Sorry Messages for Him

Love is an inexplicably incredible emotion to feel and be in. When you are in love, nothing else matters than the happiness of the person you feel so comfortable with. But life, not being a bed of roses all the time, can inevitably lead to some ups and downs. Some instances may occur where both of you may not agree with each other and won’t be ready to come on a single ground for an agreement. And when you suddenly realize that he is not wrong and you need to make up for the hurt caused! That is when you need to apologize to him.

Say sorry in a way that makes up for the trouble, for the misunderstanding, for the disbelief you showed on him. Of course, apologies don’t make up for much nastier problems. But inevitably your previous hurtful words will be clouded by a sweet and genuine sorry or a heartfelt apology. Here are few messages and quotes that can help you to mend your relationship. Heal the trauma caused emotionally and show the love and appreciation you have for the beautiful person in your life. Show him your realization of mistakes, and he will respect you even more.

#1) You know me so well, you have accepted me the way I am. You know I can be a disaster at times, yet you hold me close and calm me down. Please forgive my mishap this one time again.

#2) We have seen so many crests and troughs since we got together. But we never let our wavelength get affected by any of it. I apologize for my fault dear; let’s not make it affect our beautiful relationship.

#3) I feel so empty and meaningless without you. I can’t get a hold of myself without your support. Makes me feel even more terrible about being angry on you. Please take my apologies.

#4) When I look back at what I said to you, I feel so terrible about myself. How could I talk like that to a person with a heart of pure gold! Can your heart see the guilt I feel and accept my apology?

#5) I couldn’t be a worse person. I feel so disgusted about what I said to you. Can’t even imagine my life without you. All I can do is to send you a bundle of apologies for my misinterpretation about you. I am extremely, deeply sorry.

#6) You and I have together lived so many beautiful chapters. Is this one stupid mistake sufficient to shut the book of our relationship? Can that tiny faulty part be erased with my outpourings of being sorry!!

#7) Your anger on me is the most unbearable thing ever. It pricks all the time to see no reply from your side. I am incredibly sorry for that unwanted blunder I did and caused you so much embarrassment. Please let me in your life again.

#8) Tell me, what should I do? Go down on my knees and beg for your apology? I am all the more ready to do that. Because I accept I was so wrong. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you realize how troubled and sorry I am.

#9) We have a heart to heart connection. Don’t let a tiny mistake of mine block this flow of emotions between us. How about some warm coffee and a plateful of my warm apologies?!!

#10) My mistake was to misjudge you, and I have an opinion without understanding your viewpoint. Does that make me a less lovable person? Your anger is unbearable and hurtful. Please forgive me and come back.

#11) When I turn around and sense your physical absence, I feel my existence to be fluid and dripping away from myself. You bind my soul to my body and give a purpose to my life. Don’t make me suffer anymore; I am sorry for what I did.

#12) Forgive me for being naïve and immature; I never meant to hurt you. If it weren’t for you, I’d still be in Montessori classes!! Accept my apology and let me in again, please. I can’t be away from you.

#13) Our marriage has hit the rocks they say, but do they know who really are we?? We are the rocks of our excellent and rock-solid relationship. No matter what others mean, I know you will accept my apology and forgive me.

#14) Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. And in the silliest of moments, I broke your trust. I take full responsibility for my mistake and beg you to hear me out. I am sorry love; I let you down.

#15) I know you were hurt when I said goodbye, I was devastated too. And now I know how unjust it was on you. Forgive me for being selfish and stupid. I want to mend things and make them as they were earlier.

#16) Take away my sufferings and pain by accepting my apology. It’s killing me every single moment to realize that I let you down and also yelled at you. I promise to be a better and mature person.

#17) Can you see the moon? It’s so calm today, glowing silently amongst the shimmer of the stars. You are my gentle moon, taking my craziness with such composure. I am sorry for the hurt I caused you.

#18) You were, you are, and you will always be the love of my life and the man of my dreams. Forgive me if in any instance I have failed to show the same to you. You mean so much more to me than I ever say.

#19) All that I do sitting here alone is miss you and repent of what I said to you. How is it even possible for me to survive without holding your hands and lying in the comforting embrace of your arms? Can you please forgive me and come back? To me. To our home.

#20) What happened is the past now, I can’t undo it. But I can type my apology on this new document and write down my guilt about what happened. Can you mail it to your heart and print an acceptance!

#21) These years have all been spent with you with so many efforts, sacrifices, acceptances and a journey of understanding. I have been guilty of this small instance of misunderstanding, which has hurt you. Give me forgiveness this one time; I am sorry.

#22) This distance from you has made me realize that living without you is hell for me. I have loved you with everything since the day we have been together. I am begging you to forgive me for my mistake.

#23) That stupidity of mine caused you so much sadness and pain. An immense amount of guilt has engulfed me, and I am finding no way out. I am sorry for what I did. Can this be made right?

#24) Our love is so strong and has grown so much in all these years. I can’t let a minor scuffle throw an impact on our bond and spoil what we have nurtured so fondly. Forgive me; I was mistaken.

#25) You know I have been a crazy and stupid person. But my pinnacle reached new heights that day when I let you down. All I can do now is hope and wish you see the better of me and come back. You have always been the bigger person.

#26) I have come on the verge of a breakdown now, honey. I have been craving your voice and touch all day long. Isn’t this a punishment fit enough for my mistakes! All my heart out on this apology to you.

#27) Now that destiny has brought me to my senses; I realize how full of myself I was. No words can fill in for my actions. But I hope your greatness and kind heart will recognize my guilt filled apology and give me forgiveness.

#28) Karma comes back; I have always heard. Experiencing it now makes me realize the truthfulness of it. What I did to hurt you is all coming back and bothering me even more. I beg your forgiveness dear; please let me out of this misery.

#29) Does my sorry make a difference? It’s a word against my thousand silly actions. I only can hope that your kind heart recognizes the agony I am going through because of your absence in my life.

#30) To make myself happy, I overlooked your happiness. Only to realize that my joy is your presence in my life. Accept my apologies and please forgive me for being such a selfish person.

#31) My begging for forgiveness from you for my mistakes will not change the past. But it will undoubtedly change the course of our future. I can imagine my future only with you, please don’t leave me alone.

#32) Those tears from your eyes hit me like bullets, and I realized the enormity of my faults. Though you shouldn’t forget it all away and be lenient with me, I hope you will forgive me. For I am yours honestly and you are mine.

#33) Is it even possible for you to forgive me? Coz I can’t find it in me yet to forgive myself for my unjust actions towards you. I only sought refuge in your acceptance now.

#34) We have grown apart from my actions in the past. But it’s never too late to make things right again. I beg your pardon and apologize profusely for letting you down all the time. I’ll leave no stone unturned to rise to your expectations.

#35) With this hurt and torn heart and deflated ego, and my ever-so high head hung low in the shame of my actions, I come to you. To seek your pardon and forgiveness. To let you know how sorry I am for what I did to hurt you.

#36) My actions made you lose your temper, which is such an unusual thing to happen. I know I crossed your levels of patience and understanding. I want you to know that I am so sorry for my behavior and I repent every moment of hurting you.

#37) You know me, my love; I am nowhere near to be a perfect person. I have my set of flaws. But you should also know that my respect and love for you is unconditional. I am sorry for my mistakes, and I mean it.

#38) Waking up to your absence was like waking with a heartless body. I couldn’t feel a pulse or a beat. I realized it went away with you. Forgive me for my behavior and please come back.

#39) If you don’t want me in your life, I will not argue that. I will take that the fruit of my selfish behavior all the time with you. So that you know, I am sorry for everything I did that hurt you. But I still love you and will do so until my last breath.

#40) Is that small spark of forgiveness still burning? I’d want to utilize it to let you know what I am going through after realizing my faults and mistakes. All I can do is pray and hope you forgive me and my stubbornness. I promise I will make it you to you for all the lost time.