Thanksgiving Quotes

Here in this article, we will share with you some of the best thanksgiving messages that you can send to your loved ones on this coming Thanksgiving Day. You can either send them through Whatsapp or social media, or you can buy a card and write these greetings and mail them across. Personally, the card greetings give a much more thankful touch to the festival than the social media.

Why sending Thanksgiving messages is essential?

Thanksgiving is an extraordinary and most beloved festival celebrated across many parts of the world. This holiday is an expression of gratitude to God for the harvest and whatever happened in the previous year. Various countries celebrate this festival on different dates. America enjoys it on 4th Thursday of November every year.

This is a festival of rejoicing and people celebrate it with a lot of pomp and show. Massive parades are held, and people come out in huge numbers to form a gathering. And when the festival is such a great show, then sending best wishes to your best people also become very important.

How this festival originated?

The origins of this festival date back to 1621. The different colonies of Plymouth and Wampanoag shared the autumn harvest feast, which was then celebrated as a thanksgiving day. But all the provinces and states used to celebrate this day individually. It is after two centuries in 1863 that this festival was made nationalized.

During the American civil war, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed to keep aside one day for thanking and praising the God. Before that as well, many governments celebrated this day on different days for various occasions. But in 1941, the bill was signed by the then president, to make this festival every 4th Thursday of November. Since then, this day celebrates a national holiday every year in November.

What to write in Thanksgiving card

We have made a vast collection of Thanksgiving messages and wishes. Choose one among these and send to your best people. It is a time to gather around with your loved ones, enjoy food, and celebrate. We hope this collection gives you the perfect wish to thank for all the blessings you received this last year.

For Friends and family

  • You make every day unique for me. Thank you for being around always.
  • Your commitment to everyone proves your greatness. Thank you for being my moral support always.
  • You are my support system against my constant battle with myself. Thank you for being there.
  • May you get great friends wherever you go. May you achieve success wherever you wish. Wish you a happy year ahead.
  • I thank you for all the love and laughter you shared with me. Happy Thanksgiving my love.
  • Thank you for being my best friend through every thick and thin. Wish you a happy Thanksgiving.
  • May God fill your life with lots of love and happiness. May your days glow bright every year. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Wishing you a happy mood throughout this festive season. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • May the blessings you receive, outnumber the whole autumn leaves of this state.

may the blessings you receive

  • Every day, I thank you for making my nights turn into beautiful mornings, and my days glowing more bright.
  • Wishing you togetherness and happiness of your loved ones, and joy of a complete family.
  • Your eyes speak volumes. And they convey your love eternal love for me.¬†Thank you for loving me always.
  • You have been a best friend anybody can get. A faithful companion, a pure soul. Wish you a happy life ahead.
  • I wish that this Thanksgiving day, you find numerous reasons to be thankful for.
  • No matter how much you hold or scold, you will always find me near you. Happy Thanksgiving to you.
  • Even though you scold me a lot, yet you always make me your priority. I am thankful to have a friend like you in my life.
  • Thank you for all the critiques you gave in my life. They were the primary reason for my fineness in what I am doing today.
  • I am thankful to you for making this place a home for me.
  • Many times when I fall, your face pulls me back on my feet. It is because I know you will always be there to cheer for my efforts.
  • On this Thanksgiving, I pray to Lord to make all your wishes come true and he showers his blessings forever on you.
  • Let the turkeys roll, let the wine flow, and let the spirits soar. Wish you a happy Thanksgiving day.
  • Let’s decorate the table and add memories later. Wishing a very Happy Thanksgiving and a bright year.
  • There will always be something to be thankful for. So make a list and start expressing your gratitude for whatever good happened to you.
  • Blessed are those people who give without remembering and take without forgetting. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Sing songs of joy and merriment. And among those, also sing a song for thankfulness.
  • As the turkey roasts, fruits and vegetables galore, let’s raise a toast to be thankful to all.
  • When you are thankful, you stay happy throughout the year, and not just for one day. So let’s start the “forever happiness” this Thanksgiving day.
  • You will feel happy and content, once you are thankful to everyone who made you feel blessed. So be grateful and enjoy this holiday.
  • The time has come to cherish our togetherness and friendship all throughout the year. Happy Thanksgiving my friend.
  • May you feast on all delicacies that should be laid on the table. May your smiles grow wider and wider with each passing moment.

For God

  • We thank you, God, for blessing us with love of so many people. We will forever be grateful.
  • We thank you, God, for making our friends closer than a family, and for turning our wishes into reality.
  • O God, thank you for gifting us with love and happiness for the rest of our lives.
  • We are grateful to you for blessing us with this beautiful life. We wish you to bless us more with eternal thankfulness to people around us.
  • Thank you, God for giving me wisdom. Thank you for being my side whenever I needed you.
  • We thank you for all the good that has happened to us. We hope we can share some of this goodness with everybody around us.
  • Thank you for being my guide whenever I needed. Thank you for making me walk on the right path.
  • We thank you, God for this life we are living, the food we are eating, and the place we are staying.
  • We pray to you, to send across best wishes to all those we hold dear. And make their life full of cheer.
  • On this Thanksgiving, we express our gratitude towards you, for all that you have blessed us with, in this life.
  • Whether you have more or less, always thank God for feeling blessed.

whether you have more or less

  • As we raise a toast this Thanksgiving day, let’s take a moment to also thank God because of whom we are gathered here today and celebrating with joy.
  • As the tasty dinner is laid, pleasant aroma is replete, let’s thank God for making this festival complete.
  • I pray to God to send you best wishes and continued success in whatever you choose.
  • We thank you, God, for the plenty of joy and merriment you bestowed us with this whole year.
  • Thank you, God, for being the shepherd of my life, and for being the shining and guiding star.
  • Thank you, God, for giving me another day to live and make beautiful memories.
  • We all thank you, God, for watching us and showering us with your blessings and happiness. Thank you for keeping us healthy and healthy. We are forever grateful to you.

For official connections

  • Wishing you a happy and peaceful year forward. Sending you warm thoughts and prayers.
  • At this occasion of gratitude, we express our thankfulness to all of you who stood by us in good and bad. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  • Counting you amongst our best customers is something we are very proud of. Thank you for staying with us.
  • Your presence and excellence have been driving us towards success. We can never be thankful enough to you. Wish you a happy year ahead.
  • As we count our blessings, we consider ourselves very lucky to get customers like you. Wish you a pleased holiday season and a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  • Working alongside you has always been fun and enjoyable. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • We are thankful for your support. May we continue to work together and have a beneficial relationship.
  • To all our clients and customers, we are thankful to us for having trust in us and leading us towards huge success.
  • A lot of debate goes on as to what is the secret of success. But for us, our secret of success is you all. Thank you for being with us.
  • In this festive season, we thank you all for your great contribution to the success of our company. Wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving and a holiday season.
  • We are grateful to count you as a part of our family now. Wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.
  • I am thankful to you for being a part of my team. I am delighted to have a member like you.
  • I am thankful to God for being able to do business with such wonderful partners like you. Wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.
  • Here I raise a toast to all the excellent work we have done this year. You all have been a boon to my team and company. Hope to continue working with you every single day ahead.

Funny Wishes

  • May this festival fill your life with lots of love and happiness and also fill your tummy till it is ready to explode.
  • On this beautiful day, let us be thankful to God for not giving us birth as turkeys.
  • I am thankful for blessing me with such a. beautiful family, who is crazy about food as much as I am.
  • On this Thanksgiving, let us all be grateful to our belts who will be working extra time to hold up the pants.
  • May the pumpkin pie and turkeys never go to WAIST. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

May the pumpkin pie

  • The day after this festival is the busiest day for the plumbers. Let’s express our gratitude towards them for keeping the toilet pipes flowing.
  • This is a day to be thankful for. So let’s together be grateful to all our irritating relatives who stay very far away from us.
  • We are grateful that the pilgrims gave the turkey to eat, and not the donkey. Because if that had happened, we all would be munching on a piece of ass every Thanksgiving.
  • After a good and plentiful thanksgiving dear, one can forgive anybody. Even when they are ones, own relatives.
  • When you have a pie in front of you, stress cannot ever come nearby. Happy Thanksgiving Pie.
  • It is Thanksgiving man! It is not a good day for you, my pants, to be with me.
  • My heart glowed brightly today. I thought it was gratitude, but no, it was only indigestion pain.
  • I am an optimist. I start a new diet every Thanksgiving day.