How to Plan an Escape Room Design?

Most of the people love to play escape room games to take a break from their monotonous routine. They try their level best to book an escape room and arrange other people to play escape games. However, instead of booking escape rooms, players can design their own. All you need to take into consideration is the creation of interesting stores consisting of puzzles for players to enjoy and have fun in a team. There are several ways to design an escape room as one could create the design of the room in numerous ways. In this post, we have discussed the basic elements which one needs to take into account while planning to design an escape room.

Creating an Outline

The first step in planning to design an escape room is to choose a spacy room for players to enjoy their games. One can combine two rooms with a common door to create a big space for players to play. The next thing which you need to ensure is the choice of an interesting story and the use of appropriate theme for escape room games. After completing the setting of a room, you need to choose the right theme for it. It would be a better option if you choose a theme with a movie or a book which your friends already know.

Picking a Storyline

All the popular escape rooms available in the world have an interesting storyline to create an atmosphere of fun for people to enjoy. It is of utmost importance to choose the storyline after taking into consideration the theme of escape game. You need to make sure that all the participants of an escape room game find the storyline interesting. There must be some purpose of the storyline to drive players to engage in it wholly.

Creating Challenges

Creating challenges requires a lot of creativity as this element of escape game would play a crucial role in deciding the fun factor in an escape room game. Various escape room games organizers give special importance to this part. And it is the challenges which play a crucial role in team building for a particular escape room game.