Romantic Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Sometimes it happens in a relationship that you have talked about everything, and now you don’t know what more to ask. Don’t worry; this is not an abnormal situation. Almost all couples come to this stage at some point in their life. And so, here we have come to your rescue. We have created a list of numerous romantic questions to ask your girlfriend. Just pick one to surprise her, and you will notice the conversation flowing ever so smoothly.

Why Should You Ask Such Questions?

It is really important to keep the talks in your relation exciting and interesting. While girls are known to talk about literally any and everything, boys are usually perceived towards silent types. Don’t let this image get to you. And above this, your girl is expecting you to speak something for a change.

Also, asking questions and paying attention to the answers will bring you closer to each other. You might come to know her secret wish or feelings which she is hesitating to ask otherwise. This, in turn, will improve your relationship to a great extent.

And hence, we are emphasizing romantic questions to ask your girlfriend. With the below set of questions, you can definitely break the barrier and bring a smile to your girl’s face. Be yourself and let the questions flow out smoothly. Be genuine and ask some romantic questions to your girl. Here are the set of questions.

List of Romantic Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Here we have divided the set of questions into numerous categories depending upon what kind of information you want to know. It’s quite possible you already know some of the answers to these. But still, it is better to know from her what her thoughts are so that you might come to know something that you have been missing all along.


#1. What would be an ideal Valentine gift according to you?

Remember the answer to this question dearly. You may not be able to fulfill it just now. But over the course of years, one day you might surprise her with her wish. Also, these gifts can be helpful for her birthday or any other present as well.

#2. What is your ideal set up for a dream date?

#3. What is your perfect wedding celebration?

#4. Out of all the marriage proposals you have heard or watched, which one is your favorite?

These questions will help you plan your dates, proposal, and wedding according to what she desires. Using this information, add what you feel is best for her, and give her a surprise time of her life.

#5. What is your romantic dream destination?

#6. What is your favorite restaurant for a date night? And what for a romantic lunch?

#7. If tomorrow the world is going to end, what would you do with me today?

#8. What things in life make you feel adored and loved?

What things in life make you feel adored

#9. What kind of messages do you find most romantic?

#10. What is one nasty thing you want to do with me? What you want me to do with you?

#11. What one thing from me can you never get tired of?

#12. What is the one thing you would like me to change in myself?

#13. What is your biggest romantic fantasy?

#14. What is your ideal definition of the perfect night together?

#15. Would you rather spend a special occasion in your life with all your friends, or separately with me?

#16. Do you like PDA?

#17. What makes you happier? Kissing in the dark? Or kissing in the rain?

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#1. If I ask you to dedicate a song for me, what would that be?

#2. Pick a song that captures the essence of our beautiful relationship.

Through these; you will come to know what exactly she feels about her relationship and you, and even if there are any complaints or not.

#3. What is the definition of love for you?

#4. Had I not been there, what kind of person would you like to marry?

These questions will help you know her thoughts of an ideal man and what love means to her. Try to be the one she wants as her life partner. Nothing can bring more happiness to her than this.

#5. When you first saw me, what you thought about me?

#6. What made you fall for me?

#7. What made you confess your love to me?

#8. Why and how much do you love me?

This may come as a surprise to you. You might never realize what she had been looking for and what she finally got in you.

#9. What according to you is the sexiest dress for a man and a woman?

#10. Do you believe in soulmates and destiny?

#11. Have I ever made you feel special?

Have I ever made you feel special

#12. What do you think makes a relationship beautiful?

#13. In our relationship, what is your favorite part?

#14. What do you think can break our relationship?

#15. How do you think can we make our relationship more strong?

#16. When I am away, what are the three best memories about us you miss so much?

#17. Out of all the nicknames that I have given you, which is your favorite?

#18. What do you feel about our first kiss?

#19. What things around you remind you of me?

#20. What is the sexiest thing you like about me?

#21. What do you understand by intimacy?

#22. What is that one thing that makes you go weak in your knees?

#23. What is your least favorite thing in the entire idea of dating?

#24. If given a chance, what would you sacrifice to be with me?

Personal Life

#1. Who is your favorite couple from your favorite movies?

#2. Which are your favorite romantic movies?

Movies are an excellent source of influence for many people? Her favorite movies and couple can be of great help to plan something beautiful for her.

#3. Who has been your first crush?

#4. What is the ideal true love story you have ever heard of?

#5. What is one thing in your life that you have not shared with anybody else?

#6. What is the biggest surprise you ever felt in your life?

#7. If not me, then who would be your dream date?

#8. If you had one superpower, which would that be? What would you do using that?

#9. Do you regret any of the decisions you ever made in life? Which is that?

#10. What is your biggest fear in this relationship?

#11. What turns your mood off in an instant?

#12. Who are the three people in your life that you would risk anything for?

#13. What do you do when you don’t get something you desire for?

#14. What kind of gestures do you find truly romantic?

what kind of gestures do you find truly romantic

Talking About Married Life

#1. What kind of plans do you want, to make our wedding night special?

#2. Where you want to go for honeymoon?

#3. What would one sexual fantasy you want to do with me?

#4. How many kids do you wish to have?

#5. What kind of daily routine after our marriage you have in mind?

#6. What are your thoughts about being happily married? How do you think can we ensure this?

#7. Would you rather stay with complete family or separate?