Top 80 Good Night Quotes

No matter how cliché it sounds, sending Day Greetings is always a great idea. They are the best way to communicate that you are remembering the other person and you care about them. And among all the kinds of greetings, the Good Night Quotes form the best of the category.

Benefits of Sending Good Night Quotes

The reason we are encouraging you to send these quotes is that they will bring an eternal smile on the other person’s face. The one who will read your messages will feel good that you are remembering them. Not just that, they will also feel encouraged to start the other day with a beautiful and peaceful smile.

Another great reason is that some encouraging and motivational good night quotes will give the other person a great night of sleep. If the quotes are sweet, all the worries will fly away, leaving a pure bliss.

How They Can Turn Into a Disadvantage

Sometimes when you get these kinds of greetings all the time, you tend to get frustrated. And hence the intention behind sending those greetings is totally lost. While it is good to send the wishes, it is always recommended to not overdo it.

One of the best possible solutions to this is to send 1 greeting per week to one of your loved ones. In this way, they will not only remember you with a smile but will also engage in a healthy conversation on the excuse of a greeting.

Have a Look to Inspirational, Wise & Funny Quotes

Below we have divided the Good Night Quotes into multiple categories like Motivational, funny, wise, and many other kinds of Good Night Wishes. Check them out and let your loved one know that you are remembering them.

You must have had a long day. Don’t forget the hardships of today will reap a better future. Sweet Dreams 🙂

you must have had a long day

Inspirational and Motivational Good Night Wishes

#1. Tomorrow is the start of your journey to your beautiful dream. So have a good sleep today.

#2. Satisfaction of life starts when your head finally hits the pillow and your mind focuses on the greatness of tomorrow.

#3. The first step to your destination starts when you decide you don’t want to stay where you are.

#4. The only time you will be inspired to make a better tomorrow is when you decide that you have to make today’s night better.

#5. If you surround yourself with negativity, you won’t be able to have a happy tomorrow. So sleep today with the thought of having a better tomorrow, free of all negativity.

#6. To have a better future, sleep with the thought of greatness. And then see, all your dreams will come true.

#7. Don’t hold onto your past. Let it go and sleep with the hope to create an inspirational future in your dreams.

#8. The tomorrow morning will bring a completely new refreshing day filled with all the happiness that you deserve. So have a great night today!

#9. No matter how sad or happy you are right now. The day is going to end and a new beginning will start tomorrow. So make the best out of it.

#10. Don’t lose yourself in the darkness of the night. A beautiful day of tomorrow is waiting for you.

#11. Go to sleep with the feeling of warmness that this world is providing you. Always remember, many others are less fortunate than you are.

#12. Before going to bed, don’t forget to let your loved ones know your feelings. It is better to express before they sleep without knowing how you feel. Have a good night.

#13. You must have had a long day. Don’t forget the hardships of today will reap a better future.

#14. If you wish, you can stay up whole night long. But then, you won’t be able to achieve what better was planned for you for tomorrow.

#15. When you will go to sleep tonight, think of every possible detail how you want your future to be. And then you will find that strength to build your dream into reality.

#16. A good night of sleep… Remember that your only responsibility right now is to recharge your batteries for a better and blissful tomorrow.

#17. Everybody needs balance in their life. And know that balance here is to match the ferocious and highly active day with the peaceful and blissful sleep at night.

#18. Dreams are the place from where you get inspiration. So let your mind rest and see a beautiful dream to embark on an even beautiful journey.

#19. Always remember, an ending is never an ending. It is the beginning of something good. Have sweet dreams.

#20. Life will always offer you a 2nd chance, and it is known as a beautiful tomorrow. So get ready to carve your own wishes tonight.

#21. As the night falls into place, let your worries fade away. Remember that you have done all that you could do in the day.

#22. Don’t lose hope if there is darkness of night around you. Don’t forget that the ray of light is soon going to come, bringing a new set of inspirations for you.

#23. You have run the whole day for your work and your family. Tonight when you will lie down, think of only calmness and revitalization.

#24. Today is going to be a history soon. Tomorrow will begin with a new hope. So get ready to welcome your new day with all the calmness possible.

#25. A good night’s sleep is a bridge made for you, to cross from despair to hope. So have a good night.

Wise Good Night Quotes

#26. Life is not about pleasing everyone. You can never do that. Life is about hurting NO ONE! Have a beautiful sleep.

#27. Stars will always shine when darkness is around. Don’t forget that. Sweet dreams.

#28. If you want to live in your dream, you need to let the sleep take over you.

#29. Sleep is the best way to meditate. So go to bed and start meditating to refresh yourself.

#30. Don’t be afraid of shadows. They only convey that the source of light is nearby.

#31. If you want to go to sleep quickly, just close your eyes and think of your perfect dreamland. You will feel the magic.

#32. Worried sick for something? Let it be. The night has fallen and your mind is drowsy. Take a good night’s rest and you will be able to give your 100% to it tomorrow.

#33. Don’t leave yourself with your thoughts when you go to sleep. They will eat you up before you begin a healthy tomorrow.

#34. Want to become successful in life? Always remember that the most successful ones know that a good sleep and rest is essential in between the heavy workouts of the brain. So start following their footsteps.

#35. If you want to change the world, start with yourself. Let the peaceful sleep take over you and begin your day with new found determination.

#. If you want to live in your dream, You need to let the sleep take over you.

if you want to live in your dreams

Funny Good Night Wishes

#36. Oh, dear sleep! We were best friends when we were younger. What happened to your friendship now?

#37. Have a good night! Do not let the bedbugs bite! No seriously, I think I saw one when I met you last time in your house.

#38. Hello!! The night is made for resting and sleeping. Not passing your time on the phone like now. So go to bed and have a sweet dream.

#39. 5 hours needed for a man, 6 for a woman. And a fool needs 8 hours of sleep. So lie down on your bed and sleep tight for 10 long hours.

#40. `1234567890-=!@#$%^&*()_+qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;’zxcvbnm,./ Thank God! All my keys are working perfectly. Now you can go to sleep.

#41. If you wish to sleep long and time does not wait for you! Just don’t worry. All you have to do is remove the batteries from your clock and sleep tight.

#42. You are the only reason I get a peaceful sleep at night. Knowing that your haunted face is miles away from me makes me get a wonderful sleep. You too sleep tight.

#43. The good people have a beautiful and peaceful sleep as compared to bad people. Oh! You are having trouble sleeping? I understand!

#44. No point in thinking about past, because you can’t change that. You also can’t control future so no use of that as well. Better kill mosquitoes in your house so that others can atleast have a beautiful sleep.

#45. Even if your bed cannot accommodate your size, don’t worry. Your dreams can always have a King size bed.

#46. Do you know the difference between a beautiful night and horror night? When you hug your teddy tight to sleep, you get a beautiful sleep. But when your teddy hugs you back, that is the most horror sleep. I hope you have a good sleep with your teddy.

#47. I just thought to tell you that you do not have to remind Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of a good night. All you have to do is SHUT UP.

#48. Kindly beware of all the cheap and duplicate dealers. I am the only authorized dealer of good night wishes for you. Have a beautiful dream.

#49. Fall on your bed and let the most beautiful person come to your dreams tonight. But don’t make this as your habit. I have to go other places also, can’t come to your dreams daily. Good night.

#50. There is something that is big and warm. Hey don’t get any ideas. I have sent you a tight hug for a good night.

 Beautiful Good Night Quotes

#51. May you have only a few sheep to count. May the sleep Santa comes quickly and closes your eyes soon.

#52. Owww! Ouuchhh! Uff! I fell off from my bad while reaching out to my phone, just to wish you a good night.

#53. Hello my dear friend. Don’t let any worries cloud your mind right now. Go to a peaceful sleep and I will be there by your side tomorrow to fight the rest of the world.

#54. Before going to sleep, don’t forget to say thanks to all those who did good to you in the last 24 hours. I am saying my share of thanks to you.

#55. The sun is upset but the moon is dancing right now. Do you know why? The sun will not be able to see you now, but the moon can look after you the whole night.

#56. If someone is wishing you good night every day, then don’t forget, you are happier than many people in this world.

#57. Dreamland is the best place to be on this earth. If you missed your sleep, you missed your dreams. So forget all your worries and visit this beautiful place.

#58. Girlfriends and boyfriends will come and go in our life. But friends always stay the same. And you are one hell of a friend. Good Night my friend.

#59. When I spend a day out with my friends, I always have a good night’s sleep. And thanks for giving another beautiful sleep tonight. Good night.

#60. Moon is glowing so bright. I pray that you achieve all your dreams in your life. Have a good night.

#61. I have sent the order to every star to look after you tonight. So don’t worry and go to sleep. You will have a beautiful dream tonight.

#62. Though I love to watch stars in the sky. But more than that, I am fascinated by the stars in your eyes. Keep shining & Good Night 🙂

Though I love to watch stars in the sky. But more than that, I am fascinated by the stars in your eyes. Keep Shining & Good Night.

I love to watch stars in the sky

Love and Missing you Good Night Wishes


#63. I wish I could be there with you to take you in my arms and hold you tight, instead of wishing this plain good night.

#64. Hold your phone very close to you. Because I want to give you a tight hug. Good night my love.

#65. Remembering you brings a peaceful smile on my face. And loving you makes me fall into a beautiful sleep. Have a good night my love.

#66. I do not wish to take any more pictures and selfies for the next 12 hours. Not because it is dark, but because you will not be with me in that photos. Have a good night.

#67. I wish I was an SMS, so that I could reach you within seconds and see your beautiful smile.

#68. The lovely wind is blowing across my face and I am feeling them like your kisses. I hope you were here with me so that I didn’t have to miss you this much. Wishing you a beautiful and lovely night my dear.

#69. Even though I love to watch stars in the sky. But more than that, I am fascinated by the stars in your eyes. Always keep shining and making my dreams bright. Have a good night.

#70. Sleep tight my love. You are the only one who has touched my heart, and now it will forever be yours. I love you.

#71. I just wish this night to never end. You are so close to me but will go away with the onset of day. I will miss you.

#72. People say that God always sprinkle blessings on earth each day. I just caught one in the form of you. Good night my love. I will miss you.

#73. I just want to melt in your arms and get lost in your dreams. I wish you were here with me. Miss you. Have a good night.

#74. It has been a long day. Sleep well my love. I will see you on the other side of the dream.

#75. Love is painful. Love is beautiful. Love is taking. Love is giving. Whatever it is, love is love. I love you, sweetheart. And will always miss you. Have a good night.

#76. I wish I was the moon so that I could watch you sleep. Good night and sweet dreams.

#77. The night feels cold when you are not with me. I am habituated to your warmth and now I am missing it. Good night.

#78. Snuggle in tight and wait for me in your dreams. Can’t wait to hold you tight and whisper sweet nothings in your ear.