happy new year quotes & text messages

Happy New Year Quotes

Last day of the year is a day characterized by a beehive of activities. A day everyone can’t wait to see it end and usher in a new day. This is the only day where its exit symbolizes not only the start of a new day or a new month but also a new year. Time to celebrate and reflect on all your past year achievements and if the year didn’t go as you had wished, it’s a time to have a new start with new resolutions.

One of the New Year’s best-kept traditions is exchanging New Year’s messages wishing your close friends and families well in the year ahead. It has seen millions of quotes and wish messages being traded during this festive season. Below are some of the best New Year’s quotes and texts of all times:

#1. We have been issued with a new book, a book whose pages has been left blank. Our responsibility is to write on it the best way we can. The name of this book is Opportunity. Hey! Look at the title in the first chapter; it’s Happy New Year!

#2. So many years have come, so many years have gone, but you have stood the test of time.  You have always been there for me when I need you. May success and prosperity stand with you this year the way you have stood with me. Happy New Year.

#3. Last year I felt loved, I felt wanted but most of all I felt valued. Your love made me feel all this. May this New Year bring you happiness and love that you deserve. I wish you a lovely new year.

I wish you a lovely new year.

#4. Once again a fresh start is here with us. What can we do except be thankful for all the past blessings? At the same time, it is a new year with a new beginning for you to have a strong start. It’s a new chance to accomplish all that you missed last year.

#5. Every year I get amazed how we always get chances. Opportunities to correct our past mistakes and improve what needs to be improved in our lives. Write your vision and your New Year resolutions in bold letters. Hang them where every time you wake up you can see them. Start your day energized knowing what you are about to accomplish this year.

#6. Start this year knowing your happiness and success lies in you. Purpose to be always joyful and happy this year. Let your resolve to be happy be so strong that even in the midst of calamity you become invisible to worries and sorrows.

Start this year knowing your happiness and success lies in you.

#7. Greater are the achievements presented to you every year in the form of a new year. Prepare yourself to be celebrated by what you do and not what you say. This you can only do by discipline and a lot of sacrifices. Learn to sacrifice today for the greater good of your tomorrow. A great year full of beautiful memories is what I wish you.

#8. May this year be your year. May you rise beyond your limits, may you rise above peoples’ expectations and above all, may you rise and shine above all little things.

#9. As we raise glasses in the air and watch fireworks explosions, let us not forget what these celebrations bring to us. A chance to start afresh and reflect more on our tomorrow. Most of all, a second chance to correct our mistakes and re-launch our resolutions.

#10. I have wasted my resolutions on myself for a long time, but not anymore. I have resolved to repay you for all the affection that you have shown me for the past year. Happy, fruitful year ahead.

I have wasted my resolutions on myself for a long time, but not anymore.

#11. Looking back to where we have come from and the warmest memories we share together, I can only wish you a happy new year.

#12. A colorful January is what I want to you, peaceful February as you enter a sensational March. Superb April will help you in welcoming anxiety free April. May the joy of the Lord keep you as you sail from May to November and assist you in ushering the superb December.

#13. At the start of a New Year, many times we change the dates and not direction. This year, try the opposite way and wait for different results. Be committed and when it comes to your attitude, work on it instead of working on your actions. Your productivity will be directly proportional to your faith and what drives you. Choose to be fruitful this year.

#14. A new year is finally here with us with hopes of a brighter future. May this New Year bring hope to you and your families as you face your tomorrow.

A new year is finally here with us with hopes of a brighter future.

#15. Old is gone, and new is here with us. Old frustrations replaced by new hope and failure replaced by success. May you enjoy your walk in the glory path this year.

#16. It has always been the rule on the highway to success, never turn back. This year may you be courageous enough never to turn back but always stay focused. I do wish you a pleasant journey this year to a beautiful destination.

#17. Whatever happened last year, we don’t have the power to change. Fortunately, we have our tomorrow to work on and have a beautiful future.  Happy and prosperous new Future!

Whatever happened last year, we don’t have the power to change.

#18. Letting go of the past is the beginning of any healing process. Broken relationships and missed opportunities may have characterized your past year but not this year. That is why it’s called New Year. May this year bring healing and new relationships to you. Have a blessed year.

#19. Each year comes with a lesson to learn and an opportunity to become a better person. May you start this year with the experience that you got from what you learned from last year’s mistakes.

#20. Last year’s failing didn’t break your resilience. It made you discover another mistake people do in life. May you profit from it to help you have an excellent start this year. Happy New Year.

#21. Your input changed and improved my life. As we start another year together, may all the love that you have shown me become your potion this New Year.

#22. As the last year packed its bags, so is frustrations, troubles, and pessimism in your life. May this year bring you all the achievements you have been waiting for in life.

#23. We always dream of a better life every year. This coming year, may we take the onus and bring change to the world! Let us join hands and make this world a better place for everyone. A place we can all proudly call home.

#24. Before the internet hangs and all phone lines get jammed, let me take this opportunity to wish you a prosperous New Year. A year full of happiness and success.

A year full of happiness and success.

#25. To you, my awesome buddy, thank you for all beautiful moments we shared together last year though some are embarrassing. Last year was what it was because of what we shared and not what we had. You are a tradition in my life that am willing to continue with this year. The wonderful year ahead.

#26. We have learned from yesterday, now we are living today, but we still have hope for tomorrow. Happy New Year.

The whole of last year, I learned so many so things. I have learned that things don’t always move in your intended direction. I have learned that some things even if they go wrong cannot be fixed. I have also learned that some broken things will stay the way they are no matter what, but I have learned that nothing between us that can’t be fixed. I have learned whatever we have can only become better. May this year bring us an opportunity to make whatever we have better.

#27. We have achieved great things together the whole of last year, this year we can only achieve more. This we can only achieve together.

This New Year, may you stick to your truth, give respect to others’ truths. Choose the path of happiness. To those who deserve forgiveness, forgive them. To those you have wronged, ask for forgiveness. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. To the voiceless, be their voice and above all show kindness to all. Remember to love and to eat healthily. Happy New Year.

#28. May this year bring you opportunities characterized with beautiful moments. May your positive attitude be of inspiration to others. May your bravery help you overcome life challenges. May excellent health be your potion. May you find love as you give and forever may you be hopeful.

#29. May your year be filled with love and gratitude. Live your life to the fullest and always aim for best results. Let this year be the most fulfilling year in your life.

May your year be filled with love and gratitude.

#30. Happy New Year. May you only associate yourself with people that love and care for you. Those that pretend to love you may they never find their way in your life.

#31. Do away with fears and doubts and allow this great year bring forth courage, new beginnings and hope in your life.

#32. This year, may you be surrounded by dreamers and those who make things happen. Even when you don’t see it yourself may greatness have a place in you. Happy New Year!