questions to ask a girl

Questions to Ask A Girl

The Art of Asking a Girl the Right Questions

You exchanged glances, and your eyes could not hide the spark of interest. Is she the one you’ve been looking for? To find this out can take time, but you can get to know the girl you like much quicker if you use smart questions in your communication. Asked in a natural manner in the course of your dialogue, These type of questions will help you to open the door into her inner world, discover her secret thoughts and dreams in such a way that she does not even notice it. After learning more about her this way, you will get the answer to your main question – Is she someone you need? Correct questions definitely save you from wasting time and getting unnecessary stress in future.

Before asking questions, remember a few rules:

#1. The question should be simple and easy to understand. If you ask obscure questions, the girl may lose the desire to answer them and consequently a wish to meet again.

#2. Questions should not be numerous and following one another. After you have asked something, you should try to develop the topic, bring in interesting facts and discussion, express your own opinion.

#3. The first question you ask should be the one which can provoke the most detailed answer. Later you can ask clarifying, additional questions.

#4. Ask the right questions. Some questions are relevant only in a specific context and specific circumstances, others are too deep, requiring detailed answers which may tire the girl. The questions should be interesting for a girl and serve as a starting point to develop further communication.

#5. Ask only those questions that you like yourself. You should want to get an answer to them. Girls usually have better intuition than men and feel the real interest. React to the girl’s responses. Express emotions. Do compliments.

Here are some questions you can ask in different situations.

25 Questions to Ask at the Start of Acquaintance

These question aims to arise the girl’s interest in communication and make her enjoy your company. It is better to keep to neutral topics. Besides, these questions are meant to make the girl believe in your genuine interest and develop trust between you.

#1). Are you studying or working?

#2). What is your hobby?

#3). What are your favorite actors and films?

#4). What places do you like to visit in the city?

#5). Do you have any brothers or sisters?

#6). Do do you like your work/field of study?

#7). Do you have a lot of friends?

#8). Do you often escape to nature?

#9). What does your name mean?

#10). Do you have social media pages?

#11). What can make you smile?

#12). Where do you spend most of your time?

#13). Do you believe in destiny?

#14). What qualities do you like most about people?

#15). What can you never forgive a person?

#16). What is the basis for a stable relationship?

#17). How long does it take to know a person for you?

#18). Do you know any foreign language?

#19). Can you drive a car?

#20). Do you like to create something?

#21). What’s your favorite dish?

#22). What do you prefer: tea or coffee?

#23). What is your Zodiac sign?

#24). Should a guy and a girl be compatible with a horoscope?

#25). Do you like children?

50 Questions for the First Date

You already know her for a while, and she agreed to a date. Marvelous! But the trick is to keep her interest in you and develop it as much as possible. Here you should take efforts as not to make this first date complete boredom! Besides, the following questions will allow you to take a more in-depth look inside her soul, and discover more private things which will show you, what kind of a person she is.

#1). What were you like in your childhood?

#2). Did you like going to school?

#3). What kind of profession did you dream of in your childhood?

#4). What is the most unforgettable moment from childhood?

#5). Do you have any friends with whom you were close as a child?

#6). Who do you love to spend free time with?

#7). What do you think should be a real friend?

#8). What can push you away from a person?

#9). Who knows your character best of all?

#10). Do you believe in friendship between a guy and a girl?

#11). Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

#12). What is your ideal man like?

#13). Is age difference essential for you to?

#14). Do you believe that each person has an ideal soulmate somewhere in the world meant precisely for this person?

#15). What is the most important thing for you in a relationship?

#16). Have you ever been the first to tell a guy about your feelings?

#17). Given the choice of any city/country in the world for permanent residence, which one would you choose?

#18). Do you like to travel and did you do it much?

#19). Where would you like to go if you could go anywhere?

#20). How do you like to relax?

#21). What kind of music do you listen to?

#22). What is your favorite song?

#23). What kind of movies do you like to watch?

#24). Do you like reading?

#25). What do you usually watch on TV?

#26). How do you like to spend your days off?

#27). Are you a morning or an evening person?

#28). Have you got any pets home?

#29). What kind of household chores do you dislike?

#30). If you won a lot of money in the lottery, how would you use them?

#31). How do you feel about dancing?

#32). Do you do any sports?

#33). Do you like nightclubs?

#34). How long can you live without the Internet?

#35). How do you feel about computer games?

#36). Do you like camping?

#37). How do you imagine an ideal family?

#38). What unique ability would you like to have?

#39). Do you love flowers?

#40). What kind of flowers do you like most?

#41). What is the most unusual gift you received?

#42). And what kind of original gifts did you make?

#43). What holiday do you like most?

#44). What color do you prefer and why?

#45). What time of year is your favorite?

#46). Do you like extreme?

#47). Do you consider yourself to be happy?

#48). Have you ever had a personal diary?

#49). Do you like to sing?

#50). Do you like shopping?

50 Questions with a Trick to Discover Secret Corners of Her Soul

This type of questions is meant to make conversation interesting and to let you unnoticeably find out more profound things about the girl. Knowing them will make it clear if you could make a match and feel good together in the long run. Such questions often do not ask about things directly, but when talking on the requested subject, the girl is sure to touch the matters that interest you.

#1). If you could do anything at the moment, what would you do first?

#2). How would you call a book about yourself?

#3). If you had a goldfish, what would be your wish?

#4). If you knew about the end of the world in 24 hours, what would you do during the left time?

#5). If you could be any celebrity, what star would you choose?

#6). Have you ever dreamed of being on an uninhabited island?

#7). What unusual thing have you ever done?

#8). What do you like more: spontaneous decisions or deliberate actions?

#9). What would you choose: a spacious apartment in the city center or a small house on the sea coast?

#10). What day of your life you can call the best and absolutely unforgettable?

#11). Which is better: to love or to be loved?

#12). Do you believe that a lie can be “for good”?

#13). How do you feel when a guy is staring at you?

#14). If you were invited to star in a movie, what role would you like?

#15). What should not you tell your parents?

#16). What could you write with chalk on the asphalt under the windows of a loved one?

#17). At what moments do your hands tremble?

#18). What good experience would you like to acquire?

#19). What do you find more to your soul: glance, touch or voice?

#20). What was the most awkward moment in your life?

#21). What makes you panic?

#22). What was the last film that left a deep impression on you?

#23). What is the first thing you pay attention to when meeting a stranger?

#24). Do you believe in love at first sight?

#25). What talent would you like to have?

#26). What is the most precious thing to you?

#27). What do you value most in life?

#28). How do you relieve stress?

#29). What can make you blush?

#30). How do you feel about tattoos?

#31). What is “a beautiful life” for you?

#32). What is happiness for you?

#33). Is it easy for you to apologize?

#34). How often do you risk?

#35). What can make you mad?

#36). What was your worst dream?

#37). What song makes you stand and dance?

#38). What causes real, genuine fear in you?

#39). What can you never start your day without?

#40). Is your life more like a comedy or a drama?

#41). What habits of other people annoy you?

#42). Do you keep old things?

#43). What does it mean to be human?

#44). What are you most proud of?

#45). What are you most looking forward to this year?

#46). Do you prefer to speak or to listen?

#47). How will you celebrate your next birthday?

#48). What is your favorite time of the day?

#49). Do you make things happen or just let them happen?

#50). What gift would you like to receive for the New Year?

Funny Questions to Make Your Communication Easy and Entertaining

Funny questions are unusual and interesting questions. They can tune you both for fun and playful discussion. The girl is sure to be interested in responding to them, and after a response, a great conversation is started. Funny questions can touch completely different subjects, so look at the type of a girl she is, consider your common interests, and choose the best ones for the given circumstances.

#1). Would you like to become a man for an hour/a day?

#2). What’s the silliest thing you ever did?

#3). Do you believe in superstitions?

#4). Do you believe people can change?

#5). Is there a paradise in the hut?

#6). How do you feel about a nudist beach?

#7). Who gossips more often: a guy or a girl?

#8). How do you change being drunk?

#9). What do you think about women who don’t work?

#10). Coca-cola or Pepsi?

#11). What’s the ideal number of people on your Friday night party?

#12). What would you choose: to be twice as smart or twice as happy?

#13). What superhero seems to you the most attractive man?

#14). What is the strangest thing about your family?

#15). Who would you prefer to be – the first among the last or the last among the first?

Few Words to Sum it Up

As you see, right questions can significantly help to get a clear image and profound understanding of the girl you like. But this is not the only benefit. They can relieve certain initial tension, strengthen feelings and create an atmosphere of comfort, fun, and romance.

Remember, these questions can help you lead the conversation in the right direction on the initial stages of your acquaintance. But further on, your communication should flow naturally. So in case you’ve already had a few dates with a girl and still do not know what to talk about, maybe it’s high time to get to know someone else? Good luck!