Merry Christmas Wishes

After a long busy year, Christmas comes as a good distraction away from your usual daily schedule. All over the world, people get busy in preparation for this incredible festive season. This is the time according to traditions; you make plans to be together with your family and friends. One of the Christmas traditions that have stood the test of time is the spirit of sharing, sharing with the less privileged as well as your family and friends. The message of love and beautiful gifts are shared with a Christmas message

Among many shared things during this festive season, Christmas cards handwritten with lovely Christmas message. For the loved ones, sending a Christmas message means a lot to them. This shows you still care and love them and you don’t always remember your family in your time of need. To the ones who fail to travel for the festivities due to various unavoidable reasons, a Christmas wish brings them closer home. Your Christmas message might bring hope and determination to someone who had lost faith for the past year. It means you need to choose carefully what you send as a wish to your close friends. To help you, below are some of the most elegant Christmas wishes you can send to someone.

#1) We made it to see and celebrate another Christmas together. Though the year had been a tough one, together we made it. May you have a beautiful Merry Christmas with love.

#2) As we remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus, I can’t forget to celebrate the birth of our journey to friendship. Today as I celebrate Jesus Christ being born in our lives, I honor you too.

#3) Every Christmas season, I always think about home, a home that beautiful, loving people like you will surround me. You are the reason I celebrate Christmas.

#4) When everyone couldn’t believe in me, you did. You saw my unique talent when I couldn’t; today you are the reason I celebrate this Christmas. You made my year. Merry Christmas to you!

#5) Every Christmas, I always receive many presents some of which I can’t remember, but the best Christmas gift I have ever received is you. Merry Christmas.

#6) With all Santa’s gifts this Christmas, I hope the best one will be reserved for you because you deserve it. Merry Christmas.

#7) Every day we are together it feels like its Christmas. Spending this festive season with you is a dream comes true for me.

#8) I may fail to do many things during this Christmas season, but one thing I can’t fail to do is to wish you a beautiful Christmas full of great fun. Enjoy.

#9) As you celebrate Christmas this year, May the love and warmth of those people who love you surround you for another 365 days. Have a wonderful Christmas.

#10) Every moment you are with us is always a moment to remember and cherish. That’s the reason we can’t celebrate Christmas without you. Merry Christmas to you.

#11) Among holidays, Christmas leads and the rest follows. Among beautiful, great people, you lead, and the rest follow. You are the best. Enjoy your Christmas.

#12) Your unique character sets you apart from the rest, just like Christ did, you came to this world and made it a better place to live. May peace and comfort be your portion this festive season.

#13) Even if you have nothing to celebrate, the fact that you got extra days off work should give you every reason to celebrate. Merry Christmas.

#14) It’s that season of the year when you forget all your worries and enjoy every moment of this season. Merry Christmas to you.

#15) As we celebrate the birth of Christ today, may you experience the birth of new hope and a new beginning in your life. Merry Christmas to you.

#16) It’s the month of new beginnings, a month of love, joy, and peace as we share and celebrate with our loved ones. May the spirit of Christmas brings new beginnings in your life.

#17) I know you have received many Christmas gifts from all those that love. The only missing gift to make your Christmas complete is my best wishes to you. Merry Christmas.

#18) Christ came to this world because of love; you came into my life because of love. Your love gives me all reasons to celebrate you this Christmas.

#19) Christmas only comes once in a year, but the happiness and love that it brings endure forever. May this Christmas bring you love and joy that will last forever.

#20) I don’t know how people see Christmas as but I always see the season as my time to share and celebrate with my family. You are my family.

#21) God’s gift to this sinful world was His son Jesus Christ, but His gift to me was you. The perfect gift that I didn’t deserve. Merry Christmas to you.

#22) You are beautiful and unique, may this festive season be just like you.

#23) Just like His son Jesus, God’s gift to the world is perfect, and to you, He gave you a perfect heart. Merry Christmas.

#24) Christmas is a special festive season and the only way to celebrate this is with perfect people like you. I can’t wait to meet you.

#25) If I have the power to command Santa, I will control him to bring you joy, love, and happiness to you because an angel like you deserves them during this Christmas season.

#26) You always beat me in sending Christmas wish, but this year I’ve beaten you. This must be the best Christmas holiday to you!

#27) Christmas is not just about merry making but rather a lifestyle. A lifestyle that you have perfectly lived since I knew you. May Christ reward your kindness and generosity during this Christmas season.

#28) I know Christmas will come and go, but let the magic of Christmas live with you for the rest of your life.

#29) After a hectic year, a break you rightfully deserve is here. Make sure you use it to the fullest as you usher in a new beginning in your life. Merry Christmas to you.

#30) Just like the way wise men looked for Jesus with precious gifts, may wise men find your style this festive season with expensive goodies for you.

#31) This year, we had some disagreements and fights, not because we hated each other, but because we are unique. This Christmas may peace be your potion.

#32) Some tried to kill Jesus when they heard a king had been born, but God protected Him, may God cover you with His protection during this Christmas period.

#33) The humble way Christ came into this world reminds me of how insignificant and peaceful you are. Merry Christmas to you.

#34) Thank you for making every Christmas with you a golden memory that can’t be erased in my life. Enjoy your Christmas.

#35) You have been through thick and thin this year, but you have stood strong. May this Christmas give you strength and energy to fight for another year.

#36) You are one of my blessings, and this Christmas, I just want to celebrate you. You are the best.

#37) I always keep a list of those special people that I can’t celebrate Christmas without. Your name appears first on that list. Merry Christmas to you.

#38) May our good Lord surround you with people who will love and cherish you all year round. Merry Christmas.

#39) Am so glad I met you as you have been the source of beautiful Christmas memories.

#40) Though we are miles apart, the Christmas spirit will always bring us together as a family. Wherever you are, enjoy your Christmas.

#41) Even when Christmas comes during difficult times, you always know how to cheer me up. May this Christmas bring cheer to your soul as you enjoy your holiday with your family.

#42) I wishes you excellent family time during this festive season. May your family give you the tender love and joy that you won’t remember your past failures anymore. Merry Christmas.

#43) It’s hard for me to forget to wish a beautiful soul like you a merry Christmas.

#44) I wish we could preserve these Christmas moments somewhere and be opening them every month. Christmas moments with you are the best.

#45) If there is anything I can urge you to do during this festive season, is to decorate your life with best Christmas moments. You’ll need them one day.

#46) I wish you a merry-kiss-mass my dear

#47) After merrymaking with your family, make sure not to clean up the mess in a hurry. Believe you me you’ll need the memories.
#48) May you experience a beautiful Christmas like never before. Best wishes from my entire family and me.

#49) Today, allow your heart to enjoy the little silly things that can only be experienced during Christmas. Merry Christmas.

#50) Your Christmas should be an ideal measure of love. Don’t let anything hinder you from experiencing this beautiful love.

#51) Merry Christmas and don’t forget you are five days to a new year.

#52) Even birds have understood the purpose of Christmas is merrymaking so why shouldn’t you?

#53) Santa is coming your way with a bag of goodies for you. Please remember not to give him more calories as he has some weight problems. Merry Christmas to you.

#54) You will be celebrated in my life forever, that’s the Christmas spirit.

#55) Do you know what you need? A blessed, happy merry Christmas, and that’s my wish to you.

#56) Enjoy your Christmas holidays well; it’s only once a year.

#57) Sometimes the best morning in your life is to wake up to a Christmas morning as a child. You are allowed to make all the silly celebrations you want. Be like a child today and enjoy your Christmas.

#58) Keeping the Christmas spirit is a nice thing to do, but sharing it is the best thing to do. Today, I share mine with you.

#59) The best gift during Christmas is being surrounded by a beautiful family that loves and cherishes you.

#60) The best guarantee of having a wonderful Christmas is when you receive love from those who mean a lot to you. Merry Christmas to you and always remember we love you.