Pet Names for Your Girlfriend

Nicknames for Your Girlfriend

Girls are always to adore. Be it with gifts or cute name, they deserve to be pampered. And so, here we help you in finding out some cutest pet names for your girlfriend. Most of the times, the nicknames given are generic in nature, like Honey and Sweetheart. While other times, they may resonate the personality of your girlfriend.

Calling each other with names is nothing new. It happens in every relationship, not just boyfriend and girlfriend. But between the couples, the names take form of some cute words that makes the other one feel blessed and loved. This has been going on since many ages. And the best part is that you can given any number of nicknames to your loved one.

But every nickname is not meant for others to listen. Some of the nicknames for your girlfriend deserve to be called out in private, while some can openly be used in public. But nevertheless, each name will make your girl feel special.

Cautions While Choosing Pet Names for Your Girlfriend

Every name is not suitable for your loved ones. You should always be careful what you chose and what you keep on calling her. Be it romantic, funny, or sensual, each name has the capability to please your favorite woman. But bad names can take your relationship off track as well.

The names you chose should not be the ones that remind her of any bad memory. Nor the names should be having any double or hidden meaning in them. Just remember, why you are giving the nicknames at first place. The girl should feel loved, and nothing else. So your names also should make your feelings reach out to her.

Nicknames for Your Girl

Here, you will find multiple varieties of nicknames that you can give to your girl. Chose any among these and make her feel special if you haven’t already. They will also help you keep your relation growing strong.

Feel free to use any name anytime. And don’t just rely on these names. They are just for your inspiration. Try to invent unique names to give your girl.

Cute Names

This category consists of names that are used literally everywhere. No matter what kind of relation you hold, these names are over and above all formalities. Also, they are not just popular among couples. Even friends keep using these names to show the deep bond of their relationship. Below are some of the popular cute names for your girlfriend.

  • Baby – For a girl who is as innocent as a little baby
  • Sweetheart – One who is close to our heart
  • Love – Another popular nickname for the one dear to you
  • Princess – Who looks like a princess
  • Barbie – who resembles a doll and has cuteness on her face
  • Baby Doll – who is very inncocent and kind
  • Sweetie – used for the one who is filled with sweetness in her nature
  • Baby Girl – for a girl who is lovable to all
  • Cutiepie – Who is cute like a doll
  • Babe – as a short name to call your partner
  • Doll – who is as gentle as a doll
  • Darling – for someone who is adorable
  • Angel – To make her realize how important she is for you


Romantic Names

Even though all names are cute, but here we will share some romantic names that you can call only your girlfriend. And remember, these names are important for most of the girls since they fancy their Prince Charming like nothing else. So check out the list and start calling your girl with the cutest romantic names possible.

  • Juliet – to call your love in a romantic way
  • Boo Berry – whose nose is like berry
  • Honeypuff – who is easy to live with
  • Honeybun – who is sweet spoken and soft hearted
  • Kitty – a cute nickname just like a baby cat
  • Precious – who is way too important to lose in your life
  • Sunshine – for a girl who has given direction to your life/who has brought light in your life
  • Butterfly – who wears colourful dresses
  • Windchime – whose voice is very melodious
  • Munchkin – who loves babies
  • Autumn – who relaxes you completely
  • Breeze – who gives soothing effect to you
  • Dimples – who has dimples on her face
  • Fluffy – for a girl with whom you are comfortable
  • Dove – who is very gentle just like a dove
  • Kitten – for a girl who has a cute personality
  • Fairy – who makes your life magical
  • Peaches – whose nature is very interesting
  • Summer – with whom you can spend an entirety
  • Teddy – whom you can hug and cuddle lovingly
  • Twinkle – who shines in your life like twinkling stars
  • Bella – who is very beautiful
  • Genie – a girl who fulfills all your wishes
  • Pearl – whose smile is very contagious
  • Snowflake – who brings smile on your face
  • Snowy – who is cool in her behaviour
  • Sugar bum – who has a lot of sweetness in her voice
  • Bunny – a pretty woman

Cartoon Names

No matter how old your girl is, she will love it everytime you call her by some popular cartoon character. And so, here are few names which, if you give your girl, will make her blush with happiness like nothing else.

  • Buttercup – who is very soft to touchPikachu
  • Pikachu – who takes clever decisions
  • Jigglypuff – who is cute and charming
  • Bloom – a girl who has a delicate nature
  • Blossom – whose smile is very pretty
  • Bubbles – who loves to play with bubbles
  • Flora – a girl who loves nature
  • Stella – whose favourite jeans is stella
  • Coco – who is lovable to all
  • Musa – a girl who loves to live in a wooden house

Funny Names

Sometimes, you definitely ought to bring some jokes and fun in your relation. And so, many people try to give some creative names that are funny and sometimes deep in meaning. Here is the list of some of the best nicknames for your girl. These names can be clubbed with some romantic names to give the best feeling to the woman.

  • Google – who has a lot of knowledge
  • Loo Loo – who loves to sleep a lot
  • Boo Boo – who gets angry instantly
  • Monkey – who acts in a funny manner
  • Gummy Bear – who gives you warmth
  • Panda – who can sleep all day
  • Pooky – a girl with whom you have to be careful to speak anything
  • Mumma – who always gives you advice on what is wrong and right
  • Boo Bear – who feels cold a lot

Food and Flower Names

These 2 are the best things for any person on this earth. And hence, they also make some of the best funny nicknames. Calling your girl by some food or flower nickname can be very interesting and lovely. They might sound odd at first, but she will start loving these names more than the romantic ones you give her.

  • Donut – with whom you celebrate your special occasions
  • Lollipop – a person who loves to eat lollipop
  • Candy – with whom one can refresh oneself
  • Honey – who is soft-spoken
  • Kiwi – who has uncertain behavior
  • Cookie – who is very close to your heart
  • Daisy – who is gentle to be around
  • Cupcake – who is full of many qualities
  • Muffin – who looks like muffin
  • Cherry – who relieves all your tensions easily
  • Sugar – who is sweet in her behaviour
  • Rose – whose cheeks are as red as rose
  • Tulip – who wears colourful things on her body
  • Pumpkin – who blushes very often
  • Waffles – who is easy to live with
  • Kit Kat – who has a chocolaty nature

Ownership Names

Sometimes, all a girl wants is your attention and proof of your possession. So what is better than showing your possessiveness through these lovely nicknames? Not only will she be happy, your relation will also move towards the stronger side. Here is the list of some amazing possessive pet names for your girlfriend.

  • My Love – who deserves all your attention
  • My Queen – a girl for whom you can do anything
  • My Princess – for the one who is close to your heart
  • My Tigress – who saves you in difficult situations
  • My Supergirl – for a brave-hearted girl
  • My Cherry – for a girl who is soft-hearted and sweet
  • My Dream Girl – without whom you can not imagine your life
  • My Star – who makes you happy and shines for you