happy birthday sister

Happy Birthday Sister

Your sister is always a special person in your life no matter the sibling’s rivalry between you. This is why when a particular person like her is celebrating her birthday, a special message from you is essential. Below are some unique birthday messages you can send her to make her feel special.

#1. You haven’t started to lose your memory; science expects you to as you grow old. Happy birthday.

#2. This year, your candles were costly than your cake. That tells me my sister is growing old! Happy birthday.

#3. How can I forget to wish my beautiful sister a warm, happy birthday wish? You are special and mean everything to me.

#4. To the most amazing sister who doubles up as my best friend, happy birthday.

#5. As you turn another page in your life, I want to be the first one to celebrate with you and send my warm, happy birthday wishes to you.

#6. Growing up with a crazy sister like you was fun except when you used to beat me up. Happy birthday, madam mad.

#7. Today as you celebrate your birthday, I want you to know that I treasure and still cherish our childhood memories. Happy birthday to my crazy sister.

#8. In the entire universe, you are the most loving, caring and kind sister I could ever ask. Happy birthday, sister.

#9. When our family asked God for a blessing, He gave us a crazy little sister. Today I celebrate that day. Wishing you many more.

#10. Am always envious of you after you took all our family’s good kooks. Happy birthday, madam beautiful.

am always envious of you after you took all our family’s good kooks

#11. Through our parents, we became siblings. On our own, we grew a bond of friendship that cannot be broken. Happy birthday to my sweet sister.

#12. When I am down, you always cheer me up. I still don’t know how you do it, but you are the coolest sister ever. May you enjoy this beautiful day that you were born to the fullest.

#13. To me, I count it as a blessing having a caring, fun, smart sister like you. May you have an unforgettable day to day as you celebrate your special day today. Happy birthday.

#14. To my beautiful, loving sister, as you celebrate your birthday today, I want you to understand that you are the most loving friend and a confidant I will ever have. Best wishes my sister.

#15. I send my heartfelt, warm wishes to you my beautiful, loving sister as you celebrate your birthday today. You are the best.

#16. If today am granted another chance to choose a friend, I will select you, my sister, over and over again. Happy birthday.

#17. I take this opportunity to wish you a beautiful chapter in your life as you celebrate your birthday today

#18. Every year as we celebrate your birthday, we don’t celebrate you grow old. Instead, we celebrate you growing in wisdom. Happy birthday my sister.

#19. To the most beautiful sister in the entire universe, happy birthday to you.

#20. In this ship of “sister ship,” you have been the best companion ever. When together, I feel like the whole world belongs to me. Happy birthday to you.

In this ship of “sister ship,” you have been the best companion ever

#21. Today, may you extraordinarily celebrate your birthday. May all your wishes come true.

#22. Like a rose flower, you make our lives beautiful. May God make your birthday today attractive.

#23. Even if one day the sun’s energy runs dry, my love for my little sister will never change. To the last day of this world, my love for you will prevail. Happy birthday.

#24. You have never given up on me no matter the situation, my crazy sister you are the best. Happy birthday to you.

#25. Among the world’s influential women, you are the best. Your positive approach to life makes tomorrow beautiful. Enjoy your birthday to the maximum, my dear.

#26. The reason I never wished to be born alone in our family is that I always wanted to have a sister like you in my life. Happy birthday to you.

#26. Every time we fought, we finished the fight as best friends. Happy birthday to my cute sister.

#27. Now that my sister has done the hardest part of growing old let me take this opportunity to take my obvious part of organizing a party. Happy birthday, girl.

#28. Though we don’t spend a lot of times talking to each other as we used to do when growing up, you are still my best friend. Happy birthday, sister.

#29. Today as we celebrate your birthday, I raise my glass to toast my cute, beautiful sister, my partner in crime.

#30. To have you as my sister, I consider myself to be the luckiest in this universe. Happy birthday dear sister.

to have you as my sister, I consider myself to be the luckiest in this universe

#31. This particular day was only made for you. May you enjoy it to the fullest. Happy birthday to you my sister.

#32. When one earring is worn without the other, it looks incomplete. That’s the same way I would look without you in my life.

#33. My sister you are not perfect, neither am I, this makes us cute sisters. Today I want to wish my imperfect cute sister a happy birthday.

#34. My childhood is full of beautiful memories because of the part that you played. Today as you celebrate your birthday, let me send you a happy birthday and a thank you note, for making my childhood beautiful.

#35. We are two different people, but as my sister, I love the way you compliment me. Today is your day so enjoy your birthday.

#36. This day makes you one more year wiser. How can we celebrate this achievement without a cocktail party?

#37. You taught me so many things when growing up, to love as well as care, but more importantly, you talk me how to celebrate. I celebrate your birthday today my sister.

#38. I have decided against not sending you makeups when celebrating your birthdays; it’s my time to accept my beautiful wrinkled sister! Happy birthday.

#39. For all the small things I have been stealing from you, your birthday gives me an opportunity to return the favor and give you a gift! Happy birthday, sister.

#40. Friends come and go, but sisters will forever stick with you no matter what. Happy birthday to my sister.

friends come and go, but sisters will forever stick with you no matter what

#41. Even in my imaginations, you are the coolest sister I Can ever have. Enjoy your birthday today.

#42. You turn my crying into laughter, in the whole universe, only my sister can do this. Happy birthday.

#43. To my beautiful, gorgeous Sister, I wish you a colorful birthday and an incredible year ahead.

#44. Superheroes are creatures in the world, so is excellent and beautiful sisters like you. Happy birthday my super sister.

#45. You touch my heart in a way only a sister can, may my warm birthday wish touch you the only I can.

#46. You have been my teacher, my therapist, my advocate, my partner in crime but most of all; you have been my sister. Happy birthday to you.

#47. Whoever finds a beautiful sister like you finds a good thing and obtains favor from God. Happy birthday. Glad to have a sister like you.

#48. May your birthday today bring you endless happiness and memories to be treasured for years to come. Happy birthday my sister.

#49. Every time I see the list of the wealthiest people in the world, I fail to understand how they get it wrong each year. I believe having a sister like you makes me the wealthiest person in the world. Enjoy your birthday today.

#50. Though we are different as day and night, you remain to be the best sister I can ever dream of. Happy birthday, sister.

#51. To my hero who happens to be my sister, am thankful to have you in my life. Happy birthday to you.

#52. I have seen you grow up to become a beautiful, wonderful girl. May you grow to achieve your personal goals. Happy birthday lovely sis.

#53. To the heart, a sister is like a gift and a friend to the soul. It’s a blessing to have you as my friend and sister. Happy birthday.

#54. As you grow old, the less you tend to annoy me. Am so glad today is your birthday, so the less annoying you have become. Happy birthday pretty girl.

#55. My little sister is growing into a beautiful, beautiful woman. In my heart, you’ll always have a place. Happy birthday.