Sorry Messages for Love

Relationships can take a bend sometimes, and you may disagree about one thing or another. This is normal, and it happens from time to time, it is near impossible for a relationship not to have some arguments. However, some of the arguments may get too hot and results into a partial distancing of your partner or a partial break-up between the two of you.

The distance between the two of you will make the heart grow fonder, and it will give you the need to reconcile with your partner. Before reconciliation, you have to apologize that’s if you were on the wrong side.

Furthermore, even if you were not on the wrong side of the argument, a reconciliation or a sorry message will bring ease to your relationship. Your partner will get the impression that you care and this smoothens what’s going on. After taking a look at what will strengthen your relationship, you can go to the next step and send the sorry message that will indicate love. Here are some of the love messages you can send to your partner.

#1) Forgiveness needs time, and if that’s the case, you can take forever because I’ll still be here waiting for you. You have to know that I still love you.

#2) From now henceforth I promise to keep our relationship as the first priority. I am sorry about how I acted earlier I hope you get it that you mean so much to me.

#3) I’m saying sorry because I know I was on the wrong side and my ego made me do unthinkable things.

#4) I ignored you as I was trying to please myself only to find out that you are what makes my life shine with joy and happiness.

#5) Fate has tried to wound our relationship, but I know that we are stronger than this, please accept my apology.

#6) I took you so lowly, but since you are away from me now, I realize that I need you.

#7) I am still shocked that I was the reason that we are apart now, and all that I ever want is for us to be together.

#8) My dishonesty with you has created a deep void which I am sorry about and if you give me another chance I will fill it with love.

#9) I wish I could go back and change the way that I hurt you; I am really embarrassed for doing that.

#10) The part of your heart which I broke really make me feel so guilty and I am willing to repair it by mending our relationship.

#11) We are all human, and nobody is perfect, I know that I have wronged you time and again and I am kindly asking for your forgiveness.

#12) Making you feel attached from me is the last thing that I want since I love you and you know that.

#13) All I think about is all the past good times that we had, and I cannot bear to stay with you. Please forgive me.

#14) I miss you in my arms, and I am really sorry for what I did.

#15) I am sorry for acting irrationally previously emotions clouded me, but now I can see clearly that I still love you and I am sorry.

#16) Right now I can’t forgive myself for what I did for you, and your forgiveness would be a start to a better me.

#17) Relationships are all about mistakes and making up for it, and I hope that we can make forgiveness a part of our relationship.

#18) Vulnerability made me undermine you, and I am feeling sorry for that.

#19) I am sorry for my imperfections.

#20) You are my strength, and I feel weak without you, forgive me, please.

#21) I never meant to hurt you, and I am sorry if I did so.

#22) If I made you feel insecure about yourself, I am sorry I know you should feel more secure around me.

#23) I have no more words to say but only sorry, I am ashamed of what I did.

#24) You mean so much to me and losing you would be same as the same as not living life.

#25) My emotions especially anger made me not see clearly that you are always there for me and I always want you with me.

#26) I don’t want you to suffer because of the mistakes that I have done; please forgive me.

#27) I want the best for you in this life, and that means giving you all the love I can, please let’s start again with forgiveness.

#28) You inspire me, and that’s the reason why I will change for you, and I’ll do anything to get your forgiveness.

#29) What my heart pleads for right now are your forgiveness and your love.

#30) Getting back to your loving arms would be one of the most essential steps to take right now. I hope that you’ll forgive me.

#31) Our love is too strong for us to go our different ways I do anything to make sure that we last forever, please forgive me.

#32) Letting you go will be the biggest mistake of my life, and I don’t want that to happen. I am sorry.

#33) I will not give up on you; I will ask forgiveness again and again even if it is a thousand times because you mean the world to me.

#34) Let’s transform the tears, anger and sobbing to laughter, happiness, and life full of joy.

#35) Loneliness has been in my life the times that you are not near me, I need you to forgive me please, and shine in my life just like the stars.

#36) This time if you forgive I’ll do the best to make you happy.

#37) I wouldn’t like to see you drowning yourself in sorrow that’s why I am asking for your forgiveness.

#38) I know trusting me again will take some time, but love is strong than trust that’s why I am asking for your forgiveness.

#39) Words cannot express how I love you deeply, and this is the reason I do not want to lose you. Have mercy on me and forgive me.

#40) I’d go to space and back to win your forgiveness because what I feel for you is more than love.

#41) You are hard to find as a matter of the fact that you are one in a billion, no one can replace you. That is the reason I need you back in my life.

#42) We are a match we are meant to be together it pains me to see a distance between the two of us; I need you back in my life.

#43) Your absence deeply saddens me, and I feel as if I am not complete without you please let’s mend the broken pieces between us.

#44) My heart belongs to you that’s why I need you.

#45) I feel the coldness between us, and it is hurting me bear with me, please.

#46) You are my stars and my moon, you bring about the light in my life, and right now I am in the darkness because you are not here, please forgive me.

#47) Your sight and your scent always take me to another world right now I am depressed without you, I hope that you’ll find a place for me in your heart again.

#48) I hope this distance between us will bring us closer together and make us stronger than we were because I sincerely love you.

#49) Forgiveness is one step closer to a long future between us because I want us to grow old together and cherish each other entirely.

#50) I am sorry for all the misunderstanding that is between us I want you to know I will always love you no matter what happens.

These are the type of messages that can take your relationship from that low point and elevate it to the top notch point where you will get back to your partner. If you accept the past mistakes that you have done the forgiveness will come much easily. Express the love that you feel towards your partner, and this will ease things up. Distance will make you and your partner realize that you need to get back together.

Additionally, if you have not broken up entirely to the point where you are living this messages separately will prevent such a scenario. Prevention is better than dealing with the worst situation that can happen, so if you see your partner trying to distance because of what you did do not hesitate to apologize. In a rare condition where the messages are not making a positive impact, you still need to be more persistent and patient because finally, your partner will give in. Do not lose your partner while you can reconcile through these messages listed above.