Mothers Day Quotes

Nothing is more important in a child’s life as the love of a mother. It doesn’t matter what is happening in your life, mother’s love will be enough to keep you moving. For that reason, it is essential to give back by showing them love and affection as well.

Mother’s day is one of the most special days set aside to celebrate mothers in our lives, society and the world as a whole. Mother’s day was established as a public holiday in the US since 1911. There are different ways of celebrating your mum. You can decide to give her a call, visit her or send her sweet messages as listed below:

#1. “Mama you are my greatest teacher, you taught me to love, to be fearless and compassionate. If love is as sweet as a flower, then mother you are that precious and sweet flower of love in my life.”

#2. God created mothers because he realized he couldn’t take care of us in person.

#3. “Every time I look at my life, I remember your prayers and realize they have followed me in every step I make. Your prayers have cleaved to me in all I do.”

#4. The most precious gift fathers can give to their children is to love their mother.

#5. If evolution is really true, how come mothers have two hands only?

#6. Nothing pays better than being a full-time mother since her salary is pure love from her children.

#7. Mothers are our first best friend and the first people we run to when we need a shoulder to lean on. Their love is real and pure, and their hugs last longer even after they have let go.

#8. “You are a mother to the world, and the world to your family.”

#9. God does not give us life with a manual, but he provides us with a mother to teach us how to live.

#10. A mom’s arms are made of love and tenderness. Children soundly sleep in them.

A mom’s arms are made of love and tenderness.

#11. A mother can replace any other person in your life, but nobody will ever be able to take her place in our lives. Happy Mothers Day dear mom!

#12. No role is more important in a child’s life than that of a mother. Love you mom.

#13. The loveliest masterpiece of God’s heart is a mother’s heart. Happy Mothers Day mum.

#14. Mothers are like buttons; they keep everything together.

#15. Mother’s job is the toughest in the world. She receives no day offs or holidays, yet she doesn’t complain at all. Her profession portrays sacrifice, unconditional love, and selflessness. For that reason, you deserve to rest and enjoy yourself today, even though it will not be enough to honor you for your unconditional love and commitment in our lives. Happy mother’s day mom!

#16. “I always count myself special and fortunate for having you as a mother. I am among the blessed in the world for having a caring and loving mother like you. Have a happy and fun-filled mother’s day mom”.

#17. “In my whole life, I have never come across a lady as beautiful, lovely and elegant as you. I love you so much, mom. I wish you a blessed and happy mother’s day mom!”

#18. “Your love is a limitless mom. Nobody would give their hearts as you do. Every second my heart beats; it serves as a reminder of your sacrifice to give me life. I should, therefore, cherish it every single minute.”

#19. “The beauty of your embrace, tenderness of your love and the picture of your beautiful smile always makes me feel safe and sound. Every time I think of you, I get the strength of facing any challenge that comes my way. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

#20. “With courage and zeal, you have fought and brought us to where we are. You fought hard enough to ensure we shared in love bound with unity. This makes you the most special and unique gift in our lives. Happy mother’s day mom.”

With courage and zeal, you have fought and brought us to where we are.

#21. “Life has never and probably might never be perfect but having you by my side gives me hope of a better tomorrow. Even if everyone else turns against me, I know you will always be there for me. I love you so much mom, much more than you would ever know. Happy mother’s day mom!”

#22. “My number one fan, my protector, and my best friend. You are all these mum rolled up into one. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Happy mother’s day.”

#23. “Your heart is big and unique. You always put us before yourself. I am so grateful and proud to have grown up under your care and unselfish love. Happy Mother’s Day! You deserve the best!”

#24. “I now understand that it is love that made you answer whenever I called out your name in fear and distress. Your unending love kept me warm, and I am grateful for it all.”

#25. “You are my spirit, my influence, my friend and guide towards success. No one would ever replace you. You are unique and will always be the best forever. Have a peace-filled Mother’s Day! You deserve it, mom!”

#26. “It is my time to let you know how special and unique you are. I count myself among the blessed and favored of God to have a mother as caring and loving as you. Wishing you a happy mom’s day!”

#27. “To a mom who is kind, caring, and thoughtful. I am so grateful for the ties binding our hearts. They are firm and unbreakable that shines through the darkest night. Happy mom’s day mum!”

#28. “In your arms, you embraced me. Little did I know that you gave me the greatest gem that will never fade. A treasure deep hid in your heart, and that is your unfailing love. Happy mother’s day mum!”

#29. “Dear mother, you have taught me true love without measure. In your arms is my safest haven which shelters me whenever a storm arises beyond my ability.”

#30. “Mother you have remained my closest friend since my first day on earth up to this day. You have been a true and loyal friend who stands by my side even when my life is falling apart. I love you and will always do. Happy mother’s day!”

Mother you have remained my closest friend since my first day on earth up to this day.

#31. “Your love mum runs like a river down from a hill. It does not only fill our hearts with joy, but it also refreshes us. I cherish you so much, mom. More than words can say. Happy mother’s day to the most precious mom on earth!”

#32. “Mommy you are a serious gift from God. Your value is far above gold and rubies. You are m anchor and shelter when the storms rise I know I have a friend I can always rely on. Much love mum!”

#33. “Your arms have always been open when I need a hug. Your heart always understands when I need a friend and your eyes stern when I need a lesson or two. Your love and strength guide me and gives me wings to fly.”

#34. “People may treat you like a maid, others like a gardener, others like a chauffeur, while others treat you like a daycare. One thing is, however, for sure, your love is everlasting. A father works from sun till sundown, but a mother’s work never ends. All I have, all I am and all I hope to be, I owe it all to you. I, therefore, take this opportunity to celebrate you for all the day I forgot to appreciate you.”

#35. “It takes a fearless heart to be a mother. It takes a strong heart to raise a child and a special heart to love someone more than yourself!”

#36. “A mom’s work is never done. She works from morning to evening. She spreads her love and forever keeps us warm. But only once in a year do we remember to celebrate your love and wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.”

#37. “Although we argue now and then, we disagree on an issue or two; my heart is always at peace because I know your love is unwavering and your care and support will always be sufficient. Happy Mother’s Day my guardian angel!”

#38. “You have always been there for me. When I am sick or disappointed in life, you have always made me feel loved and significant. Even when you have so much work to do, you always get time to embrace and encourage me. Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day mom!”

#39. “Nothing is as special as a mother’s love. Nothing is as precious as her tender care. Nothing shines brighter like a mother’s eyes, and nothing is filled with love as a mother’s heart. Your embrace means the world to me. Love you always mom. Happy Mother’s Day!”

#40. “Thank you, mom, for your patience and love. You have never been too tired or too busy to listen to what I have to say. I celebrate you on this special Mother’s Day because you are the most amazing mom anyone could ever wish for.”

#41. “I love you mom, and I celebrate you every day. I thank God for blessing me with such a loving and caring mom. You many times went beyond and above the call of duty just to see me smiling and at peace.” Happy Mother’s Day Mummy!”