Marriage Proposal Ideas

It is often said that girls get crazy when they are proposed for marriages. But the reverse is also true. For men as well, marriage proposals mean a lot. While it is often a wishful thing, people do not get marriage proposal ideas quickly. And they try searching for some nice such ideas here and there on the internet and ask from their friends.

But why search when you can think from within?

What is the whole purpose of a marriage proposal? To make the other person surprised and happy, right? So why do you need the help of Internet in this?

You can easily get some amazing marriage proposal ideas based on the lifestyle and choices of person whom you are going to propose. Think whether he or she has ever told you about his/ her wishes before. May be they have some dream or wish which they couldn’t fulfill so far.

You can easily make use of those wishes to give them the best surprise of their life. All you need is a ring and the desired set up. And then, depending upon your budget, you can give them the best marriage proposal of their life. Make them shocked, surprised and what not! And it really does not matter if you are a man or a woman. Everyone deserves and wishes to get a wonderful proposal.

But no worries if you cannot think of a nice idea. Here we have collected some of the best marriage proposal ideas we found relevant enough. Whichever country or region you belong to, you can easily make use of these ideas and give your partner a wonderful surprise.

Marriage Proposal Ideas

Here is a collection of some nice ideas for you to try and implement. I hope you find this collection worth it.

Flash Mob

This is the hottest trend going on these days. And not everyone gets such a wonderful and massive proposal.

In this idea, a large public gathers around in a place and dance in a random manner. One by one people join in and start dancing either in a sync or in random fashion on any given song. And when all people are randomly joining in, even you can join the group. This action won’t come as much of a surprise for your partner.

And then suddenly, the group focuses on you, centered around you. Now either the group can come forward to propose the person, or they can join you in back when you are going ahead to propose him or her.

I bet your partner won’t be expecting this at all. And he or she will be pleasantly surprised with this idea.

Romantic dinner outing

romantic dinner outing

Here you can get plenty of marriage proposal ideas to implement. You can take your partner out to a nice restaurant having a very romantic feeling. And from here, multiple ways can be taken.

You can either go cliche and put the engagement ring in any of her food or drink item. Or you can do something creative with the presentation of the food, giving marriage invitation card of both of yours suddenly, or even using the lights in a fashion that say “I Love you”.

If nothing of this, you can have a nice pleasant dinner, not giving any hint to the person about what is your later plan. And then later, go for a walk when another cliche set up takes place – “I LOVE YOU” with crackers. This can come as a non expected surprise. Use crackers to propose your partner. And while his/her attention is on the crackers, sit down on one knee and hold out the ring. Isn’t it lovely?

Secluded indoors proposal

Some people are not at all outdoor friendly. They like to stay indoors more, with their loved ones only. So why not plan a proposal in their comfort zone itself?

While they are at work, you can plan out an entire evening for them. And if at home, you can plan an amazing day right from the time they wake up. So let’s take both cases into consideration.

When at work:

Before your partner comes back home, get entry to their house with the help of his/her parents and send them out for their own sweet time. And now start with your preparation. If you are good at cooking and baking, utilize those skills of yours. Else, you can decorate the room or living room, and order all your partner’s favorites from outside. Make the table ready with candles and everything else and turn off the lights.

And when he/she comes back home, and switches on the lights, the decorated table or place is the first thing they see. And amidst all this romantic get away, you can propose your partner in your own style.

When at home:

And if the person does not have to go anywhere, get a chance to stay with him/her through the night. And before they wake up in the morning, plan out an entire day. (This is more suitable when you are proposing a girl.)

Shower her with flower petals when she wakes up. Dedicate a romantic song to her on the radio. And when she comes out after freshening up, present a wonderful breakfast prepared by you. If you do not know cooking, make a bread sandwich and her favorite tea, and present it in a romantic manner. And then, you can do any of her favorite activities, like running a movie marathon of all her favorites.

After this, have her favorite meals as lunch. You can order this secretly while she was busy watching movie. Post this, schedule a pampering massage for her. And by the end of the day, propose her. All her favorites at one place and time!

Completing a wish

completing a wish

Some people have a wish to go on a hot air balloon. And like them, almost everybody must be having some or the other such wish. Who doesn’t love outings and outdoor activities? Hence, this would make one of the best marriage proposal ideas for your partner.

So plan one such adventure trip with your partner. Here I will take into account hot air balloon wish only. You can modify that according to your partner’s wishes.

Firstly, surprising him / her with her wish being granted is itself amazing to them. You are taking him/her on a surprise trip. Put a blindfold when you are near to your destination. Don’t let them know where you are taking them. And when you both step inside the balloon and it starts rising, open the blindfold. One shock!

And when he/she is recovering from this shock, propose him/her with a ring. Another shock!

Giving a marriage proposal with their wish being fulfilled is the best experience they can ever get. And watching them so much happy will also make you super happy.

Unexpected movie proposal

Going to a movie is very common, right? But what if you get a proposal amidst watching a movie?

Let me tell you how you can implement this wonderful surprise.

For this, you need to include the authorities in your plan. Let’s say you and your partner are watching a movie. And you already know beforehand when the interval is about to happen. Leave 5 minutes before interval making some excuse. And when the interval happens, before the lights turn on, play your video on the same screen.

In this video, you can propose your partner and make him or her super shocked. And when the lights go on, you are there sitting on the stage on one knee, holding out a ring for your partner. I am sure the other person is going to love this. And don’t forget the applauses you will get from everywhere around.

You can go one more step ahead, for which you need a lot of money. Fill the entire theatre with your relatives without letting the other person know. All your relatives are watching the movie instead of unknown people. And then the proposal would happen in front of your entire families. WOW!