Romantic Love You Wishes, Quotes & Text Messages for Wife

Love Messages for Wife

There is nothing beautiful like two souls vowing to love each other for the rest of their lives in front of their family and friends. Cheers and laughter can be heard, people celebrating with the couple the new milestone in their lives. After the celebrations as a man, it dawns on you keeping the vows is always not easy as making them. This is because sometimes it requires you to make sacrifices just to make your wife happy.

One of the ways to keep your wife happy is by sending her love messages at the least time she expects them. Even if you had a fight with your wife, a simple love message can change everything and soften her heart. “I love you” is a simple phrase that is known to work magic in relationships. The love that you showered her with you courted her should be the one to sustain your marriage.

If your wife means so much to you, then you must let her know it with a lovely message to make her feel appreciated. For women, hearing beautiful words from their husbands makes more impact in their lives than many presents given. Let her feel your love for her even when not together. Some lovely love messages you can send to your wife are sampled below.

#1) It’s been decades now from the first day I saw you, in those years, my love for you has grown stronger as I can’t live without you.

#2) Words can’t be enough for me to express my sincere love for you, my wife. You are the best present that I have ever received in my entire life.

#3) If being asked to choose the best present, I would want in this life; I will pass the offer because  I already have the best gift I can ever want. You are that present babe.

#4) Even when we are miles apart, you remain forever in my heart. I love you, dear.

#5) I saw you when you were a little girl and all I ever dreamed of all those years is the day you’ll become mine. Now that I have you, I promise to love and take good care of you for the rest of my life.

#6) Your beauty possesses magical power that makes my life empty without you. That’s why I have to send this message imagining am talking with you directly.

#7) I can’t promise you many things in this world because I might never give them to you, but one thing I promise you is my love.

#8) Many things in this life keep on changing, but I know one thing that will never change in this world, “my love for you.” I love you, babe.

#9) I may fail to write a romantic poem for you, but I will never cease to remind you of my forever love for you my queen.

#10) Every single day in my life has been magical and unforgettable. I made the right choice for a wife.

#11) I have become addicted to you that every time we are not together. I  am always thinking about my honey pie. I love you.

#12) You came to my life and changed me to be the man I am today. Thank you, babe, for your love.

#13) It wasn’t easy to love a man like me, but regardless of my shortcomings, you loved me. Forever I promise to love you.

#14) When am at my lowest, you always lift my spirit; you are my sunshine in the day and my guide star during the night.

#15) Without your love, I don’t think I can survive this harsh world. Your love is what makes my day less threatening. I love you, sweetie.

#16) You are like a tsunami that came and swept my heart away. Anyway, as long as it’s you who has it, I know it is safe.

#17) A kiss in the morning from you makes me start my day with energy, a kiss in the night makes me sleep like a kid.

#18) Your smile is so contagious that seeing your smile in the morning keeps my serious face with a smile all day. I love you, baby.

#19) Your morning prayer for me in the morning makes my day successful; I love you for always making my day.

#20) You are not the young girl I fell in love many years ago, but you’re the love of my life. Even in our old age, I will forever love you.

#21) When my heart tells me it can’t be done, you are always there to show me how it is possible. You are my loving angel.

#22) There are men out there hunting for treasures; I stop searching for mine the day I met you. You are a precious treasure in my life.

#23) My wish today will be straightforward, spending my entire life with my lovely, beautiful wife. You are the best.

#24) I consider myself the luckiest man who ever lived, not because of earthly possessions, but because of having a smart, beautiful wife like you. I love you, honey.

#25) How I wish even after this life, we’ll meet and live together eternally. I love you, dear.

#26) Today am a proud dad of beautiful because you made me one, your love completes my life.

#27) Whoever said angels don’t live on earth I think made a mistake; I live with one in my house. I love you, sweetie.

#28) For me to be who I’m today, a beautiful woman worked tirelessly with me until she saw me succeed. Am blessed to have a smart woman like you as my wife.

#29) Before you came in my life, I used to be alone; now I have you. I can not even imagine living without you. You are my life.

#30) The feeling of you is sleeping beside me and in the morning waking up to a beautiful smile makes me miss you, my angel. You complete me.

#31) Your presence in my life reminds me how God loves me, giving me one of His angels to me as my wife. I really count myself a lucky man.

#32) When I felt it’s time for me to get a wife, I asked God for one, instead of giving me a wife, He gave me an angel. I love my angel.

#33) You don’t need to study rocket science to understand I can’t live away from my beautiful angel. Spending a night away from you is like committing a crime.

#34) When am in trouble, I always hide in the safest place I can ever find, “your heart.” I thank God for giving me a wife with a big heart like yours.

#35) As a young man, I bought several girls to my parents. Among all those girls, only one girl got my parents approval, and that is you. You are just lovable.

#36) If the only way to live with you was to be your servant, then I am more than willing to do that. Better I am your servant than a prisoner in an empty world with you.

#37) You came in my life and brought a new song in my life, a song that can only be sung by only those who understand the word Love as I do.

#38) Just like a rose flower, you make my life so beautiful for everyone to notice. I am the only body you are my soul.

#39) When we were courting, I was willing to take any risk just to have you as my girl; today I feel vindicated I made the right choice.

#40) You are the only woman who transformed me from a boy to a man. What many thoughts were impossible you came and made them possible for me.

#41) A day spent with you is better than a thousand years spent with the wrong person. Am happy I married the right woman for me.

#42) Before I met you, my relationship status was always complicated, but when you came to my life, my status changed to forever taken by the most beautiful angel on earth.

#43) Every time I stand accused, you are my number one defender when other people boo me. I love you, sweetie.

#44) The day I made you my choice for a wife, my parents cheered me for making the right decision in my life, from that day on I’ve never looked back. Love you so much, my lovely lady.

#45) Am not that kind of a guy who is a coward, but the thought of losing you makes me tremble.

#46) You came to my life when I had given up on everything, am the fighter I am today because you revived my spirit again. Today I have everything to fight for with you in my life.

#47) Many years ago, you looked like a dream that will never be happy to me, how we ended up together I still don’t know, and if it’s a dream, then I don’t want to wake up.

#48) When growing up, I wanted and prayed to find a woman I will live with for the rest of my life; God gave me an angel I can’t live without.

#49) With you, every day for me is Valentine’s Day. Your love gives me 365 days of pure love. I love you, dear.

#50) I know am not perfect as I have my own personal problems, but am the man who loved and still loves you since our high college tears.

#51) When I married you, I got myself not only a wife but also a best friend and a beautiful mother to my children.

#52) Sometimes I fight you and end up hurting you, but that doesn’t mean I don’t I don’t love. It only shows am an average man who is in love with a typical woman.

#53) How many years am going to be here on earth is still a mystery to me, but I know the rest of my life am going to spend with you.

#54) You made me realize that love is beautiful when loved by the right person.

#55) To me, life has become an attractive ride, one that am taking with my teenage crush who happens to be my smart, beautiful wife whom I love so much.

#56)  I still remember our first kiss, though you did bite my upper lip it was the best feeling in my life. Love you, wifey.

#57) After a busy, stressful day, you become stress reliever every time I get home. I love you.

#58) You came into my house and turned it into a beautiful palace that it is today. Before, nobody even cared who lived there.

#59) You came into my life and helped me in discovering myself. Who could have thought I could be the man I am today? You always work magic with my life.

#60) I don’t know if one day the sun will lose its brightness, I also don’t know if the stars will do the same, but one thing am sure of is that my love for my angel will pass the test of time.

#61) For gold to attain its most exceptional state, it has to go through fire. You went through fire by becoming my wife, but today you are the refined gold I can not live without.

#62) The actors of the movie “taken” should have included me as a character in the film as I am also taken but by the loveliest smart woman in the world.

#63) I’ll say stars always amaze me, but nothing surprises me like your love for me.

#64) Even on stormy seas, our ship has sailed through these storms. With you as my co-captain, I have no doubt I have the best cover. I love you my co-captain.

#65) Kids came into my life, and they left, you happened in my life way before them, and you are still with me. Love you a lot, my beautiful lady.

#66) My love for you was so strong even my mother couldn’t keep me in her house any longer.  She lost to the most beautiful woman in the world.

#67) If the words I love you worked magic in those days, I will never cease using them. I love you, honey.

#68) Feeling your heartbeat as I hold you close makes me feeling like I own the entire world. Am just proud to have you, baby.

#69) Seeing you sleep and wake up beside me is a dream come true. I love you honey for making me realize my dream.

#70) Even if I see you every hour, you’ll never lose the magic you have over me. You fill my life with colors of love.