Sexy Quotes for Him and Her

These all-new sexy quotes can be just the thing needed to put a little extra spice into your love life. Everyone loves to feel special from time to time. It’s true, a bit of extra attention never hurt anyone. In fact, it normally does the opposite – makes them feel even better than ever!

If you have a husband, wife, or significant other and want them to know just how much you love them, just how much they turn you on, or simply wish to show them that you still care, try making your point with one of these fresh and original sexy quotes for him and her.

#1. If I could change one thing about our life, it would be to have found each other sooner so that we could love each other even longer.

#2. All it takes is a single look from you, and I’m lost and drifting in a sea of euphoria never to reach the shore again.

#3. If I could make you see just one thing more clearly in this life, it would be to show you exactly how beautiful and fantastic that you are to me.

#4. I don’t know what I would do if I ever were to lose you, I can’t remember what a life was like without you, and I never want to find out again.

#5. I simply adore everything about you. From the way your eyes sparkle when you tell me that you love me right down to the way, your hot breath smells when you kiss me on the lips.

#6. Every time that I glance your way for even the slightest second, I see the rest of my entire life flash before my very eyes.

#7. I love you because you make me a better person each and every day.

#8. You turn my skies to blue and chase all the grey clouds away.

#9. When I say “I love you” what I mean is that I love all of you, every piece and a single fiber of your unique and glorious being.

#10. If you had a rose for every time that I thought about you, and of exactly how much that I love you, you would dwell in a perpetually blooming rose garden for all of the days of your life.

If you had a rose for every time that I thought about you

#11. I can see a paradise in those eyes of yours that I want to get lost in forever and a day.

#12. Whenever we are not together, one of us is apparently not in the right place.

#13. Every little thing about you is indeed praiseworthy, except for your clothes. Those you could seriously do without.

#14. A happy wife is a wife worn out from all the orgasm the night before.

#15. Live and laugh and love and always cum together. Repeat daily.

#16. Giving your wife lots of love means giving her lots of orgasm and plenty of chocolate in between.

#17. Being happy together means to be having a healthy sex life every day and continuously being ready for more.

#18. I want you to explore me as a foreign adventurer exploring an exciting new land for the first time.

#19. I like naughty girls in the bed and an ice Queen in public. Just the way I like it.

#20. You are the only thing I never tire of tasting. I could drink your essence each and every day.

You are the only thing I never tire of tasting

#21. You are the definition of sexuality, to me, you are the only woman that I can see.

#22. I will never get tired of how excited your smile makes me. Every time I see it I feel myself tingle in all the right places.

Some Dirty Sexy Quotes for Him and Her

#23. My favorite flavor is me and you together.

#24. Caution: biting, nibbling, and kissing will lead to savage lovemaking without further notice.

#25. My favorite food is finger food, tasting you and me on my fingers.

#26. Please shut your mouth. All over my lips. Right now.

#27. Every time I see you smile I imagine it is because in your head you remember what we did in your bed last night, and the night before, and the night before…

#28. Flip me upside down and give it to me like a prisoner of war. Make me love it until I can’t stop begging for more.

#29. I want to drink from your juices as if they were a never-ending glass of the most elegant wine of all time.

#30. Teach me that I’m your dirty little plaything.

Teach me that I’m your dirty little plaything.

#31. Make my day. Touch me down there.

#32. Go ahead. Make it hurt; I promise that I’ll like it and ask for more.

#33. Open your legs wide and say “Ah!” for the doctor of love.

#34. The way your lips look has got me wanting to know what you taste like between your thighs.

#35. You can tell me all about your day at work while we cuddle and make out. I promise that I will listen to every little moan… I mean word.. that you say.

#36. The job isn’t finished until I’m soaking wet and shaking uncontrollably.

#37. You’re not allowed to quit until you make it swollen and make it spit.

#38. I have one thing on my mind, and I mean one thing only. You. Inside. Of me. Pumping. Like. Crazy.

#39. I only want to do bad things with you. Nothing more, nothing less. Bad things all night long. No time for being good. No time to rest. I am all yours for you to freely molest.

#40. Call me daddy and tell me how much you want it.

call me daddy, and tell me how much you want it

#41. Strap me to the bed and show me who the boss is.

#42. Do me as you kiss me. Start off slow and finish hard.

#43. Don’t make daddy repeat himself. Get down on your knees and show me what a good little girl that you can be.

#44. Let’s not fight tonight, let’s devour each other’s bodies all night. Sweat and moan and groan until the morning light has shone.

#45. I need to be punished for thinking all of these dirty thoughts, should I bend over now or later?

#46. Wrap me up like a present and then tear me open like a greedy child on Christmas morning who can’t wait to see what Santa brought him.

#47. Kiss me until it hurts, and then don’t even think about stopping.

Beyond the Dirty Quotes for Him and Her

#48. I can get high from the smell between your thighs.

#49. I am addicted to the way your eyes shine when you masturbate in front of me.

#50. Make love to me until I forget what year it is, where I am, or what my name is.

#51. My favorite thing to do in life is to hear you scream my name while I am making you beg to cum.

#52. I love the face you make when you taste yourself on my manhood.

#53. Talk less, do me more.

#54. I love to smell myself on your beard and taste myself on your lips and in your mouth.

#55. Rip my panties off with your teeth and eat me like a ripe and juicy peach.

Extremely Sexy Quotes from Him to Her

#56. There is no better flavor in the world than to have you in my mouth the first thing each morning and the last thing each night.

#57. I love to flick your special spot with the tip of my tongue until you squirm, and scream.

#58. I want to lick you while you sit on my face and scream out my name.

#59. I love it when you beg me to do you harder and harder.

#60. You are the love of my life, and there is nothing better in life that I love than to be in bed with you.

#61. It drives me nuts when you tell me how much you love to be wrapped up with me naked in my bed.

You are the love of my life

Extremely Sexy Quotes from Her to Him

#62. Seeing your sexy face first thing in the morning makes me sloppy wet and tingly all over.

#63. There is no taste that I enjoy as much as your body fluids on the tip of my tongue or deep within my mouth.

#64. Kiss me, lick me, and do me properly without stopping. Do me until I’m super wet, sobbing with orgasm, and I am a total hot mess. Do me your best until I am slippery and sloppy.

#65. My Husband is the best man; he always gives me the best licking until my entire body is quivering and my juices are dripping.

#66. You make my special place so wet and slick, just from me thinking about riding your manhood.

#67. I love to hear how much you adore to go down on me.

#68. I love it when you squeeze me tight, pull my hair, and tell me what a bad girl that I am.