dream come true by bringing an angel to my life. Goodnight, my lovely lady.

#7. Summer, winter, and autumn are all seasons that will come and go, but my love for my queen will forever remain. Goodnight love.

#8. In the morning, you always look beautiful, in the evening, you always look pretty, and during the night, you look stunningly hot. You are my love goddess.

#9. Like sun during the day, you make my morning bright with your love, and like stars at night, you make my nights bright with your kisses. Sleep well, my

#10. I want to spend every night of my life with you. Watching you sleep in my arms as I play with your hair makes feel like a king.

#11. Those stars shining in the skies remind me of you my wife. They shine so brightly just like you do to my nights with your beauty.

#12. My colleagues at work keep asking me why I always love rushing home after work. I wish they know the beautiful love goddess who lives with me.

#13. I was taught addiction was wrong, but then I found you, and I got addicted to you. Now am kind of loving addiction. I love you, my

#14. Every year we spend together, it brings us closer, no matter what time may bring our way, my love for you will never change.

#15. I was just like an empty sky covered by clouds, then you came to my life, and I changed to a sky filled with beautiful stars. Goodnight love.

#16. As you enter the dreamland tonight, may you dream with your king as he will be dreaming of you? Goodnight to the most beautiful angel in my life.

#17. Your love brought life to me, your beauty changed my nightmares to beautiful dreams. Dreams of you my wife. Goodnight.

#18. In my life, I have made so many decisions which some have come back to haunt me, but marrying you was my best decision ever. Good night, my

#19. Through this message, I send you a kiss lapped with a very warm hug just for you my queen.

#20. Every night I come home bored, you always know how to cheer me up, may this message bring cheer to your night as you wait for tomorrow. Goodnight my love.

#21. Every day, I always give you my all my love, but in each new day, I find myself loving you more than yesterday. Goodnight love.

#22. With an angel like you in my life and God being on my side, I can fly to any height without growing weary. Goodnight my love

#23. Even if the sun refuses to rise tomorrow morning, I will still love you, even if stars refuse to shine in the night, my life will be complete as the brightest star in my life will be shinning. Lovely night honey.

#24. When the thought of you flashes in my mind, I can’t contain a smile on my face. The vision and our shared love give me a good night Sweet dreams honey.

#25. I know the sun is upset because it’s already missing you, but am happy that the beautiful woman in the universe will be sleeping beside me tonight.

#26. Your sweet love has charmed me that I can’t sleep without wishing my beautiful wife a goodnight.

#27. To my heart, you are that tune I can’t stop humming and medicine to my bones. The sweet night my love.

#28. Every night that being away from home, I recall your pretty face and your sexy eyes for me to have a good night. May our memories together give you a good night

#29. If the night doesn’t exist, we could have never known about the moon; if you never existed, I could have never known beautiful nights exist. Goodnight honey.

#30. As the birds go back to their nests and wild animals to their dens, may God send His guardian angels to watch over you tonight.

#31. It’s been few days since I saw you my wife and am already suffering from vitamin YOU. Have a lovely night my queen.

#32. Every night I spend away from you is always incomplete, I can’t wait to be home to my sweet wife’s embrace tomorrow. Goodnight my love.

#33. My sexy queen, you are always my number one in this world. Even during the nights, you are my number one dream.

#34. Let these hugs and kisses that I send you through this message remind you of my unconditional love for you. Tonight I really miss you, babe.

#35. As long as I have you, my nights will always be perfect. Goodnight honey.

#36. If tonight I was a poet, I could have made you a poem to soothe you as you sleep, but am a man who can write a romantic goodnight message to his love of his life.

#37. During the day, I was only thinking about you; tonight, your thoughts still dominate my mind. You charmed me with your sexy body my queen. Good night dear!.

#38. I wish I were a bird so that I can fly to where you are and give you a goodnight kiss as I watch you sleep. I can’t wait for tomorrow, my

#39. My love is only for you; my attention is only for you my queen. That’s why I can’t sleep without sending a goodnight kiss to my wife.

#40. Even though am far from you, I know you are there missing me as you wait for my return. This makes me love you more my wife. Goodnight honey pie.

#41. Your presence on my bed makes my every night special. After a busy day, your loves makes my night shine with the hope of a better tomorrow. Love you my sunshine.

#42. Tonight I blow thousands of kisses your way. I know they will make you understand how much I love you as my words have become superfluous.

#43. Even distance can’t set our hearts apart. That’s why tonight only dreaming of you am. Good night to the sweet lady.

#44. I count myself as the wealthiest man in this world, not because of the fat bank accounts I have, but because I married the most beautiful woman in the world. Goodnight babe.

#45. Happily ever after was a silly fantasy to me before I met, but I started believing in it the day I married you. Goodnight honey pie.