Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend

Real friends are one of the hardest things to find. A true diamond if you get them don’t lose them in any way. Most trusted person is your true friendship that proves to be the best diamond to whom you can blindly trust. You can be yourself the way you are without pretending to be the one you are not. Your joys, sorrows, laughter, sadness, innocence each and every aspect matters the most to your friends who want to see you smiling always. Getting a true friend for years and years is a blessing that you can ever have. The one with whom you share your deep thoughts with and not getting afraid of being judged. Such kind of friends are truly precious stones in every person’s life. We shouldn’t let go of such friends as they are the one who knows deep confidential secrets though. On your day, here I’m with pleasure to greet you with some unforgettable wishes and surprises.

#1) Hey buddy! Wishing you an auspicious day, again a year you are getting older than me. Still you are the best person of life. Happy birthday to my buddy.

#2) You are the best ever classmate and a fellow person I met in my life and don’t know when we came so close to celebrate our birthdays together. Wishing you a birthday blast classmate.

#3) To my dark nights you are the cherry blossom of my brightness. Being there on your birthday makes me feel I’m living my best life. Happy birthday best friend.

#4) My booming sunrays entered in my life in a phase of a friend which further became one of my best companion and my best friend to whom I don’t want to lose ever. Happy birthday, companion.

#5) You have become my family when I was all alone in this unknown place. You are a true blessing to my loneliness and here I feel obliged to celebrate your birthday in my way. Happy birthday friend.

#6) When I forget to love myself and lost my path of hopes, you are my shadow who loves me in every possible way without letting me break. You have created that hopes for me to live. Here I thank you for everything and a happy birthday to you my soul partner.

#7) Hey my partner in crime, today I want to embrace your happiness to the end point of your laughter by keeping you smiling the way you are. Happy birthday, amigo. Stay blessed.

#8) Though we are far yet so close and this is how we set up a remarkable theory of our renowned grown friendship. Happy birthday my cool girl. May God bless you and enjoy your day.

#9) Today on your birthday I’m a bit sentimental to get a well-wisher like you in my life. I never thought of being with you and get a guy like you who has always been supportive to me. Cheers to my bestie. Happy birthday my guy. Wish you all the happiness in life. God bless.

#10) A bonding which we both shared is an unending way of maintaining friendship. I loved you the way you are because that’s the real you. Happy birthday my best bond. Cheers! Have a great birthday.

#11) Every girl needs a guy best friend with whom she can be comfortable sharing each and every silly stuff and be the way she is without being judged. That’s the reason I want you as my best friend without bothering that you are a guy. Happy birthday my silly boy. Let’s celebrate and cheers together.

#12) You are the most treasured jewellery of my life and without you I’m incomplete. I don’t want you to leave me in any way. Have a blessed birthday. Part hard my bestie.

#13) It’s a pride moment for me when you actually conquered your goal for which you had worked hard and made day and night possible. I’m a proud friend of a proud moment wishing you all the happiness and good luck for your further journey. Happy birthday, friend.

#14) Yes it is true that making thousands of friends in a year is not much impressive rather making one friend for your thousands moment is the best thing. Happiest birthday to my wonderful friend.

#15) You are the most special and beautiful person by soul I am really blessed to have. I pray for you all the love and peace you deserve in life. Have a wonderful blast on your birthday my dear friend.

#16) I still remember our college days when you have almost taken all the risks to save me from professors. I’m thankful to you for completing my notes and every small thing that you did for me. On your birthday my special wishes to make your daylight. Have amazing birthday. God bless.

#17) You are the most adorable and pure-hearted soul entered in my life to make it more lively. To the love of my life and my best person, my best man. Have a dazzling birthday bash, birthday boy.

#18) You are my dream catcher to whom I chase almost to be with me, and I assure I’ll conquer you one fine day. I miss you each and every moment. Wishing a very happy birthday to my lovely friend.

#19) On your birthday instead of me surprising you, you have already surprised me with your presence of enlightening moment in my life. You are the best friend god gifted me with a return gift.

#20) Our partnership is a spectacular relation until our last breath. I can’t think my life to be without you. I wish you a beautiful birthday my partner. May God shower his blessings upon you.

#21) A real essence of friendship is sacrificing for each other in every possible manner and to be with each other. You have been high from all this, and that’s where we are here as friends forever. Lavish life ahead with your birthday. Party hard.

#22) Cheers to one of the most mind-blowing, adventurous and thrilling people in my life. You are the most dedicated friend I have ever seen. Happy birthday to the most exciting person and most lively person.

#23) One in a million friend is what I found in you with a pure soul. I can give my everything just to be with you on your birthday. Let’s celebrate it and rock it. It’s your birthday man.

#24) Friends are the true motivation and inspiration in each one’s life. But having you as my motivator created a lot of changes in my self-being. Happy birthday my motivator, my friend.

#25) Getting aspired with the way you are carrying your life and proving the best of your life is the most adorable thing I ever noticed in you. So it’s your day today let’s enjoy it and make it together to party hard. Happy party day.

#26) No matter what I do, I always know that I have you at my back to support me always at my low and high. Cuddling with my best friend with all the sweetness in your life. Happy birthday my sweet.

#27) You had accepted me in my bad days, and now you are the part itself on my good days. You deserve to be the true friend with a good medal. Have a happening birthday my angel.

#28) Me being an imperfect person, you had accepted my imperfections by making it perfect. This is what a best friend does. I love you always. Stay happy. Happiest birthday to the core.

#29) You are the most diligent and responsible human personality I came across. From strangers to friends and from friends we became best friends. And this is how our journey begins an unending journey of life. Happy birthday my hardworking and strong friend.

#30) To my crazy bestie and my forever love, here are your surprise gifts. Sorry I’m not there on your birthday but it’s impossible to forget such a special day. Enjoy your day my baby, letme come and will part hard till then enjoy.

#31) Best friend is someone who will insult you, abuse you, laugh on you but if anyone does this to you he will be the one to break those heads who did wrong to you. Because that right is of your best friend. Hey dear wishing you a hilarious birthday bash this year.