Great Gifts for a Girlfriend who doesn’t want Anything

Is there anything more challenging than buying gifts for a girlfriend who doesn’t want anything? In short, no. No there isn’t. It’s the hardest thing in the world and I wish you’d just tell me what you want so I don’t ruin your day okay.

But a girlfriend who doesn’t want anything doesn’t have to be quite as stressful, not when you’re armed with these 6 killer ideas to make up for your lack of planning and her lack of gift inspiration.

Just remember, not wanting anything means the complete opposite and you’ll do just fine.

Okay, let’s get started.

1. Kool8 bottle

First off, a durable, stylish modern water bottle with an amazing price tag to go with it. You’ve smashed it, best partner ever.

You can never, I repeat never, go wrong with a great water bottle, it’s something that we all appreciate deep down. Out bottle of choice? It’s only the very best water bottle for hiking in 2019, yep, it’s the durable, stainless steel Kool 8 water bottle.

With 5 colours to choose from, you’ll be able to surprise your girlfriend with a gift she’ll not only love but be able to use every single day. There’s even a tea infuser if she’s a lover of the leaf, so she’ll be able to keep her blend of choice warm for up to 12 hours (or cold for 24 if you’re she’s a psychopath).

But you’re not only getting a gift for a partner but for those who need it most too as 20% of profits from the bottle go straight to supplying clean water and bottles to the most needing areas around the world.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Makeup & vanity mirror

Girlfriends take ages to get ready and is always complaining about the light in just about every room? Boom. You’ve got a great gift idea that you probably didn’t even know existed right off the bat.

Just about every girl wants and needs makeup and vanity mirror (one of those mirrors with lights around the edge) to make both of your lives much simpler. You can pick one up, just about any will do from Amazon (or wherever you usually shop) for under $30, just make sure it’s got the lights, it’s very important. Check out some of the best reviews with Cosmeticsarenas to choose the best one. 

Job done.


I’m a huge believer that every gift should have some element on personalisation to make it really special and what better than custom apparel with no minimum order.

At ScreenPrintThis custom apparel, you’ll get exactly that. Whether you want your face plastered all over her clothing, a cute message to read on a t-shirt or just about anything else you can think up when on the site – chances are that they’ll be able to help out.

Why not double up and make matching custom outfits? That’s an idea I’m going to steal for myself, you don’t know how much I love a custom matching outfit. But you know what, girlfriends love matching outfits even more.

The perfect gift, even if it’s just to be worn for the day.

4. Polaroid camera

Love taking countless pictures of her and her friends? You should learn to if a Polaroid camera is your choice of gift!

Jokes aside, a Polaroid camera is up there with the very best girlfriend gifts and if you have a girl that loves to capture memories and stick to being a little bit on the edgy side – it’s the perfect addition.

Depending on your level of effort and creativity, there’s a couple of routes you can go. If you’re feeling particularly arty, why not try and hunt down an original working retro camera – that is if the old school appeal is something that you’re both fans of. Otherwise, it’s probably best to stick to modern hardware with the new Polaroid selection for updated tech in the retro feel.

Also, be prepared for the line ‘oh my god it’s so cute’ approximately 12 times.

5. Unique custom starmap

I’ve already voiced my love for personalisation in gifts, but if t-shirts don’t quite cut it for you, you can opt for something a little more serious with a unique custom starmap.

The Twinkle in Time custom star map is an absolute favourite for confused partners throughout the universe, creating an effortless masterpiece of thoughtfulness for any unsuspecting girlfriend.

Choose a date and a location and Twinkle in Time will create a custom starmap, showing the pictures of the sky of the date and location chosen. Whether it’s the day you met, their birthday, your anniversary or just about any other date you can think of, you’ll be able to proudly display it on your wall with a framed poster.

Posters are a wall-filling 18” x 24” and even allow you to add a custom message to the bottom – but that’s entirely up to you – I’m only here to supply gift ideas, you can come up with the message. Sorry.

6. Pandora bracelet or charm

If you’re still struggling for ideas, you can always take the cowards way out and entrust Pandora for your gift-giving needs.

I should make it clear that Pandora is a great gift if you’re absolutely out of ideas, but lacks the creativity and meaning that a gift should show. It’s like getting a gift that says ‘I don’t really know you well enough, so I got you this standard piece of jewellery’.

Yes, you get to pick the charms, but that’s about it really. Oh, and you’ll be guilt-tripped into buying a charm every single time that there’s an occasion so she can fill up her bracelet. Before you know it, you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on a bracelet that neither of you really like but feel obliged to keep wearing and, even worse, keep adding to.

I’m not a fan of Pandora, can you tell? Please don’t fall into the trap…

Final thoughts

Last but not least, your presentation is as equally important as the gift. Go nuts with it, I’m talking themed wrapping paper, over the top gift bags, tissue paper, the works.

The more over the top, the better. Oh, and flowers, don’t forget flowers.

This article comes from Michael Reddy at Digital Authority Partners