I am Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

Love is one of the best feelings that can happen to a girl. It makes her feel secure knowing that someone cares about her. Unfortunately, if you touch her heart in the wrong way and make her cry in regret of ever meeting you, immediately try changing the situation. Never be the cause of her tears, then man up and apologize to make her know that you still love her and it wasn’t your intention to hurt her. Share romantic messages, take her to the favorite joints and buy her flowers to soothe the mood and create a talking atmosphere.

Yes! All this might apply, but still, she doesn’t want you close and wants to move on, bring your ego down and use the magic words I am sorry. The simple words to calm her down but look hard to be said. These words don’t just show that you are asking for forgiveness, but you admit to the mistakes and want to amend. There are many ways to say am sorry and at the same time make the lady feel loved. There are sorry cards, mobile phone SMS and emails it all goes down on what works best for your partner. Below I have composed some romantic, sweet sorry messages for you to pick from and win that girl’s heart again.

#1) Loving, cherishing and having you close is what I miss the most in this time of loneliness. I miss you a lot and regret what I did I am sorry my love.

#2) Babe you know I never meant to hurt you. I don’t know what comes over me to react the way I did I am sorry for all that, please reconsider me in your life.

#3) My dear, I don’t know what to do to take back all the bad things I said. I can’t promise the sun, moon and the stars they all mean nothing to you. I can only say sorry from the bottom of my heart.

#4) Losing you will be the most painful thing that can happen in my life. I thought I would move on and forget the best times we had but sleepless nights have become part of my life. I can’t leave without you. Sorry dear.

#5) Please give me one more chance to apologize and make up things to you. Promise not to be an idiot again and always work to make you happy sweetheart.

#6) I now understand the meaning of love is blind. My dear, I can’t go a day without thinking about you the right and best times we had. I am a sorry baby for acting foolishly.

#7) Hurting you will be the last thing in my mind, please forget that and let’s go back to the fun and loving world we had. I am alone in this world without you.

#8) You are the only person that makes my heart beat. I feel lost in this confusion and regret ever hurting you, please find it in your heart to forgive, and let make our lives better again.

#9) Our love is the most precious gem in my life. I love you to the moon and ask for one more chance to prove how much you mean to me. Please forgive my sins, I miss you.

#10) Words will not heal the wound I caused in your heart but given a chance to say sorry, I will show you how much I love and value you. I love you, darling.

#11) My dear, I promise not to let my ego overwhelm me again, let’s leave all this in the past and focus in making our lives better and happier. Love you girl please allow me one more chance.

#12)  A heavy burden in my heart and a lot of sadness in my soul, my light has dimmed in the absence of you. I have come to learn you are the engine and fuel of my life. Forgive me, dear.

#13) This beautiful flowers I present to, not as a measure of the wrong things I have done but to show how much I love you. Please accept my apologies and let be happy once again

#14) You are the ideal girl in my life, my stupidity almost making our love diminish. I am no longer the jealous and self-centered person I have changed I am sorry girl it will not happen.

#15) My angel I was the big fool in this situation thinking that I will not need you, I have moved around, and the world is a cruel place without you.Please accept my apologies.

#16)  A part of me is lost, and I feel I can’t live without you. Please reconsider me in your life. You are the most import thing in my life, and I will never compare you to others forgive me, babe.

#17) I may not be the best man in your life, but what I know you are the only person and love of my life. I feel short of air without you; please accept my apology.

#18) I love you dear, and I will never let anything come between us again, I have learned my lesson and promise to the best man in your life. I am sorry.

#19) Sweetheart, I took your love for granted thinking that it is evident as it looked. You leaving me is the most painful thing that has ever happen in my dear life, am sorry please consider my request let get back to our regular life. It will never happen again.

#20)  Losing your love is making my life vision-less, I can’t think straight and long to see your beautiful smile and hear your voice in my ears. I am sorry for all what I did that would be the first and last time.

#21) Now that I have learned my mistakes I wish you will give me another chance to make things straight and make our love more glamorous than before forgive me, dear.

#22) In this journey of our love I know few mistakes will pop up I never meant to treat you that way, but I promise you I will be the best boyfriend. I am sorry sweetie.

#23) I feel like a monster when I see you cry; my heart sinks in pain knowing am the cause of your sorrows. I will never again impose agony or grief, take it from me. Forgive me and let make it up to you by doing what is right.

#24) You mean a lot to me and I can’t live without you. Sorry for the adverse reaction and the embarrassment I made you go through. Forgive me, please.

#25) I beg of you to forgive me; I am sorry for betraying your trust and not seeing the importance of our relationship.

#26) I might have used a lot of words trying to show how sad I am. If given a chance, I will show you by action how much I love you and cherish you.

#27) I know I had let you down when you needed me the most. I was confused and didn’t know what to do, am not here to defend myself but to assure you that I will change and do better next time. I am sorry.

#28) What matters to me now is to make you happy, I have done a lot to make you cry and, I released that you are the only person in my life that understands and makes me happy. I am sorry for the wrong things I have done me to you.

#29) My dearest girl I hope you will give our love another chance to flourish. I admit that I was wrong and deserve nothing in this world but losing you. I am sorry, Please forgive my mistakes.

#30) It hurts when you don’t pick my calls or reply to my messages. I understand that am wrong and I deserve this harsh treatment. I am sorry I promise never to repeat.

#31) I wish I could move back in time; I would amend all the mistakes and make you happy as I have always wanted. I sincerely apologize girl.

#32) My love I didn’t mean to hurt you, I just want you to know how much I love you and cherish sorry for what I did forgive me.

#33) I miss you, every time I close my eyes. All I see is your beauty and the good times we had. Honey don’t let me wake up from this dream to release that you are no longer there. Forgive me it was a slip of the tongue

#34) No is the least answer I want to hear, I will keep pestering, and I believe you will feel the cry of love. Baby, I love you so much as you have completed my world. I am nothing without you, please come back I am sorry.

#35) I can’t take this pain anymore it’s piercing my heart and making it bleed in anguish, my sweet pie, please give me a minute, and I will make things right for you. I love you so much, dear.

#36) My dear, please take your time to think through this we have faced tougher times and managed, please lighten your heart and give me one chance and I will never repeat.Forgive me and let me know what you think.