I Love You Mom

If we talk about good parenting, then, of course, both mother and father are equally important. But still, a battle of discussion arises often among people, who is better? Who cares better? The tasks and responsibility of both the parents are however varied but are needed for the betterment of their children.

When you ask anyone whom they are more closed to in both of the parents, then most of us will say that they are very much closed to mother. The reason behind it that fathers are more strict and mothers are more soft-hearted. Mother itself is word correlated with love, care, and affection.

Moms are in fact are stepping stones of their children, they are the first friend, first teacher and first love of every child. The first name in child’s mind and heart is the mom when he/she feel the absolute need of caring and sharing. Whether we are in the age of infants, moody teens, and adulthood or even in golden ages, the mother is the only person we can’t replace in our whole life.

Since both, the parents are equal mates for their child. They both share similar responsibility, love, and care but with different shades. To opt for one above another is quite challenging yet, we can say solely that both mothers and fathers are two sides of the same coin. Greeting your parents, never need an occasion or specific day to wish them how much love them. But here today we have listed few giggly text messages and quotes to tell your mom how much you love her, how prior is she in your life.

Let’s scroll below and look for love quotes for mom and show you’re her that she will be forever locked there in your heart.

#1. You are the only medicine to cure my pains and sorrows whole life. I Adore You, My Mother.

you are the only medicine to cure my pains and sorrows whole life

#2. You sacrifice all your happiness to see my giggly smile. You slept hungry to guzzle my tummy, your struggle in my blooming teens was nurturing my fate. Now I promise you to be with you forever. I Love You Mother. You Are My God.

#3. Complaining about little things, crying for pity things in my teens was the most significant issue for me. But today I realize those small issues were precisely important for you as my forever caretaker. On behalf of my stupid childhood deed, I want to tell you that, I still need you mom to complain more to cry more. Love You, Mom!

#4. You fought for my rights, but I often argued with you, you were calm in your motherly mood. I screamed I shout; I found your eyes filled with proud. I didn’t do anything special, yet you gave me endless minutes with meanings. Today, I am reciprocating the roles. Mom, you are my true ideal. I Love You So Very Much!

#5. With all your sacrifices I greet a great stand my life. I hold a strong position in this world. I want to thank you because you are the only reason that turns my failure into achievement. I am proud to say, my mother’s deeds and faith are the best nourishment for my success. I Love You, My Dear Mother, thanks for making me a gentle person.

#6. Hey! Mom, you are my superwomen, you saved me from my dark side. You beamed me with your care. I want to promise you I will be there with you the way was near to me. I Love You!

#7. Dear Mom, You are like the shadow, who always follows me in my darkness. Nobody can ever shuffle your position in my heart. Mother, I Love You.

#8. If a reciprocate the word, “MOM,” it’s “WOW,” and my dear mother you are really a lifetime WOW which holds many qualities. You are amazingly amazing. Love You My WOW!

#9. Mummy, you cook really yummy dishes. My giggly guzzle is just because of you. You are a marvelous cook. Love You, My Favorite Chef, Ever!

#10. While thinking and writing about you, my vocab fails and eyes melt. But I really want to thank you for your unconditional love. You are my biggest motivation. I Love You, Dear Mother!

#11. You are stronger; you are beautiful, you fly with wings for care and share. Thank You Mom, I Love You!

#12. The more I grow, the more I realize, my mother is my not only best friend but is also my guiding light. Love You My Guide.

#13. Mothers are not only helping hands, ear to listen but also a shoulder to cry. For all mothers tribute from a child. Love to All Mothers.

mothers are not only helping hands,

#14. When I was not sensed to dressing correctly, I argued with you for fashion trends. When I was unaware of life’s failures, I achieved a argue with you. I made many mistakes in my childhood that were precisely more stupid in my innocence. I know I hurt you often with my tone, but now I want to say sorry. Your childish child loves you lot.

#15. Dear Mom, You are the fearless women, a lady with heroic qualities. You are my wonder woman who always inspired me. Thanks for being that powerful.

#16. Mothers are the foundation for every child, who teach them to reach their dreams. Thank You for encouraging us more. Love You Mothers.

#17. Hey, Mother, you are the skyscraper, you are the architect and the foundation of my great heights.  Your love and care prosper my life in the right direction. You are the great mom, and I Love You!

#18. I love you, mummy! If you ask for a specific reason, then I don’t have because of your zeal and zest as you are best. I Love You Mother!

#19.  The world is too fake to understand, but my mom is my best companion to make this world understand. You Are My World Mother!

#20. You are my mother; You are my bestie, you are my favorite zesty. Thanks for everything mother. Your love is selfless. Love You, My Lovely mother!

#21. Tribute to Great Human- you are warm, you are the charm, you’re my sugar, and you are my caring figure. I Love you my dearest Mother.

#22. People look for wonders in the world; I look for my motherly world. You are the warmest place to secure my world.  Love You, My Mother!

#23. I am the luckiest person on this planet earth because I have the most excellent companion for my whole life as my mother. I Love You Mom.

#24. No matter how old I am, I just need you mom, by my side forever. You are my forever friend. Love You Mom.

#25. Hey! Mom, you are my living statue of perfection. I Love You My Superwomen!

#26. Mothers are living legends in the world, without them world won’t lead a single day. Love and Respect to you dear mother I love you so much.

mothers are living legends in the world

#27. My Mom is God; Her deeds are best greets for success, her hug is heaven, her smile is my zeal, her lap is my heal. I love You, My Dearest Mom!

#28. You are the first lady who stole my heart. You are the reason for my success part. I Love You Mother So Much!

#29. Nobody can devote her life like mothers do for their child. Love You Mom, You are my true inspiration!

#30. No language, No word, No expression is enough to say how much I Love You my beautiful mother and nothing can ever change that.

With such beautiful quotes and messages thanks her to shower her love and care every second on you. Promise her that you will be there by her side always in her golden growing age. Cherish her, adore her with the warmth of your presence via such emotional quotes because she is the reason for your happiness, now you are the reason for her pride.  Sharing your cute memories from childhood to adulthood are the part of mother’s smile always. She is only one indeed knows your pains weakness and sorrows more deeply than father. And with these heart melting moments your simple quote will giggle her dimples, and eyes with emotions.