Happy Birthday Wishes for Dear Ones

Birthday is one of the very few occasions when a person wishes and deserves to be happy throughout the day. And in such a case, if there is any way by which you can add to his/her happiness, then there is nothing better than that. So here, we bring you some of the beautiful happy birthdays wishes that you can use to make someone’s day.

If you can dedicate a Happy Birthday song, then that would be the best. But if not, then some beautiful messages will do your work. No doubt saying “Happy Birthday” also does the job, but some play with words becomes necessary to bring a smile. But most importantly, you need to stay genuine in whatever you say.

Why Wish?

Birthday comes once a year. And while your loved one becomes one more year older, you would want to make their day extra special and memorable. Even the other person also hopes for some special treatment. No wonder how many times a year you tell them how you feel about them, but stating the same difference on birthday becomes essential. This day is significant for many people. So even you should take some extra care when you decide to make their day memorable. And just remember, words can make a huge difference.

Sending birthday wishes seem to have become a norm these days. Everyone is looking out for some suitable and good text messages to send to their loved ones. Now, these can be in the form of social media statuses, Whatsapp messages, cards, emails, or many other ways. The sole purpose is to make the other one feel special and to let them know that you remember them.

Whatever kind of birthday celebration is going to happen, it is good to give a Happy Birthday Card along. And many times, people are unable to find a suitable wish among hoards of wishes available on the internet. If this is the case with you also, then don’t worry. We have made your task very easy.

Here you will find some great Happy Birthday wishes and quotes divided into various categories. They will make an excellent addition to your birthday cards or messages. You can choose any of the one based on how you want to communicate your wish and make your loved one’s day brighter.

Some Blessing Birthday Wishes

Sometimes, all a person wishes are for some blessings in his life. Here are some beautiful birthday greetings that will make them feel special and blessed.

#1. May each path in your life lead you to success. May God bless you with lots of happiness. Happy Birthday.

#2. Wish you a very happy birthday. May all your wishes come true on this particular day. God Bless You.

#3. I won’t ask God to fill your life with happiness alone. Because some sadness is necessary to appreciate happiness. But I will pray God gives you strength to come out of ever problem victoriously. Happy Birthday, Dear. May God forever be with you.

#4. May all the happiness that you have given in the past, comes back to you on this special day. Happy Birthday.

#5. You are a gift to us. I wish your life is also filled with millions of gifts. Happy Birthday.

you are a gift to us


#6. Sending you lots of smiles and happiness for your special day. Wish you a very happy birthday.

#7. May your birthday brings you lots of happy surprises and may you get lots of gifts. Party hard my boy/girl. Happy Birthday.

#8. May you get all that you have dreamt of. And may you go beyond people’s expectations and make impossible happen. Wish you a very happy birthday.

#9. On this special day of yours, I pray God gives you strength to make your parents feel proud of you. May you touch the sky and make a big name of yours. Happy Birthday.

#10. I have sent lots of angels for you on this special day. They are on their way, from me to say, a happy birthday.

Inspirational & Motivational Birthday Wishes

One more year has come to an end. So it is time to give them some boost regarding the rest of the life remaining. Here are some amazing motivational happy birthday wishes that you would like to dedicate to your family and friends.

#11. One year has passed. Another adventurous year is awaiting you. Gear up for a great ride coming ahead. Wish you a very happy birthday.

#12. It’s your day, be happy. You have been brought on this earth to be an inspiration to many people. Happy Birthday.

#13. This day marks your start of another powerful endeavor. So bring the courage and start moving towards achieving new goals in life. Have a great start!

#14. The year has ended, and so has your past. Happy or sad, forget the past and prepare to receive a bright future waiting ahead. Wish you a very happy birthday and an amazing year.

#15. This day is God’s way of saying Get Set Go towards a bright future filled with happiness and love. So stay motivated, and wish you Happy Birthday.

#16. Congratulations for going through one more learning of life. Whatever you learnt, keep the lessons with you forever in the life. They will make your future chapters easy. Happy Birthday.

Funny Birthday Quotes

If you are looking for a greeting that will make the other person roll on the floor, then this is your go-to category. Having some fun is a must in any celebration. And when this fun makes other person’s day, then what is better than that, right? Below are some amusing Birthday Quotes that will bring a laugh to your loved one’s face. 😀

#17. Wherever you go, heads start turning. Finally, you got an official day to entertain people. Happy Birthday, My Monkey.

#18. Wish you a very happy birthday. May your Facebook and WhatsApp be filled with greetings from people you have never talked to!

#19. Ah! You have started aging now. One more year has made you closer to looking old. Hope you get old before me. Happy Birthday, Oldie.

#20. Forget the past; you cannot change it. Forget the future, since you don’t know it. And, forget the present, because I haven’t brought you one! I have a birthday wish, so remember that only. Happy Birthday.

#21. Since you are turning old now, remember 3 Golden rules of life. First, you will start forgetting things and won’t remember half of them. Second and third, I have forgotten!

#22. I thought of bringing you the cutest gift in the world adequately wrapped up. But then I remembered how I would pack myself. So sending you just the greetings from the cutest person, i.e., me. Happy Birthday, dearo…

#23. It’s strange how time runs so fast. We have grown up doing stupid and small crazy things. It’s time to put a full stop to that now. Because now my friend is the time to begin bigger stupid things. Happy birthday to my craziest companion.

#24. You have been a monkey throughout your life. I wish you look pretty at least today. Can’t wait for more to see you all decked up with a beautiful cake on your face. Happy Birthday.

Emotional Birthday Greetings

In case you are looking for some heartwarming greetings that might make the birthday boy or girl cry out, here is your list. If a person cries, as well as smiles, then be proud because you have done an excellent job. Happiness with tears is the best thing a person can ever face. These emotional birthday wishes will give the person an actual measure of your feelings for him/her.

#27. You have always made my every moment special. And it is time when I return a bit of that favor. You are very special to me, and I am grateful to your mother for this day. Happy Birthday.

#28. I may not be by your side when you celebrate this special day. But just remember, you will always be in my thoughts and blessings every single day. Wish you a Happy Birthday.

#29. Some years ago, a beautiful angel was sent to this earth to color the lives of many people. And that truly happened. Wishing you a fun-filled birthday my angel.

Happy Birthday Wishes

#30. I am lucky for this day that you came on this earth. I got a very special friend/partner in you that no one could ever match. You are the best in whatever you do. God bless you and Happy Birthday sweetheart.

#31. You are the priceless possession I got today many years back. And your birthday is the perfect chance for me to express my happiness. I am truly grateful that you are a part of my life. Happy Birthday.

#32. I have been through many ups and downs in my life. But the best part is that you have been a constant support on my side. I am glad to have you as a part of my life. Be the same forever. Happy Birthday.

#33. If I had the power to gift you anything in this world, I would gift you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. You would understand the depth of my love towards you. Wish you a very happy birthday love.

#34. You taught me the true meaning of friendship. And now, I promise to have your back at every single moment of this life. Love you my friend. Happy birthday.