Happy Birthday Wishes for Her

Making your birthdays unique is what I always want to do for you. Even if I’m gifting you some gifts, there’s always a strong point in wishing you through some treasured wishes. Wishes are one of the most influential parts of birthday celebrations. One of the best lady entered in my life was you who made me realize the importance of love. You made me believe the true essence of love which is very much essential to begin every love stories. Our story is the best ones to make you feel extraordinary on your every birthday by making it different from the previous years. You are the most adorable women in my life to make it a previous shining stone by enlightening it with the hope of love. You made me trust on love and the feelings expressed through love. I’m obliged to have a girl like you in my life and to be with you is what I’m looking forward to our life. So here are some wishes to make your girlfriend feel special about her birthday. Also to make her believe that someone is there always to make your birthday celebration remarkable.

#1) I wish you all the happiness and blessings that you deserve to conquer the opportunities around you. I’ll always be there for you in every situation you need me. Happy birthday, dear. God bless.

#2) Grabbing this opportunity to express my feelings into words is going to be a most difficult part but yet I want to say that you are the best thing happened to me in my life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

#3) Hoping your dreams and desires to achieve your goals at a high level to gain success is the best wishes from my side on your birthday. Happy birthday my lucky one. Have a blast on your birthday.

#4) Dear Love, I wish you all the cheerfulness and enjoyment for your birthday, and I promise to make it a memorable one. Hugs and kisses to my love. Happiest birthday my love.

#5) You have given a clear perception to see my life from your point of view, and that’s how it became a wonderful thing to have you in my life as my soulmate. Happy birthday my soulmate.

#6) The day you came into my life is the day my life has changed, and it became colorful in all aspects. I don’t want you to go away from my life. Happy birthday my sunshine.

#7) Having you as my forever life partner is the best wish come true. I wish you all the best for you best day today and let’s make the celebration rocking together on our lifetime togetherness. Happy birthday my partner. Stay blessed!

#8) I’m thankful to God for creating such an amazing person as my life partner, my best friend and my love forever. I wish you all the best throughout the life ahead. Happy birthday my lady love.

#9) I hope all your desired and wishes come true this birthday. I wish for your betterment every passing day and may you achieve colorful life ahead. Happy birthday, sweetie. God bless you.

#10) It’s my day to celebrate your birthday in a special way as we have decided to be there on each other’s birthday together every year like this. Have a wonderful day ahead.

#11) I wish you luck and achievement for your rest of the life. May all your dreams come true whatever your heart desires. Happiest ever birthday to my well-versed lady love.

#12) OMG! today is your birthday my darling. Again a year and we had done it to be together. Many more years to go my love. Happy birthday my darling. Let’s party hard.

#13) I feel privileged to have you as my motivational love in my life. You gave me a reason to feel motivated and relived my life again. Thank you and wish you a very happy birthday my girl.

#14) I assure that you will never forget your this birthday. I promise to make your day remembered and make you feel loved on your birthday. Happy birthday my babes. May God shower his blessings upon you.

#15) Yes I love you a lot from the bottom of my heart, and this is what I wanted to say you on this birthday. I never thought of caring and loving you so much, but my heart gave you and wanted to be all yours. Happy birthday, sweets.

#16) You are my universe and my daily sunshine to make me feel wonderful about my life. It’s our special day as it’s your birthday today. We will make it a previous one to remember always. Have an amazing day my sunshine. Enjoy it to the fullest.

#17) I can proudly say that I’m the richest man on this earth because I found my loving angel smiling who born this day. Happy birthday my angel love.

#18) I’m proud to have you in my life as my girl. It’s a pride of dignity and life’s biggest happiness of my life. You make me feel special. Happy birthday for coming into my life my love.

#19) My heart melts away with joy whenever I see you smiling. It brings a joy of happiness in my life to see you smiling and even happier when I’m the reason behind your smile. Happy birthday my smiley. Have a blissful day.

#20) Even though I know I can’t express my feelings wholeheartedly, but my eyes speak it all about how much I love you and care for you every single day. Happy birthday my sweet.

#21) I may not be there with you for today but leaving you with all the dear ones, family and friends around you. Make your day a memorable day. I miss you. Happy birthday, baby.

#22) I want to remind you that there is always someone who cares about your happiness and never want to lose you in any way. I love you. Happy birthday, dear.

#23) I got a girl with beauty and brains. This is the most adorable pair I got in life which is totally you. You are the most prettiest person by heart and beauty. Happy birthday my pretty girl.

#24) May all the success and wisdom touch your feet. I hope all your desired come true to your happiness. Happy birthday my lovely girlfriend.

#25) You are the happy go lucky girl I have ever seen. I’m blessed to have a charming and delightful girl filled with happiness and positivity. Happy birthday my charming lady.

#26) I wish you health and wealth throughout the life to keep you strong and fit. May all your life dreams come true and proper. Happy birthday my lover.

#27) You are a one in a million girl of my dreams which I always desire to have. You are the fabulous person of my life. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and special girl of my life.

#28) It was a precious essence of the moment which made my heart felt for you. Every time I wish to have you as my girlfriend in every life. Have a many many happy returns of the day.

#29) I can’t take my eyes off you. I want to blink my eyes, but it can’t be ignored, and I want to dedicate you the most special birthday gifts. Happy birthday my fab.

#30) You are the most sweetest melody to my lyrics of the song. I want this sweetness to remain in my life, and our relation gets stronger day by day. Happiest birthday my melody.

#31) You are the most real person, and the innocence which you carry inside yourself is the most trusted part of our relation. Be the way you are always. Happy birthday my kiddish girl.

#32) It is great to fall for you every time I see you. I love being with you because you are just the way you are. I wish to spend my whole life with you. Happy birthday my beautiful star. God bless!

#33) It’s said that birthdays make us one more year elder. But still, I want to be loved by you every year and spend our birthdays together the same way even if we get old. Let’s celebrate. Happy birthday to my heartbeat and may God bless his shower of happiness and peace upon you.

#34) All the mixed feelings and love songs starts singing my heart aloud for you. You make me feel your presence in every moment we spent together. Happy birthday my tough lady. Stay blessed as always.

#35) You are my twinkling stars and rising sun controlling my day and night. I want to be like this all my life. Pull me closer with a promise to never leave me alone and the same I promise to be with you forever. Happiest wonderful birthday my darling.